Pokemon Saffron Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Saffron Download is an interesting rom hack of pokemon fire red by mattymannnn for all the GBA Game Lovers. It has a very interesting, well-written story, features generation-e, pokemon, new forms, a bunch of side, quests, and hidden secrets. The main player has to go and explore and do things outside. Your family belongs to Hoenn region but you are living with your Mom in Haba Island, a beautiful place to live. Haba is a small landmass located with near the mainland. A bunch of new pokemon and species are part of the game and several updates made the Demo 2 version famous among all the fire red roms. Let’s dive in and explore some hidden features in the game before downloading and playing the game on GBA Emulator.

Game File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Saffron Version
  • Remake by: mattymannnn
  • Remake from: Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

route 3 pokemon summary dashboard toss a coin into the wishing fountain Pokemon Saffron scene 2

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Saffron Version GBA:

Your family is from Hoenn region, there are many problems in Hoenn region but you are living with your Mom in Haba Island. The story starts from your brother being a pokemon master in the region. Azira is a dense region in South America that is home to many species of Pokémon while they migrate across the globe. The main thing to note about this game is that Once every decade, a majority of the migration paths sync up and cause the region’s Pokémon population to skyrocket! Like in Pokemon Pokeverse. This event is known as the Great Migration one of the famous event in the hoenn region. Trainers, gym leaders, professors, and adventurers come from far and wide to experience this grand event. You should also go for this event and enjoy.

I honestly think if this game was released by Game Freak alongside you know, during the Game Boy Advance era of like firered/leafgreen rubies sapphire emerald, it could easily pass off as a game to stand with them and even like pray. I actually break that both in games. To be honest, I’d, have very high hopes for this game, but a game to the plot. So the plot the game is, you begin your poker adventure during the migration event, but about two Pokemon are traveling across the globe, so the region is packed full of different Pokemon from many different regions.

People come to region for Event:

Also, many people come to the region to see the event and the gyms are occupied by trainers from other regions. So you might see a gym leader from Hoban as a gym leader. You might see one from Kanto like in Pokemon Saiph GBA . It’s, just it’s, really cool to see you like who the dude is gonna, be in each town, but while traveling the zero region, you come across Team Rocket and they’re up to no good. As always, so you gonna try to put a stop to them or into too much detail. Don’t spoil too much by all, as I think when this game is complete, it could become one of the greatest rom hacks of all times hip.

Honestly, I have very high hopes of this game. I think it’s like everyone should look out for, and everyone should play like it’s, just it’s, so good it’s like only six gyms. In and I honestly fingers one of the best rom hacks I’ve played it’s, just it’s, just so good. I don’t want to spoil too much stuff, but honestly, there’s, so much content in this game outside of just going. Oh here, just go to this town, get a gym badge go to the next town, gym badge! Oh! Let’s, have a fight with you know: the evil team there’s, so much more stuff to do in this game and that’s.

New Types:

Another cool feature about this game is they introduced a new type, sound type, which i think is very thin. Considering the game’s, mascot is not bad honestly makes me wish. Sound typing was a real type and considering the amount of sound based cooking, we have in the series, but anyway I thought it was very fitting how team voltage were forcing people to mega volt and they ended up having it. Some very sweet makers was just complement. Our teams so well make him to see me so powerful and just I’d, always thought too much about team voltage, but I thought they were pretty cool, even team in the game. Also, try Pokemon Sevii 

Your Arrival to the Region:

On your arriving, Professor Oak recruits you to help him with his studies. Now you will think that what Professor is following and what he wants to find. Actually, Professor believes the migration paths are directly related to the behavior of legendary and mythical Pokémon, and needs your help to collect data for his research on this phenomena like in Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate. Now what you have to do is that you should find some routes to the event.

Now you are on a mission to find the routes, that people are using to go to event and attend it. There is nothing wrong in the event but legendaries and mythical pokemon are taking some criminal steps and the professor want them to shut down. For this Professor needs your help to find the routes and actual cause of their behavior.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Saffron GBA Version:

  • New Routes and Pokemon.
  • Some new TMs and Reusable TMs
  • Team Rocket has criminal records.
  • Updated stats, movesets, cries, evolutions, and sprites
  • Physical/Special split
  • Over 100 moves and abilities from later generations
  • Event routes to find.
  • Great Migration event.
  • Different Movesets are part of the game.
  • Amazing Repel System.
  • Mega Evolution for many Pokemon.

Download Pokemon Saffron For Free:

Download Here