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Get Pokemon Gaia ROM free and full version from pokemonlog, the complete setup of Gaia rom is given at the end of this review. The Storyline of Pokemon Gaia Complete Version free is changed this time from any previous versions. This ROM is created and developed by Spherical Ice in 2014 who have also developed some amazing pokemon hacks in the past as well. Also, Gaia Pokemon hack game is a Single player as well as Multiplayer game, so you can play in multiplayer mode with your friends and colleagues. The Pokedex of this game is changed a little bit from the previous version of pokemon series games, now you will some new additional pokemons in the cast from Gen I to Gen IV.

pokemon gaia rom

Some File Information about the Game:

  • Hack Name: Pokemon Gaia 2018 Version
  • Creator: Spherical Ice
  • Date of Creation: Late 2014.
  • File Size: Above 10MB

Pokemon Gaia Walkthrough Game Snapshots:

 pokemon gaia version download

pokemon gaia download

pokemon gaia rom download

gaia pokemon download

The Overall Environment of this Pokemon Gaia Download Pokedex has been changed from any previous hacks that we have played so far. Now you will see a completely new characters set and new background effects as well. Some Pokemons will be hidden and your core tasks are to find them and train them so that they can be used in an effective way. The overall controlling system of this game has been changed now you will experience the best control system of both controlling the character as well as some Pokemons. You can also try Pokemon Clover ROM Free.

While hearing the storyline of pokemon Gaia rom, you will realize your core task as well. As there was a town in the area assigned to you today, which was completely destroyed by the EarthQuakes. Why the Earthquakes came? That was the main question that has been asked by all the pokemon lovers. Actually, the earthquake came due to the bad sins of some bad people located in that area. When the Earthquake came all the people of that area were completely destroyed and died. But the statues of goddess and guardians remains as it is in the city as in Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

The area assigned to you today is that area, which was originally named as Orbtus, that was the area where everything was destroyed due to a huge earthquake. When you start the game you are guided by a Professor name as Professor Redwood, he is the man who can teach you something really amazing. He will be with you through thick and thins. All the duties and missions will be assigned by him. He also knows everything about the area incident long years ago all the stories etc. So he will send you on some missions in that area. Now your task is to move in the area for completing all the tasks which is assigned by the Professor RedWood. You will find some new pokemon as well while you forward in that area as in Pokemon X ROM.

Missions and Knowledge about different new Pokemon:

Certain missions should be assigned to you which are time limited and you have to complete them on time, otherwise, you are gonna lose points. Remember that some Pokemons will always follow you , means that they need your support so that you can train them properly. Go somewhere for missions and tasks to complete so that some points should be achieved on time. The missions of the game are totally based upon the storyline of the game which is quite a unique feature.

Some new Pokemons are also added, form Gen I and Gen IV. Now you have to find and capture some pokemons from the hidden areas as well. After finding pokemons from these areas, your core task is to train them and use them for your own missions. This time pokemon Gaia rom has been made complex by adding some fakemons also in the game. In order to complete the game successfully, you have to chose the instructions which is guided by the Professor Redwood, as we know that he is the master and guru. He is one of the brilliant and talented man in the area. Now after finding some pokemons from the hidden areas, just go and take some instructions from Professor, I am sure that he will give you some valuable instructions as he understands everything and in every circumstance he will save you.

Pokedex of Pokemon Gaia:

The Pokedex of Gaia rom has been changed completely, there are slaves pokemons also, you have to find them, they are called as HM and TMs. Some new maps are also added in the game, now you can now enjoy the latest Map features available to you for completing the tasks easily and finding some pokemons in the hidden areas as well.  As we know that slaves pokemons are your obedient and can be used for any type of tasks. Some of them are even used for the main missions of battles as well. They will indeed serve you quite happily. As you are playing the character of a young trainer who will guide all the characters in the area assigned to you.  TMs can be reused successfully as well, use them wisely so that there will be no need for HMs for making them as slaves in the future.

Areas and Other Features:

Some areas in the game are also restricted and you cannot just simply visit them. First, you have to ask them from Professor who is the main guide of yours. He will be giving you some instructions that which areas you have to visit and which not. As there are some big changes in the UI of this game, however, some amazing changes have been made by the developer in the Controlling mechanism as well. Now you will also notice some amazing changes in the controls of your characters as well. If you forward, it will simply move forward and wise versa. You can now run inside the buildings which are quite a big update in pokemon gaia hack cheat.

Some of the Best features of Pokemon Gaia ROM Download:

  • No need of HMs slaves.
  • Graphics are really awesome.
  • Some new Pokemon are also added.
  • Fakemons are made by the fans
  • Playing the role Young Pokemon Trainer.
  • TMs can be reused.
  • Orbtus region is really awesome.
  • Some Pokemon From Gen I and Gen IV are added.
  • Pokedex is updated.
  • Notice big Evolutions in the game.
  • Movements updates.
  • Some new items are added to the game
  • New Cast and Crew.
  • Houses and Buildings are added to the game.
  • The storyline is interesting this time.

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