Pokemon Korosu Download Free ROM (Updated)

Pokemon Korosu is one of the most amazing and revenge based pokemon games which is much related to the Pokemon Outlaw version. The Storyline of Pokemon Korosu download is completely different from any previous pokemon hack. This game is completely based and remake of Fire Red Version and the language used in this version is English. The Creator Crizzle have added a certain type of twist story of a girl in the game who is the main and leading role. The Parents have been killed by the criminal groups in the area and she has been kidnapped. Lot’s of features can be found and discovered in it.

Basic Info of Pokemon Korosu Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Korosu GBA Version
  • Creator: Crizzle
  • Remake of Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Korosu Download GBA ROM:

The storyline of the game is completely based upon taking revenge and finding out all the enemies in the area. Some Amazing features and updates can be found in this version. Note that this is one the final version which have all those characters which were available in outlaw version. This game is related to the pokemon outlaw version in which the Kanto region was the main one.

The total gameplay is based in two different regions which can be completed only by you while finding your enemies. As you are a girl and your family has been killed by the criminal groups present in the area like in Pokemon Sweet 2th Version. Your main mission is to find and take revenge from your actual enemies. They might be more powerful than you and may have certain type of bad weapons.

showcasing the gameplay

For finding them you can make use of different techniques and cheat codes which are given and shared by every website over the internet. The main thing is to tackle them in any way so that you have no problem at all while finding them and killing them. You are a revenge girl and have to take it at any cost. There are some bad pokemon present in the area which may complex the game for you, but you don’t have to worry at all.


Talking about the graphics in Pokemon Korosu Download Zip gba are awesome. Because the creator have added some new elements and background effects while making the game. Some old characters are present while some new ones are also there. All the battle effects are awesome because they are quite unique this time and attractive too. Also try Pokemon Cyan Version ROM OR Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma Game Free

Storyline Type:

The complete story is based upon some revenge and you have the opportunity to complete all the missions. Find all of your enemies in different parts of the area while traveling from one place to another. You can use different helpful materials while doing the search process. On the way you may face several type of challenges which can be of different levels. As soon as you move to another level the difficulty of the game goes harder and harder.

action in korosu version

Several new pokemons are part of the game, some of them are from Gen 4 and 5 while most of them are from lower generations. The game have some physical as well special split available to try. The main two regions are sevii island and kanto region. Most of the game part is in the sevii island while some part is in the Kanto region. The Twist in story comes in the Kanto region.

Sound System:

In order to play the popular Pokemon game, Korosu, you’ll need a sound system that can output the appropriate audio signals. There are a few different types of sound systems that you can buy to play Pokemon Korosu. The most common type is an amplifier, which will amplify the audio signal from your TV and send it out through your speakers. This type of system is usually cheap and easy to set up, but it’s not the best quality.

The next type of sound system is a receiver/transmitter box, which will receive the audio signal from your amplifier and then send it out through your speakers wirelessly. This type of system is usually more expensive but offers better quality because it doesn’t rely on cables.

The final type of sound system is a home theatre system, which combines both an amplifier and receiver/transmitter box in one unit. These systems are usually more expensive than either of the other two options but offer the best quality and versatility because they can be used with any TV or speaker setup.

Physical and Special Split:

In the physical part, players battle against other players in real-time using their Pokemon in battle. This is where the winner takes all – the player with the most victory points at the end of the match wins. Physical split means that you will have to battle using only your physical attacks. Special split means that you will be able to use both your physical and special attacks in battles.

battle scene in korosu pokemon game

The special part of the game revolves around training and evolving Pokemon. Players can spend coins to increase their Pokemon’s levels, or use specific items to help them along (like vitamins or minerals). Once a Pokemon reaches a certain level, it can be evolved into a different form, which gives it special abilities.

The game is set up so that choosing the special split option gives you an advantage over players who choose the physical split option. This is because the special split allows you to use more powerful moves than the physicalsplit option.

Difficulty level:

Korosu are incredibly powerful beasts that have the ability to attack both players and monsters, making them essential in battles against other players. To win battles, players must strategically use their Korosus to defeat their opponents.

assigning job in pokemon korosu

Pokemon Korosu is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted! It requiresPlayers to be able to strategize and think on their feet in order to survive in this intense world. In this game, players are tasked with capturing as many different types of Pokemon as possible – some of which are very difficult to catch. Though the challenge may be fun for some, it can also be frustrating for others. If you’re one of those people who gets easily frustrated by difficult games, then Pokémon Korosu may not be the right choice for you.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Korosu Download GBA:

  • Nice collection of graphics.
  • Sound System is perfect.
  • Storyline is completely based on Revenge.
  • Having some new pokemon from different Gen.
  • Difficulty level of the game is increased.
  • New type of characters.
  • Physical and Special Split.

Download Pokemon Korosu ROM For Free Now:

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