Pokemon Sweet 2th Download Game (Working 100%)

Pokemon Sweet 2th Version is the prequel of Sweet ROM which was one of the best pokemon remake game of Fire Red Version. Several new additions to the storyline as well to the main characters occurred in the Pokemon Sweet 2th Download ROM. The land of this game is full of several adventurous places and things. The Pokemon are candy type shape and they are about 386 to find and catch them all. Several twists are present in the storyline of the game. The Creator of this version is named as Ephraim225 and have added several new pokemon to catch.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Sweet 2nd ROM
  • Creator: Ephraim225
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Status: Completed
  • Remake of Fire Red

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

the main character in pokemon sweet 2

strawander in the main gameplay

opening present in pokemon sweet 2th

bake a poff in sweet 2 version

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Sweet 2nd Version Download:

Perhaps you might have played the first edition of Sweet ROM which was awesome and it have lot’s of enjoyments. This time the creator has come up with several awesome changes to the pokedex, environment and characters of the game. Note that this is the Fire Red hack and have the region same as Kanto but there are still some awesome changes in the area. However it will look like the Kanto region but don’t get confused.

Many new pokemon of candy shape are present in the game. You are playing as the main role and have to collect all those pokemon and make the pokedex complete on time. Many type of fruits shapes pokemon candy are present and all of them are named as Pokesweets. If you are wonder that how will they behave? So, the answer is that they have certain type of behaviors in terms of shapes and nature. Please take a look at the nature and type chart of any pokemon and expect that behavior from pokemon. Go for Pokemon Ruby Destiny Game OR Pokemon Dark Violet Download Game

As the game starts you have to enter the gender and after that you will have to complete all the pending tasks. You can now travel fast in the area which is assigned to you because there are a lot of improvements have been made. Crafting is one of the major factor and feature of the game which makes the game complex and amazing to play.

Graphics and Sound System:

Talking about the graphics of the game which is quite unique and makes the game feels like unique and fresh. Some really interesting graphics effects have been added which makes the environment makes more awesome and attractive. Now you will notice that the color effects for several pokemon and their edges are being improved from the older versions. Several new sound effects and music effects are part of the game which makes the game sound system more advance than ever. Now you will enjoy the game with awesome songs. Go for Pokemon Red(++) Plus Plus Download Game

Mega Evolutions:

Certain type of Pokemon have new evolution which makes it more awesome because they will have different powers and abilities. As soon as the pokemon evolve to a different shape you will notice that it have even more features and powers. Sometime they will have more moves or power or sometime their power will be decreased to a certain limit. So you will discover that most of the pokemon from the previous version has been evolved to a different face.

List of Some Amazing and Astonishing Features of Pokemon Sweet 2th ROM Download:

  • Unique storyline makes the game interesting.
  • A Prequel of Sweet Version.
  • Have non-linear map
  • New movesets has been added.
  • Sidequests and more powers.
  • There are about 386 New Pokemons in terms of Pokesweets.
  • The main character have the ability to travel fast,
  • About 20+ Mega Evolutions.
  • New Music and sound system.

Download Pokemon Sweet 2nd Version Free Now:

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