Pokemon Pyrite GBC Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Pyrite is a remake of Pokemon Crystal ROM, which is a GBC ROM Pokemon game. Pokemon Pyrite is a ROM hack, which means that it changes Pokemon Crystal code to create new Pokemon stories and gameplay designed by fans- since Pokemon Crystal was released in 2001, its code has been widely analysed and documented, meaning that Pokemon Pyrite can be made using existing knowledge about the game.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Pyrite GBC:

As a Pokemon fan who has played Pokemon Crystal regularly since childhood, Pokemon Pyrite is an exciting project to watch. Pokemon Pyrite is currently being developed by Pokemon fans known as “The Revengers”, and the project has been in development for over two years. Pokemon Pyrite is highly ambitious, with plans to include every Pokemon from every generation of Pokemon games, extensive post-game content including the Sevii Islands (a location introduced in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green), and improved graphics; significant changes have already been implemented since the game was first announced.

When it’s released, Pokemon Pyrite will be available online for free in unofficial channels. The most current version of the game can always be found here, Pokemon Pyrite Pokemon GBC ROM Hack. It’s a few versions behind the Pokemon Revengers Pokemon development team, but it’s playable and bug-free enough to give you an idea of what Pokemon Pyrite will be like when it is completed. Pokemon Pyrite Pokemon ROM can also be played on an emulator (which allows players to play games for old systems within their computer), which makes Pokemon Crystal hack easier to access; the most popular emulator being Visual Boy Advance 1.8.

Since the game relies largely on programming skill, non-technical fans can help by contributing art assets to the project or helping others understand features that Pokemon Pyrite add to Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon fans and Pokemon hackers have contributed new Pokemon, items, maps and music to Pokemon Pyrite; each Pokemon fan can contribute something unique based on their own skillset. The Pokemon Revengers even accept donations or sponsored contributions for Pokemon Pyrite. Also, try Pokemon Crystal Kaizo Download (Working 100%)

As a new contributor of assets I personally plan on contributing Pokemon sprites that I ripped from newer Pokemon games such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Deep Darkness (GBA), Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver (DS) and the upcoming Pokemon Black/White 2 . Due to emulation issues existing in all versions of RPG MAKER VX , the original graphics have been replaced with black boxes, so these ripped emulated images are necessary for the final version of Pyrite.

Wild Pokemon:

Wild Pokemon in Pokemon Pyrite are very different from Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Pyrite has Pokemon from every generation of Pokemon games, allowing the player to battle almost every Pokemon of the franchise in one game. Pokemon encounters are also more varied than Pokemon Crystal due to this. Below is a list containing all wild Pokemon changes so far:

#001 – Poliwag

– Level 25 : Old Rod

– Water Stone : Elekid, Magby, Poochyena, Stantler , Totodile [Poliwhirl] , Teddiursa [Politoed]

#002 – Poliwhirl

– Water Stone , Seel , Shellder , Pikachu [Poliwrath], Mankey [Politoed]

#003 – Poliwrath

– Water Stone [Poliwhirl], level up to level 40 : Kingler, Goldeen, Meowth , Machop , Rhyhorn [Machamp], Spearow [Fearow] , Teddiursa [Politoed] #004 – Abra

#005 – Kadabra

– Level 50 : Hypno, Cubone , Marowak [Alakazam] , Raichu , Spearow [Fearow], Teddiursa [Politoed] #007 – Machop

#008 – Machoke

– Level up to level 40 : Geodude, Kangaskhan, Mankey [Machamp], Parasect, Staryu, Vulpix [Misdreavus] , Zubat [Golbat] #009 – Machamp

#010 – Spearow

– Level up to level 20 : Alolan Pokemon, Pokemon in Evolving Pokemon families, Pokemon with a base EXP of less than 100, Pokemon who evolve with an item.

#011 – Fearow

– Level 50 : Poliwhirl [Poliwrath], Pokemon with a base EXP of less than 500.

#012 – Slowpoke

#013 – Slowbro

– Level up to level 42 , Seel , Tentacool , Lickitung [Slowking] ) #014 – Slowking (New Pokemon added to Pokemon Pyrite) (Alolan Form). Takes on appearance and type from Alolan form.

Around 100 Additional Trainers:

Pyrite Pokemon ROM currently has about 400 Pokemon trainers, compared to Pokemon Crystal’s 288. Pokemon Pyrite changes the types of Pokemon used by Trainers all around the region; this is because Pokemon Revengers have been adding Pokemon from later generations and the recent remakes into Pokemon Pyrite. Also, try Pokemon Flare Download (Updated)

#025 – Pikachu

– Level 2 , 40 : Alolan Pokemon, Pokemon with a base EXP of less than 100, Pokemon who evolve with an item, Geodude [Graveler] , Graveler [Golem], Lapras [Lapras] , Exeggcute [Exeggutor] (Alolan Form), Marowak [Alakazam], Raichu , Sandshrew (Alolan Form), Sandslash (Alolan Form)

#026 – Raichu

– Level up to level 40 : Pokemon with a base EXP of less than 500. Pokemon Revengers have also added Pokemon from Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 into Pokemon Pyrite, but will not be released until Pokemon Black/White 2 are out in Japan. Pokemon Revengers are considering adding a few Alolan Pokemon forms due to their popularity in the newest generation of Pokemon games.

#041 – Zubat

#042 – Golbat

– Level up to level 22 , Skorupi [Drapion] (Alolan Form), Ledyba (Alolan Form). The majority of the Trainers Pokemon who use Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color) have been changed due to Pokemon Revengers adding Pokemon from Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver into Pokemon Pyrite.

#048 – Venonat

– Level up to level 36 , Butterfree [Venomoth] (Alolan Form). The majority of the Trainers Pokemon who use Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Game Boy Advance) have been changed due to Pokemon Revengers adding Pokemon from Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green into Pokemon Pyrite.

#096 – Drowzee

#097 – Hypno

– Level 26 : Alolan Pokemon, Geodude [Graveler], Graveler [Golem].

Plenty of Mechanical Changes:

Pokemon Pyrite’s Pokemon have been edited to make the Pokemon’s stats reflect how they were in Pokemon Gold/Silver. Pokemon Revengers also edited the Pokemon level up rates and added a few new Pokemon moves from recent Pokemon games into Pokemon Pyrite.

#010 – Spearow

– Level 8 : Gust, Leer, Peck, Sand Attack [Fury Attack] , Quick Attack #011 – Fearow

– Level 15 : Mirror Move , Take Down [Double-Edge], Drill Run [Fly] (Alolan Form), Pursuit (New move introduced for Pokemon Revengers) #018 – Pidgeotto

#019 – Pidgeot (New Moves Introduced for Pokemon Revengers)

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

player in the field explore the area with more power choosing the items choosing the character in the game

Evolution Levels:

Pokemon Pyrite’s Pokemon have been edited to make Pokemon evolve slower than Pokemon in Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Revengers also edited Pokemon evolution levels so that Pokemon evolve by level up instead of by trade or stone, as it was in Pokemon Gold/Silver.

#020 – Raticate

– Level 20 : Fury Swipes (New move introduced for Pokemon Revengers) , Hyper Fang [Crunch] (Alolan Form), Super Fang #023 – Ekans

#024 – Arbok (New Moves Introduced for Pokemon Revengers).

#056 – Mankey

– Level 20 : Leer, Focus Energy (Alolan Form) #057 – Primeape (Level up to level 55 : Fury Swipes, Ice Punch [Punches Pokemon], Cross Chop [Hits Pokemon with a stick] , Superpower [Makes Pokemon explode].

#072 – Tentacool

– Level 33 : Wrap (New move introduced for Pokemon Revengers) #080 – Slowbro (Level up to level 60: Thunder Wave, Amnesia (New Move Introduced for Pokemon Revengers), Psychic [Telekinesis that can make Pokemon float in the air]. (Alolan Form.)

#085 – Dodrio

– Level up to level 40 , Drill Peck #086 – Seel (Level Up To Level 46: Headbutt, Take Down, Iron Tail.

Battle System in the Game:

Its battle system is the same as Pokemon Gold/Silver. Pokemon Revengers decided to keep the Pokemon in Pokemon Pyrite at level 100 (Stats of 256). The main goal for Pokemon Pyrite was to make a game that wasn’t just like Pokemon Yellow, but also wasn’t just like Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue either. Battle Backgrounds: The background images used by Pokemon Revengers are taken from various regions, including Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Also, try Pokemon Dark Flame Download (Updated)

#163 – Hoothoot

– Level up to level 28 : Whirlwind #164 – Noctowl (Level up to level 45 ) Gust , Mirror Move , Take Down [Double-Edge] (Level up to level 56 ) Drill Peck, Superpower (Level up to level 64 ), Fly. Pokemon Revengers added new Pokemon moves into Pokemon Pyrite that were not present in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. These moves are listed below:

#088 – Grimer (Level Up To Level 24) , Miasma #090 – Shellder (Level Up To Level 30: Aura Sphere [Hits Pokemon with a ball of energy] , Bubble Beam [Bubbles shoot at the Pokemon], Water Pulse [Water attacks Pokemon with a pulse])

#091 – Cloyster (New Move Introduced for Pokemon Revengers).

– Level 50 : Aura Sphere , Hydro Pump [Points water cannon above its head to the Pokemon and shoots water at Pokemon] , Muddy Water [Stronger Bubble Beam]

#116 – Horsea (Level Up To Level 27: Twister) #118 – Seadra (Level up to level 45 ) Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Haze [Puts Pokemon into sleep] .

#129 – Magikarp (New Move Introduced for Pokemon Revengers).

– Level 15 : Flail [Spinning Attack] , Tickle. Pokemon Pyrite’s Pokemon have been edited to make Pokemon stronger than they were in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Pokemon Revengers also edited some of the moves that Pokemon learn from levelling up and added new moves such as “Focus”.

Download Pokemon Pyrite For Free:

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