Pokemon Axis Download (v3.1 Updated)

Pokemon Axis is one of the best RPG Maker XP pokemon game by Mashirosakura. The game was released back in 2017 in english language. Several new pokemon and places are part of the game. You can download Pokemon Axis from our website.

Pokemon Axis features over 60 hours worth of gameplay content spread across 18 distinct maps to explore! That means there are more then enough places for you to find hidden items.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Axis Version:

What’s your story?

My story begins when I meet a strange man named “Pokemon Teacher” in a dream. You could go on this trip while dreaming things up. After some time, you find yourself in the middle of what seems like an interesting event that is happening outside your home/building: there are flyers and signs all over the place announcing Pokemon Fest!

All of the people that are gathered around seem to be having a great time, and you decide that it would be nice to go play with others. Also, try Pokemon Dark Flame Download (Updated)

Professor Kanzan

You head on out into the crowd after making sure to take your supplies: a water bottle from home which also contains some protein bars for energy boosts, as well as plenty of Poke Balls just in case! Feeling ready, you walk up to one of those really tall machines at the entrance where they have maps displayed showing all sorts of places and activities happening at Pokemon Fest.

You grab hold onto one side so that nobody else can see what is going on behind it before proceeding ahead to scan your ticket code once more (the map didn’t display anything about this).

Lyra all this stuff is so cool

Duck Aza area:

Duck Aza area is one of the main area of Pokemon Axis version. The Duck Aza area is a swampy and forested place, with many critters around. It’s sometimes called “deku duck” (デクダック) because the Japanese word for frog sounds like deku in some dialects. The name derives from ancient languages meaning either of these: “place where water moves back and forth” or “a place to which people will not go by themselves.”

Duck Azas are said to be poisonous frogs that have poison on their skin as well as inside them; they use this toxin to capture prey but it can also give humans severe pain if touched. There may even be death if someone who has been poisoned doesn’t get medical attention.

Things to do in Duck Aza area are given below:

  • Fishing: There are many places in Duck Aza where it’s safe and easy to fish. Near the water, there will be rocks that you can use as seats while fishing; on dry land, look for patches of grass—these often grow around little pools where fish congregate.
  • Bathing: In some parts of this area, you’ll find baths with hot springs from which geothermal heat has bubbled up (some people think these were made by spirits).
  • Bathhouses may also have been built around them so that bathing is possible year-round even if no natural bath was located nearby. If they’re outdoors and deep enough into the forest away from any roads or trails.

Alola forms:

Alola forms are the most important part of Pokemon Axis. The Alola forms are the reason why I like this game so much. They have been on my top favorite list for a few years now and they will always be there as long as Nintendo continues to put them out with each new generation of games that come out.

Its precious to me

I love having all these different Pokemon from Gen IV into one region without having to play through two regions in order to get them which is what happened last time when we encountered Kalos-region Pokemon in X/Y. It was cool but it made things more tedious than necessary, especially if you were trying to complete the National Pokedex by then endgame or just wanted some variety in your lineup outside of Gyms and competitive battles.

– Alola Vulpix:

– Alolan Exeggutor:

– Sheer Force Necrozma

This update is one of the most anticipated additions to Pokemon GO since last year’s Halloween event. One might even say that this update has been worth waiting for! This game brings us “Alola forms”, which are versions of certain Pokémon with a new appearance and unique Z moves. Also, try Pokemon Flare Download (Updated)

There are three Alolas in total, each representing an island from the original Generation III games (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn). The first two alolas have already been released; Kantonian Raichu comes from Kanto and was given away at GameStop stores across North America on May 29th while Guardian.

Kanto Region:

Pokemon from this region have a base capture rate of 45%. Certain berries will make capturing more likely to succeed. In order, the berries are Oran, Cheri, and Pecha.

this is not just some figment

Johto Region:

Pokemon from this region have a base capture rate of 30%. Berries do not affect catching these Pokemon chances. *These specific Pokemon may only be captured in this area (can’t catch them anywhere else). The following Pokémon can be found exclusively at Johto’s Safari Zone: Heracross*, Nidoran♀/Nidorina*/Nidoqueen*, Rhyhorn*, Goldeen*.* These particular pokemon cannot be encountered.

HM Items:

A single Pokémon may only know four moves at a time. HMs are moves that can be used outside of battle to either cross water, cut down trees, or fight against other Trainers in the Battle Tower and Battle Frontier. These moves cannot be forgotten once learned.

Special things of HM Items and Moves:

  • HMs cannot be forgotten once learned.
  • Like regular moves, HM Moves can also gain powered up versions through the use of TMs and Ribbons that are found in dust clouds or scattered on routes.

Special things of TM Items:

Pokemon will learn a new move if it is used within battle after achieving all three requirements for acquiring a move via TM (battle experience points, being level 30 to 50, having met other conditions). You may teach HMs with any Pokémon at any time as long as they meet these same requirements. Also, try Pokemon Sunday Version

Explore the area and find new pokemon:

One of the best aspects of Pokemon Axis is exploring one’s environment. Players have plenty to do in and around Lavender Town, but be warned: there are also a lot of wild pokemon wandering about! If you’re not careful, it could turn into an intense battle with some really powerful adversaries. Be sure to keep your wits about you as well; this is no time for carelessness or sloppiness!

The first stop should probably be Mt Silver–though that can wait until later on when we’ll discuss more long-term goals. For now, explore everything else near town before getting caught up in gym battles! The city itself offers quite a bit (of course), from poke shops and trainers all over the place.

Amazing Features in Pokemon Axis RPG Version:

  • Pokemon Axis has amazing features in the newest update.
  • All Pokemon in 7 gens, including Alola forms
  • With added content and updated graphics, it’s never been a better time to play Pokemon!
  • Gen VII mechanics
  • Newer generations are now playable with new movesets for each player character that have distinct styles of battling.
  • Level up higher
  • The more you train your Pokemon, the stronger they become!

Download Pokemon Axis Version For Free:

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