Pokemon Sunday Download (v2.8 Updated)

Pokemon Sunday Version is an RPG Maker XP Pokémon game. Based on the region of Kiraki, which uses tile-based graphics from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Pokemon from Generation 8 has been part of the game and tilesets from Gen 3 has been added in the game.

This game is a completed with complex plot, intricate map, and 8 fun gyms with various challenges. A large map with many side quests to explore. There will also be eight gyms scattered throughout Kiraki (the region) as well as Elite Four battles. This game has over 300 Pokemon obtainable within it! Gen VIII Pokemon have been included into the game, which is a first for this particular region!

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Sunday Version:

The Pokemon Sunday game will offer the same number of new Pokémon as Red and Blue did with 12 Fakemon, starter lines, 2 new Eeveelutions (Light and Flying), and 1 alternate Yanma evolution.

Explore the region to find some new pokemon and for some other surprises. There are also a few secrets hidden in this version! Be sure to explore every inch of your world!

Kiraki Region:

Kiraki is the region that houses Pokemon Sunday. The region has a lot of greenery, and all six or seven routes are connected to it in some way. There’s not much else to say about Kiraki at this time! Also, try Pokemon Flare Download (Updated)

the pokemon player in the area

Pokédex Entry #001: Some info on the Region (Main) City- A town with a population of 400 people where there are restaurants, schools, an observatory…pretty much anything you could need for living your life here. It was founded by legendary hero Zoroark who led his comrades into battle against an evil king from another world called Zaltikovski. His bravery became known throughout the land as he continually tried to protect those weaker than himself until finally being done.

Things to do in Kiraki region are given below:

  • Catching Pokémon
  • The Challenge of the Gyms and the Elite Four
  • Teaching a Pokemon new moves
  • “Wild” battles with other trainers you meet on your journey. The winner gets to claim one prize from their opponent’s bag, which is usually an item or some money.
  • Travelling around and exploring what there is to see in Kiraki region

Being a Pokemon Trainer:

You as a main player playing the role of a trianer. Your ultimate goal is to capture as many Pokemon creatures as you can and become a Pokemon Master.

There are more than 100 new Pokemon for trainers to find, including some from past generations like Squirtle or Charmander. Trainers don’t need any experience with the series; they just have to make sure that they’re outfitted with enough items such as Poke Balls and Potions before embarking on quests into unfamiliar territory. Also, try Pokemon Dark Flame Download (Updated)

player moving around

You begin your journey through the world’s neighborhoods in order to catch all. It consists of three battles against trainers, each with six different teams made up to represent an element: Water, Fire, Ground, Rock, Ice or Electric. When these groups are defeated in order – just like in other Pokémon RPGs – they will yield rewards such as berries that can be used to heal your team during battle.

In addition to this there’s also a special reward consisting of 20 Great Balls! This download is only available until January 15th so make sure you take advantage before it disappears into the ether forever. I hope everyone has fun with all their new virtual Pokémon friends over at the Pewter City Gym.

Completely Animated new Moves:

We are excited to announce that all new moves will be completely animated in Pokemon Sunday Download! We have spent countless hours making sure each move has been given the same love and care as our characters. There are about 16 new moves has been added. You can expect some of these amazing animation on your screen when you start playing this game for the first time:

– Cut Throat, Fury Cutter, Mega Punch, Karate Chop;

– Fly Away/Return, Swift/Aeroblast, Hydro Pump (some variations);

– Pin Missile, Dragon Tail;

– Bonemerang or Stone Edge if it is a Rock Type. Litwick learns Energy Ball. Alakazam now knows Psychic instead of Psybeam. Latias now learns Discharge instead of Thunderbolt.

Become a member of Elite Four:

Becoming a Pokemon Master is much more than just catching and training the various species of wild animals. You must also become a member of the Elite Four to be considered one of the best trainers in all regions. As an official trainer, you will have to fight your way through four different leagues before reaching this goal which proves difficult when even small defeats can result in death or permanent banishment from that league. Also, try Pokemon HarmonY Download (Latest)

new area to explore

To prove yourself as worthy for a spot among their ranks, you need to get stronger by challenging gyms on each region’s map where they are gathered after beating eight other members including gym leaders and elite four members who stand strong against challengers awaiting them at every turn during their journey.

The only exceptions being Johto, to catch and training from one of three pokemon to start with in the game, you will be given a choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. These three options remain unchanged throughout your adventure even if later on you get access to more than just those first choices for starters. From there onwards it becomes about which Pokemon and moves they have learned as well as their level that make up the bulk of what determines who is stronger amongst them all.

Special things about Elite Four are given below:

  • The Elite Four members are the best trainers in all of Pokemon
  • There are four of them and they have different types of pokemon, from Fire to Psychic. They’re tough!
  • The last battle with any member is always a team you haven’t seen before, so make sure your party has something against every type
  • The first time players can challenge an elite four member depends on their progress: beating the eight gyms means challenging Lance at Indigo Plateau; after that there will be two more opponents to defeat for each group. But who knows what awaits as one makes it further into this journey? One thing is certain – catching ’em all won’t be easy! Good luck out there trainer ☺️

Land 11

Surf 5

Fishing 8

Total Distinct 24

Silver Town

Land 11

Surf 5

Fishing 8

Total Distinct 24

Gold City


Land 11

Surf 5

Fishing 8

Total Distinct 24

Iron Town


Land 12

Surf 5

Fishing 9

Total Distinct 23

Boron Village


Land 12

Surf 5

Fishing 9

Total Distinct 26

Lithium Town

Special Attacks:

If you’re looking for a good Electric Type, there are more than enough options for BP 90. Special attacks include Psyshock, Discharge and Thunderbolt.

Sunrise: Using a move that can be used “once per battle”, an AI in the game’s roster, Primarina Simian proves to competitors and fans alike that one does not need talent to conquer.

the two players exploring

Shine: BP 50

Sunbeam: BP 40, works like Fury Cutter powering up after each hit

Beacon: BP 25 hits 2-5 times

Special features in Pokemon Sunday Version:

  • Choose 3v3, 6v6 or Doubles at Basic, Normal, Competitive, or Ultra Tier!
  • A comlex battle tower with over 1100 competitive Smogon sets and four tiers for the battle.
  • There are 5 tiers of Pokemon to choose from as well, giving you a multitude of dynamic possibilities.
  • New moves and pokemon from Gen 8.
  • The graphics are awesome.
  • Animations are new.

Download Pokemon Sunday Version for Free:

Download Here