Pokemon Play it! Game Info

Pokemon Play it is one of the special Pokemon Game which is based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. One special thing about the game is that it is designed for the PC, so you will experience a different kind of gameplay in the PC. Initially, it was included in the CD ROM Version which makes the game more unique. The main player has to discover the area and find a different kind of items in the game. There are four decks in the game, on which the entire game is based named as Fighting, Water, Fire and Xtra Deck. Let’s Explore what’s special in the game, I hope you will enjoy the gameplay.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Play it
  • Platform: PC
  • Based on Trading Card Game

pokemon play it

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Play it:

As soon as the game starts you will soon discover some of the special features of the game which makes the game so much unique from all other pokemon games. When the game starts you will see three basic menu options like Play, Learn and Extras. In the play section you can play different kinds of missions and half decks. You can use the two half decks in the game as they are allowed only in the start.

For Playing the other two half decks you have to type a cheat code name as “fire” which will make you able to play the other two types of decks in the game. The other two decks named as Fire Deck and Extra Deck which are also amazing and can be used for many types of trading purposes in the game. As the main game is based upon the basic trading features and skills. So you have to note that all the trading options are available for you in the game.

In the game you will notice that your opponent, which is a computer is playing with and he is using the Fighting type of deck in the game. Fighting type have several kind of features which makes the game more advanced for you. Some special features are available in almost all the decks which again one of the special thing of the game.


One of the special feature of the game and you can unlock different kind of wallpapers while playing the first quiz in the game. So If you have a pokeball in the game and you play the first quiz you will be able to unlock almost all the wallpapers. Some of them are not even available in the ulocked version or after playing the first quiz. For that you have to perform some of the special kind of missions and tasks.


List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Play it Game Download:

  • Having different kind of storyline.
  • Many new Generation Pokemon are available.
  • New Quiz.
  • Trading is available.
  • Available for PC only.
  • Many Online Missions.
  • Unlock different Wallpapers.
  • Play/Learn.
  • Some new maps and characters.
  • Amazing kind of moves and tiles.

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