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Pokemon Discovery is the pokemon rom hack which is based on Pokemon Emerald Version, which has a different kind of features and updates. Most of the pokemon are from Gen 1 to 4 and have different capabilities. Several new tiles and graphics are present in Pokemon Discovery Download Latest version. The main player has several missions and tasks ahead in the area which should be completed on time while making sure that you have completed the game. The Storyline of the game is really interesting which introduce a new concept of play mode. Let’s dive in the article and explore what are some special features and updates available in the game which makes it more unique than any other Pokemon Emerald Hack.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Discovery Version
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Creator: Le Pug
  • Based on: Pokemon Emerald
  • Platform: GBA

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

screenshot of the pokemon discovery game

player moving in the field

gameplay scene

gameplay scene 2

Pokemon Discovery ROM Walkthrough and Complete Overview:

Several new updates are waiting for you to discover the game as the game’s name suggest that you have to make some discoveries in the game. Many new hero and heroin Sprites are available in the game which makes it more interesting for you to play different roles. One thing to know that the beta version was released in the late 2015. Special kind of graphics and animations has been included in several sections of the game. Like you will soon discover the battle effects and animations as well. The main character has to do some missions for making sure capturing different kind of pokemon in the game.

Make sure that you complete the pokedex in the game on time for making sure that you have all the pokemon in the pokedex. Some of the wild pokemon needs to be discovered in the area and needs to be trained properly. The training of different pokemon is one of the fun part in the game. Several kinds of techniques are available which can be used for capturing a different kind of pokemon. Try the Pokemon Amaryllis ROM for free

The battle system of the game is made so much advance and amazing that you will experience some more features of battles. As for as your enemies teams is concerned you will have to face them bravely while making decisions of battles. Your enemies are always ready for your challenges as well. Some rival teams are always in contact with you while some of them are against your success. Pokemon Jupiter is also available for Download

Day and Night System:

You can play the game in several light mode, like you will experience the day and night light system. Some people feels relax while playing the game in night mode while some of them feels good in the daylight mode. The daylight mode have several other features and updates which will make your gaming experience more better and awesome.

List of Some Amazing Facts and Features in Pokemon Discovery ROM Download GBA:

  • Different kind of new tiles and sprites.
  • Some Special Enemies teams.
  • Graphics are always awesome and animations as well.
  • New hero and heroine sprites.
  • New Pokemon trainer sprites.
  • Some new pokemon in the pokedex.
  • Gyms has been replaced.
  • Amazing new movesets.

Download Pokemon Discovery Version for Free:

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