Pokemon Wilting Y Download (v2.67 Latest)

Pokemon Wilting Y is a wonderful remake of Pokemon Y Game. Its a 3DS Game which is created by Buffel Saft for all the 3DS Lovers. Pokemon Wilting Y contains some new pokemon and characters to explore and find some adventures. It has also some Pokemon Types and Pokemon Powers to make the gameplay interesting.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Wilting Y
  • Platform: 3DS
  • Remake of: Pokemon Y
  • Author: Buffel Saft.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Wilting Y ROM:

This guide will cover Pokemon Wilting Y version 1.04c. Although the games are compatible with previous versions, many features have been added since them which cannot be found in earlier releases. If you’re playing it for the first time, I recommend using Pokemon Wilting Y 1.04b or its Online 1.00 to catch all Pokemon available before updating to newer versions; they can still be played online without an update patch, and it will make certain aspects of this guide easier to understand if you know how it used to work! Also, try Pokemon Scarlet Download

Pokemon that use Hidden Abilities gain the Hidden Ability, replaced with their normal ability. Pokemon that have 2 abilities will be able to use both of them in battle. Most Pokemon only receive one new ability, for example Dragonite gets Multiscale instead of Inner Focus (its Dream World ability).

Pokemon are now sorted by National Dex number (though some rare Pokemon like Celebi and Mew remain unnumbered at the moment). The names of some Pokemon changed to match their English counterparts better; a few Pokemon keep their Japanese name because it sounds better than the localised name. Every Pokemon learns all of its level up moves except if they are baby Pokemon, or if I thought the other move would suit. Online play is not for Pokemon Wilting Y; Pokemon Bank requires the original Pokemon to be downloaded before it will work. Pokemon Wily Version, while still in development, intends to include all of these modes and more, with a new region and story. Also, try Pokemon HarvestCraft

EXP Share System:

A level curve created to encourage the use of a EXP Share in order to maintain the ability for players to continue to progress. Pokemon can be transferred from Pokemon Y, Pokemon X, Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire using Pokemon Bank. More Mega Evolutions than in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Wilting Town is a central town to the game’s plot and it seems to have an old European feel to it which appears similar to Prague based on the trailer. Some other places that are known are: Wilting City (a city), Mt. Lush (a mountain), Wetland Meadow(?) and Cloudy Peak Road (a road). Also, try Pokemon Kalos Crystal

Views of the overworld seem simple but quite nice, you can see some buildings in the background with people walking about as well as a bridge above the trees. There are various routes shown where there will likely be trainers to battle. Pokemon Trainers will have Pokemon that are not too high levelled, and you can tell their level by the colour of their Pokemon’s heart; Pokemon with stronger hearts = higher-level Pokemon. The Pokemon shown in this video were a level 50 Golem (with red heart), a level 46 Sableye (pearl) and a level 42 Pidgeot (gray).

the opposing amaura used round Gardevoir and Cletable

About the Legendaries:

One feature that will be added is the ability for trainers to use “lesser” legendaries while they are battling. Pokemon legendaries are Pokemon that have a small chance to appear in the wild. Pokemon such as Mew, Lugia and Articuno are just some Pokemon who fall under this category. Pokemon Y will also be having an additional Pokemon storage box for Pokemon bred from eggs or Pokemon caught once a Pokemon has reached the max level of 100. Many other features will come with Pokemon Wilting Y. Also, try  Pokemon X ROM Download [Updated] (Working 100%)

Legendaries Pokemon will now be able to breed Pokemon eggs, rare Pokemon will have a chance of appearing when catching Pokemon and there will also be an update that can determine Pokemon IVs. Pokemon IVs represent Pokemon stats and Pokemon health. Pokemon Wilting Y will have Pokemon with high IV stats more likely to retain higher stats the longer that Pokemon is in battle. Pokemon who are faster than others or Pokemon who have better accuracy at moving around the map will be able to evade attacks easier. Other features include a new way of training Pokemon; players can groom their Pokemon by feeding them PokePuffs, which make Pokemon healthier if they eat enough. There is also an update where trainers will be able to meet other trainers online and battle them or even team up with other trainers to take down a strong opponent together. It will be Pokemon with many new features.


Although this game may lack instant social media connectivity such as 4G, it allows for more freedom when trading Pokemon due to Pokemon being stored on the cartridge itself rather than Pokemon Bank. Pokemon bank is a mobile application which allows Pokemon to be transferred from Pokemon X/Y onto Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and vice versa. This does not mean Pokemon wilting Y will lack social media connectivity, however. Pokemon Y has online connectivity just like Pokemon X and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but it will have less features that allow players to interact with others wirelessly such as battling trainers they meet in the wild or trading directly with other trainers (via wireless) without having to use the Pokemon Global Link website (PGL). The PGL lets you battle other trainers, trade Pokemon between games, as well as transfer memories from previous generation Pokemon games (Black, White etc.)

Important Trainers have stronger teams:

Pokemon Wilting Y has made Pokemon teams more powerful. Pokemon of the same type will get double their primarliy bonus against Pokemon of another Pokemon type, and Pokemon with STAB attacks will get a 25% boost to their attack, so Pokemon like Dugtrio are more effective than before! Also, try Pokemon Gemstone Download

There is no EXP Limit: The EXP limit from Pokemon Wilting X was removed in it, meaning Trainers can battle as many Pokemon they want and never stop improving. Pokemon of the same Pokemon type will get twice their primary bonus against Pokemon of another Pokemon, Pokemon with STAB attack will get a 25% boost to their Attack.

Buffel Obtained TM100 What will Milotic Do

Age doesn’t matter Pokemon can start battling as soon as they are born!

No Secert Techniques:

All Pokemon can learn all moves naturally in it. This means that TM’s are not needed anymore, but some powerful TMs still remain! Pokemon like Dugtrio can learn moves like Earthquake and Dig! Pokemon Wilting Y has also added some new TMs, such as Nasty Plot (moves that boost Attack are not resisted by Pokemon of odd same species) and Rock Slide (Pokemon with STitate get hit)

Moves are stronger:

Pokemon Wilting Y has changed the Pokemon battle. Pokemon do not have to take turns anymore, Pokemon perform their attacks at the same time. Which Pokemon Wilting X, Pokemon do not faint when they miss their attack. Instead, if an attack is dodged or countered by another Pokemon’s move, both Pokemon will suffer damage equal to 25% of the original attack’s power . Move damage is doubled for all consecutive use of a move on Pokemon of the same Pokemon type, but Pokemon with STAB attacks are not affected by this. To make Pokemon even stronger, Pokemon Wilting Y has changed Pokemon evolutions. In Pokemon Wilting X, when Pokemon reach level 100 or higher they can evolve after reaching their final stage. However in Pokemon Wilting Y Pokemon may evolve at anytime once they learn a certain move depending on what level they reach that Pokemon learns an evolution move such as Pikachu learns Thunder (level 25) and then evolves into Raichu!

TMs have more uses:

There are some TMs that help your Pokemon become stronger rather than teaching them moves like Nasty Plot which boosts the power of special attacks . However there are still many powerful TMs in Pokemon.

Increased Evolutions:

Pokemon like Eevee and Clamperl have now been given more evolutions options than what they used to have, giving them the chance to evolve into better Pokemon. Pokemon like Teddiursa have Pokemon that evolve into Pokemon more commonly seen in Pokemon games, to help Trainers raise Pokemon with a more common theme.

Trainers can battle their Pokemon against Pokemon in the wild: In Pokemon Wilting Y, there are areas where Pokemon appear from grass and trainers can interact with them!

A New Type:

A new type was added to the game for extra diversity! Currently named “Emerald”, this is a Physical/Speical hybrid, best known for being half Poison-type. This brings up to 18 types in it. Pokemon like Gengar can now hold the Poison Orb and have a new secondary typing, making them effective against Pokemon that resist Ghost-type Pokemon!

The Pokemon Department has more Pokemon: Pokemon Wilting Y’s Pokemon Department is larger than ever before, with 807 Pokemon available for capture or purchase as of Beta 1. The Pokemon Company will surely add on to this number also in future updates, so make sure to check it often!

Additional Updates:

Some other changes include better lighting in Pokemon Centers and Daycare Centres, some slight graphical changes for many Pokemon sprites, and an additional trainer class called “Pokemaniacs”, who use ONLY Pokemon with perfect IVs as their team members.

There are currently no plans to release Pokemon Wilting X on Pokemon Y, as Pokemon Wilting X is only fitted to Pokemon Black & Pokemon White. However, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue are currently being started in Pokemon Wilting Y, so keep checking back for future updates!

Download Pokemon Wilting Y Rom for Free:

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