Pokemon Kalos Crystal Download (Updated)

Pokemon Kalos Crystal is one of the best remake of Pokemon Crystal that is made for GBC. There are 8 gym leaders per region instead of 6 and Elite Four members now face two Pokemon at once with different types (for example an Ice Pokemon and a Fighting Pokemon.) Pokemon that were available in Pokemon Kalos Crystal but no longer are Pokemon, such as Garchomp (which is now a Mega) and Alakazam (which was replaced by Mega Alakazam), may still be obtained in this game. However they will have different movesets and abilities than their Pokemon selves would normally have. The GameFreak has also added Pokemon from the first generation of Pokemon for use on Pokemon Bank (which means they can be transferred over to Pokemon X/Y.)

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Kalos Crystal:

The starters and wild Pokemon can be chosen at any time before the Elite Four by speaking with Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City or directly after defeating the Elite Four when he visits Snowbelle City. There is a new fictional region – Shevelle Island (シベル島 Shibel-tou), accessible after completing Pokemon League on time. Its inhabitants speak Japanese and you receive a starter from each version of the first generation. All Pokemon used there can learn any move they normally can, but cannot be hacked to have moves outside their learnset without hacking.

Pikachu, Axew, Fletchling, Bunnelby and Pokemon Bank Pokemon are not available at the beginning of Pokemon Kalos Crystal. Instead they are received after beating Pokemon League once or by arriving in Kanto via Pokemon Bank respectively. Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Black and White 2 to Pokemon Bank can be selected at any time when you visit a Pokemon Center and there will be a PC next to Nurse Joy where it is located in every Pokemon Center, after receiving Pikachu, Axew, Fletchling, Bunnelby or Pokemon that have been transferred from Pokemon Black and White 2 to Pokemon Bank respectively.

There are no events like previous games (except for the Battle Tree) until you defeat Pokemon League as in it there are no Legendaries available during normal gameplay. Therefore it is your choice whether or not hunting for them as well so they can be traded with everyone else who has defeated Pokemon League in their own copy of Pokemon Kalos Crystal.

Pokemon League Champion:

The Pokemon League Champion can be challenged after defeating 8 Pokemon Gym Leaders. Pokemon Gym Leaders are located in Pokemon Gyms, which you can find easily by looking at your Pokemon’s Pokemon Where To? (Pokedex). Pokemon Gyms are the best places to level up your Pokemon after defeating all eight of them.

In Pokemon Kalos Crystal, there are 16 Pokemon Gyms instead of 8 as in previous games. 8 out of the 16 Pokemon Gyms have a puzzle-based challenge and can be found only in Pokemon X while the other 8 are found only in Pokemon Y. Each Pokemon Gym Leader has his/her own signature Pokemon that you should use against his/her specialty type pokemon. For example, Fantina uses Ghost-type pokemon, so you should use Fighting or Dark-type pokemon instead.

Defeating Pokemon League:

After defeating the Pokemon League, you will get an E-mail from Trevor, where he has acquired new Pokemon and is waiting for your battle challenge. After winning the battle against Trevor, Pokemon from Kanto region become available to choose in Route 22 and all Pokemon are available to choose in Santalune Forest. In Santalune Forest there is a NPC that will trade Pokemon with you every day. There are 3 male Trainers and 3 female Trainers who give away their Pokemon freely (after beating them of course). You meet Shauna again in Kiloude City trying to catch a Pokemon on her own before she runs off again later on. When you arrive in Pokemon Village, Pokemon Rangers are there to stop you from taking Pokemon in Pokemon Village. After beating them and reaching the end of Pokemon Village, you can now capture Pokemon freely in Pokemon Village which includes all Kanto region Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Scarlet Download

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(Updated: Jan 17th 2013) You meet Cheren again at Couriway Town where he is waiting for a battle challenge with his new Starter Pokemon (the one that was weak against your’s). When you arrive at Camphrier Town after defeating Shauna in Kiloude City, Lysandre will be there waiting for a battle challenge. He gives away Lv100 Mewtwo if it is defeated. After being taken by Team Flare, Calem or Serena appear outside Lumiose Gym to help you out as they don’t like what Team Flare are doing.

Pokemon Rangers after Defeat:

When Arbor Pokemon Lab Pokemon Bank are available in Pokemon Village after you defeat the Pokemon Rangers and reach the end of Pokemon Village, Pokemon that have been transferred from previous Pokemon games to Pokemon Bank can be selected at any time when you visit a Pokemon Center and there will be a PC next to Nurse Joy where it is located in every Pokemon Center. When you arrive at Laverre City Gym, there is no Gym Leader since their leader has been taken by Team Flare so take an E-mail to go to Celosia City or Frost Caverns (however your choice) to rescue them from Team Flare Grunts.

It is up to you whether or not visit both locations. After rescuing Pokemon Gym Leader Siebold, Pokemon from Hoenn region become available to choose in Route 13 and all Pokemon are available to choose in Pokemon Village. After beating Pokemon League Champion Diantha, Pokemon from Kalos region become available to choose in Lumiose City or Victory Road. All Pokemon are also now able to be taken freely at any time when visiting a Pokemon Center. Also, try Pokemon HarvestCraft

Pokemon Locations:

Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh can be captured in the Kalos region after you have defeated the Elite Four for a second time. After the credits, click on the Pokeball at your PC to return to Anistar City. Professor Sycamore will appear in front of you after a brief cutscene there will be an option to travel back through time using Celebi’s Time Travel ability. You must then defeat all of the eight gyms again as well as capturing any pokemon you may want. Once this is done there will a cutscene where you and Pokemon trainer Serena/Calem drive to the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City. Speak to Nurse Joy (Your Pokemon’s name) inside there and she gives you the Pokemon Flute.

“After defeating your Rival, come talk to me.” – Pokemon Trainer Serena/Calem while waiting outside of the Pokemon Center for you after beating the Elite Four for a second time. Also, try Pokemon Dreary Free

Is Pokemon Kalos Crystal Free to Download?

Pokemon Kalos Crystal is totally free to download, as it doesn’t have any micro-transactions or in-app purchases. It also includes over 50 Pokemon that aren’t currently available in Pokemon X and Y such as Pokemon from previous Pokemon games (Generations 2-5) so you can capture them yourself. Pokemon Fan Games are completely free to play, but the developers who made Pokemon Kalos Crystal unfortunately earn nothing from doing this hobby which takes hundreds of hours to develop a Pokemon game.

Pokedex includes Gen 5 & 6 Pokemon:

Pokemon Kalos Crystal has Pokemon from Generation 5 and 6, plus the Pokemon added in Pokemon X & Y or Gen 4 Pokemon. It has Pokemon from Generation 4, but not Pokemon from Generations 3, 5 or 6. The Pokemon listed below are present in-game. It does not have Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. These normal form Pokemon will change into their new evolved form once they learn a move that is of the correct type or category.- Houndoom (Dark/Fire)- Mightyena (Dark).

amazing new area Bunnelby and Fennekin

New Mega Evolutions:

Pokemon Kalos Crystal has all the Mega Evolutions released up until Pokemon X & Y. The following are in-game, but are not shown in the Pokedex:- Mega Stone for Lucario (Speed Form)- Mega Stone for Ampharos (Defense Form)- Mega Stones for Altaria, Gallade and Audino (not yet revealed forms)

HMs no longer exist:

In previous games HM moves were needed for certain segments of the game – such as surfboarding over water surfaces or cuttng down trees with a move that was known as “HM Cut”. These moves have been replaced by key items which will need to be purchased at Pokemarts and allow you access to the same functionality within battle. HMs are no longer needed to progress through Pokemon X & Y. Pokemon from Pokemon Kalos Crystal can learn these moves if they are taught one of the corresponding TM moves listed below:

HMs that Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y can learn: HMs that Pokemon in it can learn: Between Lumiose City and Route 14, you will be able to traverse water using a bicycle. This is done by attempting to use an Item while on the bike (it will appear as “Pedal”). You cannot use items while riding this way – so if you want some berries, stop the bike first! Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal can’t be captured in Pokemon X and Y. They now have their own Pokemon game called Pokemon Origins – a Pokemon game where Pokemon are swapped with Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Click here to know more about the 3DS Pokemon games .

Gym Leader Castle:

The Gym Leader Castle in Pokemon X & Y has been removed, so Gym Leaders can be found on Route 9 that lead to the Pokemon League. The Trainers you face after beating each Gym leader will not always be a traditional trainer type; as they may also include an Ace Trainer or even a Backpacker! This is what happens when GameFreak have too much time on their hands and want to experiment with new plot ideas. Pokemons who evolve via stone rather than level up now do so outside of battle.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Kalos Crystal:

  • The Pokedex in Pokémon Kalos Crystal includes the Generation 5 and 6 Pokemon.
  • Fairy-type
  • Some moves have been removed, and others are new.
  • Ghost is SPECIAL, Dark is PHYSICAL.
  • All Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal can’t be captured in Pokemon X and Y.
  • New Mega Evolutions:
  • The Pokemon which evolve by trading between Pokemon X and Pokemon Y now evolve via a stone that is purchased at a Pokemart.
  • HMs no longer exist, so you can freely choose any Pokemon for the first slot.

Download Pokemon Kalos Crystal For Free:

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