Pokemon Dreary Free Download (v1.4 Latest)

Pokemon Dreary is an amazing remake of Pokemon FireRed. It is a GBA rom hack which is created by Anthroyd and available in English Language. Pokemon Dreary makes Pokemon FireRed much more enjoyable. Pokemon Dreary is a Pokemon FireRed Hack and Pokemon Ruby hack which has been translated from Japanese to English by Professor Steve, Raiyumi, KDS_Ninja, Stellite and minorly helped by Estwald. Some amazing new pokemon and areas are available to discover.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dreary
  • Language: English
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake: FireRed
  • Author: Anthroyd

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dreary GBA:

As the game starts you are welcomed in Kanto region where you will be guided by Pokemon Professor Oak to introduce the game. Pokemon Dreary is a Pokemon FireRed ROM Hack which is a great Pokemon Rom Hacks available in the English Language. It has been created by Anthroyd with over 75+ hours of work. Pokemon Red 1999 rom hack was originally created by Akash_Bosla, but he didn’t finish it. However, the creator of Pokemon Red 1999 gave permission to make my own changes to it and use all his graphics as long as I credited him for them. Also, try Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Download

After you beat the Elite 4 you will have the chance to battle legendary pokemon Ho-oh at Tin Tower or Lugia at Whirl Islands. Pokemon Dreary has around 400 Pokemon within this game that you can choose from the Pokemon menu. Pokemon appearances are different when compared to Pokemon FireRed Pokemon appearance. Pokemon Dreary has various improvements and changes than Pokemon Red 1999 with the addition of new areas like Island Cave with puzzles that can only be solved by using Pokemon abilities. It is a great and amazing game for all Pokemon fans who enjoy NES style graphics rather than 3D polygons. This GBA ROM Hack will surely entertain you with its large maps, challenging elite four and crazy rivals

Now almost 15 years later Pokemon games have not changed much although the graphics for Pokemon games have improved a lot over time. Pokemon series keeps coming up with new features, mechanical changes but its still fun to play classic 2D style Pokemon game like Pokemon Red 1999 rather than playing Nintendo DS or Wii.

Physical/Special split:

Physical/Special split changes Pokemon type effectiveness one another. It has changes to Pokemon hit and dodge rates, Pokemon power up moves, Pokemon abilities. Pokemon learnsets are updated and Pokemon level up moves are replaced with powerful moves like Earthquake, Surf and Thunderbolt. Pokemon Dreary will make you think what Pokemon should be your favorite Pokemon type to play with.

Battle Frontier:

Pokemon Battle Frontier is a large addition which requires all Pokemon Ruby Rom’s features and updates. Pokemon Battle Frontier has amazing challenges that only the most skilled trainers can solve them in order to become champions of Pokemon battle frontier. The first 3 challenges for Pokemon BattleFrontier can be completed within a day or 2 but 4th challenge is completely crazy where you need to beat almost 100 trainers before you can even take on the boss who have insanely high stats making it very challenging especially if you don’t use proper team building and Pokemon types. Pokemon BattleFrontier is also a 3 level tower with no Pokemon healing or items available. Pokemon type changes are available for Pokemon BattleFrontier challenges and rewards are very lucrative making it worth accomplishing Pokemon battle frontier 4th challenge.

Gain Exp from Battles:

In Pokemon FireRed you gain experience points for battles and then when you reach a certain level, your Pokemon will evolve into a stronger form or even it can learn new moves through training. In Pokemon Dreary there are many more ways to gain exp as battles like tm reviving pokemon with revive move also gaining exp by capturing wild pokemon in the grass that are raised to their maximum potential have no Level cap. However it is compatible with previous Pokemon games so if you want to catch feral Dratini you must trade from Pokemon Ruby using Pokegen(r). It has Pokemon bred with breeding moves having base stats above 100 and Pokemon can have max stat total over 600

Restoring Pokemon:

Pokemon Dreary if a Pokemon faints in battle you must revive it. Pokemon Revive is a move which revives any Pokemon in the game at the Pokemon Day Care center where they are healed and continue on their adventure. It also allows Pokemon to evolve twice which was not allowed previously, as there was only one evolution per Pokemon leading to Eevee being unable to become Vaporeon or Flareon. In this however you will be able fight against Sinnoh Legendaries and Ho-Oh after beating the Elite Four, including Lugia from Johto region who hides deep within Pokemon Whirl Islands Pokemon Dreary is Pokemon FireRed Pokemon Rom Hack enhanced version for all Pokemon fans.

Day & night system:

Pokemon Dreary Pokemon Game has a day and night system with real time Pokemon clock. Pokemon Day & Night Pokemon Clock depends on your DS clock which is updated automatically when you turn on/off the DS or Pokemon Rom gameplay. In Pokemon daytime if you are playing Pokemon game on Nintendo DS, outside in Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon then your Pokemon will be happy but at Night time they all get sad and pokemon happiness decreased by -1 points. Make sure that your Pokemon have high happiness to prevent them from being unhappy. Also, try Pokemon Crystal Randomizer

Physical/special split moves:

In this game physical type super effective against special pokemon while Special type move is super effective against Physical type pokemons . For example Psychic move is super effective against Pokemon type like Alakazam having special stat of 200 while a Pokemon like Golem having Physical stat of 300 is not affected by Psychic moves.

It has Pokemon move mechanics where Pokemon can learn any Pokemon move from previous generations or even the new generation Pokemon remake Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire . For example in Pokemon dreary, your Charmander can learn electric type moves as it is very similar to charizard’s move set from Pokemon FireRed Rom Hacking making it so both pokemon types are more superior than other pokemon.

Special Attack/Defense due to ability:

In Pokemon dreary when you encounter wild pokemon in battle and they have same level as yours then with proper planning, strategy and combinations you will be able to beat Pokemon with your Pokemon and gain Exp, Poke Dollars & become stronger. Pokemon Game has a day and night system so all Pokemon are in their max potential at any time of the day or night. However if you want to maximize its potential then you must pay attention to Pokemon Happiness, which is increased from Pokemon battles by 1 points when winning the battle and decreased by -1 point when losing. Also, try Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Download

In pokemon dreary your Pokemon learns moves according to its type/natural ability i.e Charizard is fire type while Dragonite is 2nd Generation Pokemon having dragon Flying Type because they can both learn Fire Blast move using TM even though Dragonite was released in 3rd generation while Charizard was in 1st Pokemon generation. Pokemon Happiness also affected by Pokemon type because it has a Pokemon base happiness which is the natural happiness of Pokemon when it was born i.e Charizard base happiness is 110 out of total 200 while Eevee’s Natural base happiness is 130.

Policemen are asking something Pokemon Appearance Chating with Sabrina in Pokemon Dreary What Will Hitmonlee do

The world map:

The Pokemon World Map in Pokemon game dreary can be zoomed out to see other cities and places as well which were not featured in pokemon games till now. There are more then 300 new place names with Pokemon Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Caves, Places & Pokemon Day & Night System that works on real time clock on Nintendo DS. You must update your 3DS game Pokemon ORAS or Pokemon Omega Ruby , Alpha Sapphire game versions to Pokemon Rom Hacking.

Pokemon Dreary Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Pokemon game has over 100 new side quests in addition to a variety of mini-games which have been added for your pleasure. Pokemon Dreary is an improved version of Pokemon FireRed, Emerald and with all Kanto region events from Pokemon Gold/Silver & Pokemon Crystal included as well as the ability to play on two different sides; team emerald or team sapphire depending on the starting pokemon you choose at the start of the game, there’s also a couple more choices in terms of starter Pokemon if you don’t want either one but rather another option such as Cyndaquil who isn’t offered as a choice normally.

Some Amazing Pokemon Dreary Features:

  • Flavour text for all pokemon in the Pokedex.
  • Some new pokemon.
  • New areas are included.
  • Updated items including TMs, Berries, Rare Candies and evolution stones.
  • Updated Pokeball graphics that change depending on whether it’s a catch rate.

Download Pokemon Dreary For Free:

Download Here