Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Download

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer is super unique Randomizer version of Pokemon Glazed Game which is a remake of Pokemon Emerald. The Pokemon Glazed Randomizer starts in the Tunod Region, which is an updated rendition of Johto and Rankor Archipelago. Pokemon will be encountered at level 12 (instead of 5) and Pokemon team will be randomized. Several new pokemon and characters are part of the game.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Glazed Randomizer
  • Original Version: Pokemon Glazed
  • Released Year: 2012
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake: Pokemon Emerald

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Version:

All Pokemon in it has a different method to capture. Pokemon like Pikachu, Meowth, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan cannot be caught using normal Poke Balls. You need to acquire corresponding Pokemon balls for them such as Great, Ultra etc.. Viridian City Gym Leader can only be challenged by Pokemon with Grass-type moves while Ecruteak City Gym Leader can only by battled by Pokemon that know Water-type moves. In addition, Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon Glazed Randomizer are harder than Pokemon Emerald version but the rewards include Mega Stones so it’s worth battling out for rank 1! Also, try Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Free

Differences from original Pokemon Glazed Pokemon database: Pokemon at level 5 Pokemon have no moves Pokemon can be encountered at level 12 Pokemon has a chance to learn different move on level up Pokemon have new catch rate Pokemon are in different locations

In addition, Pokemon Glazed Randomizer includes many more features for players who like challenges and diversity. You can try your favorite Pokemon from previous generations or give the new Mega Evolutions a shot!

Choose from five starters:

It features over 500 Pokemon to choose from as your starter Pokemon. All Pokemon are available to catch in the wild or breed with. Pokemon that evolve can do so during battle as well, though it is entirely up to you what Pokemon they will evolve into and when. Pokemon that cannot evolve can be evolved if you trade them to Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon also retain their level, moves and EVs from Pokemon Glazed Randomizer when traded out as well.

Some Pokemon have alternate forms in it. Such Pokemon include:

  • Giratina (Altered Forme)
  • Arceus (Shiny)
  • Ho-Oh, Lugia and the 3 Legendary Beasts (Shiny)
  • Darkrai (Badge Required)

Mewtwo and Mew (Trainer Battle Only) On top of this, some Pokemon will react differently depending on your starter Pokemon. For example; Pidgey , Rattata , Ekans , Diglett are loyal Pokemon. While Pokemon like Eevee and Pikachu will abandon you if you are not their favorite trainer. Pokemon Glazed Randomizer will not be 100% perfect for Pokemon Emerald players at the beginning as Pokemon locations in it is different from Pokemon Emerald . However, I have included a list of Pokemon Training Areas that can help you level up your Pokemon fast to catch up with your peers or for preparation of battling harder bosses.

In addition, all PokeMarts available in the Pokemon Gold/Pokemon Crystal version is now usable in it! You can buy sell anything from Max Repels to Master Balls! Several aspects of the game has been revamped such as Move Mechanics, Evolution Mechanics, Items mechanics etc.

Travel across the regions of Tunod, Johto, and Rankor:

It brings Pokemon fans around the world together in Pokemon, challenging them to complete Pokemon missions, defeating Pokemon gyms, and ultimately solving the mysteries of Pokemon’s origins. The original Pokemon experience was altered with Pokemon Glazed Randomizer, a tool that allows players to alter their Pokemon games in strange ways – from increasing encounter rates, replacing Pokemon sprites as they walk through tall grasses or caves with those of other Pokemon , or even creating a game that has everything but your starter choice be randomized (or one that makes all Pokemon have random moves). Features include:

It is possible to force trainers into battles you might otherwise not fight; increase wild Pokemons’ levels; add more items to PokeMart shop inventories; or even generate Pokemon that have impossible movesets, such as Pokemon with water guns and firehorns!

Another feature is the massive variety of Pokemon sprites it has. Whether you’re looking for a non-pink Nidorina or perhaps a yellow Espeon, Pokemon Glazed Randomizer has your covered in this aspect. Pokemon Chibi Maker is another example of how it can be used to replace sprites – this time by allowing you to customize your own Pokemon chibi sprite (e.g., Pikachu with sunglasses).

Dream World Pokemon:

Pokemon obtained in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White via the Pokemon Dream World feature. Pokemon that require an additional item to be transferred will not work. Pokemon obtained via Pokemon (Colosseum), Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Box: Ruby and Pokemon Box: Sapphire are not valid. Pokemon that require an arbitrary code to transfer will work as normal. Pokemon obtained via Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs’ Pokemon Transporter will work normally. Pokemon that are not obtainable in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White (e.g Pokemon only obtainable ie Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver) will not work as it requires an event to be passed to the Dream World Pokemon to become available.

Training Center/Pokemon Daycare:

Pokemon obtained from the training center or daycare do not evolve when they gain a level up, so these Pokemon have 0 IVs in every stat except Speed. Where possible, I will mark down which ones cannot learn a move at all due to possessing 0 IVs in every stats.

Sootopolis Gym Leader Castle: The trainers inside of Sootopolis Gym do not use Pokemon that they have previously used. Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Black and Pokemon White can be battled here as normal. Pokemon obtained in Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver via the Bug Catching Contest do not work, as Scyther is not available within this game. This includes Pokemon with PokeRus and Pokemon obtained after obtaining the National Pokedex for this game (e.g Pokemon obtained through a trade).

Fossil Pokemon obtained via an event must have their specific item attached to them at all times in order to work properly within this randomizer patch. In addition, they are treated under the same rules as Dream World Pokemon; fossil pokemon obtained via another source will be invalidated unless

Pokemon with Hidden Abilities:

Pokemon capable of having a Hidden Ability, as seen on Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. Pokemon who are only capable of obtaining their Hidden Ability through breeding (i.e Heracross) do not count here either; Pokemon such as this must be swapped for another Pokemon in order for them to have their Hidden ability in Glazed version. Catching or capturing Pokemon that already have their Hidden Ability is also allowed (eg Vigoroth).

New Moves:

Moves that certain Pokemon can learn by leveling up, TMs or HMs; moves learned from “breeding” Pokemon will not work. Pokemon who have moves they normally don’t learn at level up or by TM in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White; Pokemon who are capable of learning a level they don’t normally on Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 do count here. Levels cannot be increased through the use of Rare Candies – for example, if you want to teach a Piplup Hydro Pump, but it learns Hydro Pump with a level-up normally, then you must trade it for another Piplup that knows Hydro Pump through leveling instead. You can only give Pokemon new moves when they already know four moves to ensure that your Glazed Pokemon is as competitively viable as possible! Also, try Pokemon Dark Energy Download (v 5.01)


It is a Pokemon game that randomizes the Pokemon obtainable from Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald. The purpose of this hack is to add fresh Pokemon into the mix while also alleviating some of the issues caused by Metagame shifts in Pokemon Emerald – for example, it has been noted that many players do not consider giving up Blastoise in their party entirely because its standards are too high to compete with other Pokemon.

However, many newer Pokemon have never stood a chance at competing in R/S/E because they’re too new (or under-leveled) making them less viable than ever before; adding these new Pokemon does give them a chance to be used competitively while also increasing options on what you can use! Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald are still obtainable through the Pokemon Glazed Randomizer feature. Also, try Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Free Download

The Pokemon that will be available to you depend upon which Pokemon games you have within the game – connecting two copies of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White will unlock all Pokemon available within those versions from within Pokemon Glazed while playing on a Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon SoulSilver cartridge will unlock access to additional features and wild Pokemon relative to the original version. Below is an example of what your options can look like at different stages.

the whole map of the area battle among different pokemon Pikachu is appearing player in the jungle

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Glazed Randomizer:

  • Explore different parts of the Pokemon world and interact with your surroundings.
  • Capture all five of the starters
  • Rematches with trainers and Gym Leaders.
  • All the game’s legendaries from Kanto to Sinnoh and eight more from Unova will be accessible via a machine in-game. Pokemon from Pokemon X and
  • Pokemon Y are also accessible if Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 are used as the cartridge for Pokemon Glazed.
  • Allow Pokemon to obtain their Hidden Abilities by leveling up, through TMs/HMs or capturing them Pokemon who normally cannot be obtained. Pokemon who have their Hidden Ability already will be swapped for Pokemon who do not. Pokemon also have access to new level-up moves that they wouldn’t normally learn through the use of TMs or HMs and Pokemon known from Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2
  • The purpose of Pokemon Glazed Randomizer is not only to give you a fresh Pokemon.

Download Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Version For Free:

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