Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated 2023)

pokemon glazed

Pokemon Glazed is a ROM hack of the Pokemon Emerald game that is widely popular among Pokemon fans. It was developed by Lucbui and released in 2012, and has since then received multiple updates and hotfixes to make it more interesting and challenging. The game is set in the Tunod region, where the player’s journey … Read more

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Download

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer Download

Pokemon Glazed Randomizer is super unique Randomizer version of Pokemon Glazed Game which is a remake of Pokemon Emerald. The Pokemon Glazed Randomizer starts in the Tunod Region, which is an updated rendition of Johto and Rankor Archipelago. Pokemon will be encountered at level 12 (instead of 5) and Pokemon team will be randomized. Several … Read more

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