Pokemon Dark Energy Download (v 5.01)

Pokemon Dark Energy is a GBC rom hack of Pokemon Silver by miksy91. This rom is available in English Language. Having so many changes to the gameplay has been done. It is an awesome Pokemon game, from the world maps to the Pokemon encountered. The region of “Fairy Land” was featured in this game. It also features 386 Pokemon, many Pokemon which are relating to dark type and Fairy type Pokemon. New Pokemon with new moves added and new trainers to battle.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dark Energy
  • Remake of: Pokemon Silver
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: miksy91

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Energy GBC:

As the game starts, you see a Pokemon walking around the forest, Pokemon Dark Energy is a Pokemon game created by miksy91. Pokemon Crystal was also one of the most successful Pokemon games made and it had huge numbers of followers. This Pokemon Silver Hack is available in English language only, this hack has new Maps and Pokemon to help you progress through the Gameplay. From the Map image below, I assume that this game will be awesome with many changes implemented in it’s gameplay for everyone s satisfaction:

The creator of Pokemon Dark Energy understood our need to play more challenging game and hence he made some interesting battles. You can also see a player battling with a Pokemon Gym Leader from the screenshot below: You encounter many Pokemon in your journey, this game will give you enough challenges to play and enjoy. You are also provided with 386 Pokemon to select from as shown below. Also, try Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Download (Latest Version)

The player can choose any of them based on their level of expertise and understanding of Pokemon battles and various other factors. The most interesting part is that you battle with different kind of wild Pokemon which really makes our game challenging. This is not the only thing, but we get to collect items like pokeballs, Master balls , rare candies etc which helps us to win numerous battles against enemy. Also, try Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

New Trainers:

The Pokemon Dark Energy makes our game more interesting with new Pokemon Trainers as shown below. New Pokemon trainers and their Pokemon are added to the play:

The trainer named as “Terra” has a Pokemon called “Granbull” which you can see in the above image. The Pokemon Trainer “Feebas” is also one of the most difficult encounters for any player. As the player progress through level, he will encounter different kinds of Pokemon trainers increasing his journey difficulty:

New Pokemon Moves:

We get a chance to meet new Pokemon at every step of our advancement towards victory, but we seldom get to know about their various moves. This rom hack by miksy91 had added some impressive moves into each and every Pokemon. Below is the move list of Pokemon. As far as the old pokemon moves are concerend, they were replaced with new Pokemon moves which give a new kind of excitement to Pokemon games. Also, try Pokemon Coral Version.

The Pokemon Dark Energy has provided us with some cool Pokemon Moves . The Pokemon Trainer “Hagatha” is one of most difficult Pokemon trainers in this game as shown below:

New World Map for Pokemon Dark Energy:

In Pokemon Silver, the map was circular and there was only one region called Johto. In Pokemon Dark Energy, the map has been extended further with many more regions like Ecruteak town , Blackthorn City etc. These cities are featured in different locations on our world maps:

Pokemon Gym Leaders : There are 6 known Gym leaders in this game but it depends upon your pokemon level at every point of time. The Pokemon Gym Leaders are important as they hold special Pokemon which you need to beat in order to progress up your Pokemon level. Below is the list of Pokemon Gyms. The Pokemon Dark Energy has added a lot more items to our inventory while playing. Some image of new items added by pokemon game all around the world map:

Battle System:

The game has a unique battle system with Pokemon battles. Many new battles have been added to Pokemon Dark Energy with new Pokemon and trainers. The Pokemon battles are really awesome and they will give you enough challenges while playing Pokemon Dark Energy :

As you progress throughout the game, you will find new Pokemon Gyms like “Poison Gym Leader” , “Buggy” etc as shown in the pictures below. The Poison Gym Leader is one of the most difficult Pokemon Trainers . As we see in the image above, it has a Pokemon called Victreebel which looks really fearsome. Pokemon Dark Energy is challenging Pokemon Game which gives us the experience of Pokemon game.

This pokemon hack also increases our Pokemon level as we progress through levels in this game. The map of this game looks really room, it has some nice cities like Ecruteak town , Blackthorn City etc. There are many other things which have been changed, added or removed from original Pokemon Silver rom to make

A New Region/City: eusine City :

If I talk about some city features related to Pokemon Ecruteak town , I can easily say that we get almost everything there. Some interesting facts about this region are Your journey through Pokemon Dark Energy is not limited only with gym badges but many other kinds of rare items like Master Balls, Pokemon Flutes etc

We get to know about many new Pokemon from different kinds of Pokemon trainers and Pokemon Gym Leaders . Some Pokemon added into this game are really amazing, there are some more Pokemon which I didn’t show here. But trust me there is no disappointing Pokemon in this game. Below is the list of Pokemon :

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Dark Energy:

There are many Pokemon from Pokemon Silver which are not found in it. But there are some other Pokemon which you can find in Pokemon Dark Energy like “Stunfisk”, “Pignite, Quilladin, Bravalo, Vigoroth etc . Below is the list of Pokemon which you can find while playing this game:

# Pokemon Type 1) Attracted By 2) Flying Pokemon 3) Water Pokemon 4) Facing towards the lake or sea 5) Caves/Hills/Forests 6) Grass 7) Flowers 8 ) Regular trees 9 ) Snow 10 ) Elite Four/ Champion 11) Biker 12 ) Musician 13 ) People 14 ) Merv (Home City Gym Leader.) 15 ) Pokemon Trainer 16 ) Pokemon Gym Leader. This is a Pokemon Hack rom made by some Pokemon fans all around the world, and finally it was released on 11th November 2012 for free download. The main reason to make this game is to give us new experience of Pokemon Game , as we have seen in the past android games like Pokemon go, Pokemon master trainer etc . So if you are interested then here I am giving ya link below. Also, try Pokemon Grape Free Download (v1.5 Latest)

the elder has been leaving amazing new area to explore explore the amazing area players exploring the area

This game has many new features which will give us an awesome experience while playing it. It also has changed some items, pokemon sprites and more places to visit inside our favourite regions of Johto, Kanto etc . If you are a Pokemon lover then you can easily download this addicting Pokemon rom on your android device. It is a Pokemon live experience that includes all kinds of Pokemon battles, their attacks and more good things to play . So if have played Pokemon Red , Blue or Pokemon Yellow then I think the Pokemon Dark Energy game will give you the same surprises as Pokemon series games gives us .

Summary of Pokemon Dark Energy GBC:

With an awesome gameplay, you can also play with 386 Pokemon in a journey to victory. The Pokemon trainer’s difficulty increases as the player progress through levels and hence the game gets more interesting. You get a chance to enjoy different kinds of Pokemon trainers. If you need any help or want to share your own experience then you are always welcome below in comment box! Thank You !!!

Download Pokemon Dark Energy For Free:

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