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Pokemon Dusk is wonderful pokemon game which story revolves around a short but amazing depressing twist in the life movements of the main player. It is basically available for PC as this is the RPGXP version. RPGXP means that you can run and play the game on your PC or laptop too. The main character has to complete several internal missions and external as well to become a top-level trainer in the area.

Collecting all the medals and gyms is one of the core tasks of the player in Pokemon Dusk RPG XP Game Download. The developer of this game is Fring Frang who has created such an awesome piece of game. Actually this time the rival is pretty strange and she is Professor Oak’s niece.

The game supports the multiplayer game mode which advances the pokemon games world to allow different users to play and enjoy the game online. Let’s move on further while discussing some of the core features by which the game got such a huge fan club.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dusk Version
  • Creator: Fring Frang
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP
  • Language: English

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

gameplay screen ethan is in acgoldenrod city the main player moving in the area

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Dusk Version for RPG Maker XP:

Likewise other creators and developers of previous rom hacks of pokemon, this developer name as Fring Frang has included a similar but little bit strange storyline. Talking about the plot of the game which is similar to the previous versions and the player have to move from one place to another place and searching for some pokemon to catch like in Pokemon 3D Download 2019 Version.

Some really cool collections of pokemon are part of the game which can increase your interest in playing and observing each and every mission of this game. As the game starts, the professor will appear who will be asking you name and gender details and all of them should be valid. After inputting all the required info and data you will be allowed to move on and meet with your rival.

Remember that Professor Oak is the only man here who can help you out becoming the best trainer in this area. So you have to concentrate on your work and move forward.The game has been made while keeping in mind all the pokemon essentials as the developer of this game was new and finally, he released a better but more stable version of his game.

The rivals are present in this area as well as in the area which you will be visiting soon. The main rival in the game is the Professor niece itself who is looking at your progress. She is also collecting some gyms and pokemon in order to become a better pokemon trainer than you.

Now you have the competition in your area and all you have to do is to keep a look at her progress so that you have also a clue that what advancement is she doing. These are some of the tips which you can apply to any of your competitors in this game. Just take a look at the achievements as well steps so that you have a better idea that what’s going on.

Shortest Gameplay:

Perhaps you might know that it is one of the shortest gameplay of any pokemon rom hack. It is shocking that its gameplay is about 10mints. All you have to do is only in 10mints of the time interval. In these 10mints you have to complete all of your small missions and more importantly that you have to complete it before your competitors do it. Also, try Pokemon Orb Version

There are few important changes in the gameplay has been made. A little hardness is being added in the game which I think normal, it can be playable at the required speed.

Graphics and Scripts:

Talking about the graphics of the game which are completely changed. Everything in this pokemon dusk game for rpg xp is changed and have a nice look now from any previous pokemon rpg games. The new background effects and battle effects make the game glowing on while you being playing any kind of activity in the game.

As far as the scripts are concerned so, yes they are being updated to the new ones, and believe me they are nicest I have ever experienced so far in any rpg maker xp hack. As far as the battlefield scripts and graphics are concerned, they are simply mind-blowing because i have never seen such like battle effects and scene so far in my life. So it is a mind-blowing game.

List of Some Amazing Features in the Pokemon Dusk RPGXP Version:

  • Have a nice storyline.
  • All the graphics are revamped.
  • Exactly new designs of tiles and other little things.
  • Nice moves and movesets.
  • All the scripts are new.
  • The character has some new profile features.
  • Great music and background tones.
  • New main menu.
  • Visual Effects are brand new.

Download Pokemon Dusk Free Version Now:

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