Pokemon Uranium Download ROM [v1.2.5 Latest]

Get the Pokemon Uranium ROM Free download from Pokemonlog.com, having a completely different and interesting storyline. Actually, Pokemon Uranium is one of the Fan Made game which was released in the August 2016. Lot’s of interesting features in the Pokemon Uranium Download are present. Some new Fakemons are added about 150 new characters are present in the Pokedex of Pokemon Uranium download for windows. You can also try Pokemon Leaf Green  OR Pokemon Colosseum Download

Pokemon Uranium Rom File Information:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Uranium
  • Platform: Windows
  • Series: Pokemon
  • For Platforms: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: v1.2.5 Latest

Pokemon Uranium v1.2.5 ROM Download Free Walkthrough:

One of the best role-playing a video game of Pokemon game series is Pokemon uranium latest version. In the game, you have to play the character of main role-playing model. The area assigned in the game is different from any Pokemon game.  The region name is Tandor Region, which is based in the area where lot’s of pokemons are present to be caught.

The game starts as the main character is living with his aunt, as his Dad has left him after the nuclear explosion happened in the area. As we know that the nuclear explosion is the main event which was happened in the tandor region in the past. The main character has lost his mother in the explosion.

Pokemon Uranium Rom download free

This is a really amazing feature that you have to catch about 190 Plus Pokemon, which is obviously a big task to complete. While searching and hunting pokemon you can use a different type of devices and Pokemon help. Whenever you start the game, there are some instructions given to you. The instruction contains all the secret and open steps that you have to complete for completing the missions.

Going to Gym:

While traveling through different areas in Tandor Region, you have to keep in mind that you have to collect some gym badges as well. Because not collecting enough Gym badges will lead the game into defeat mode. Also, there are different modes in the game which can be played while you play the different missions like in Pokemon Stadium ROM.

Visiting the Gym places in which is situated in different places in the Tandor region, is one of the necessary task to complete. While visiting the Gyms you have to collect the Gym badges in the area. You have to collect about 8 Gym Badges in the specific area.

Defeating the Pokemon League:

While Collecting about 8 Gym badges in the Gym, you are good to go and defeat the Pokemon League. Remember that there are different new characters and pokemon present in the Pokemon League. You have to defeat all of them in order to become the Pokemon Champion. Pokemon League is one of the most important league of the region of Tandor. Not only for Pokemon Trainers, but also to all people from different cities and regions that want to come and see the incredible battles between trainers from other regions.

Pokemon Uranium download

It gathers almost every day at noon Rock Convoy stadium. They leave in convoy trucks and buses. Sometimes arrive early so we can spend a good time with your friends before the show begins. When finally it started, we can enjoy several hours of battle in each session. And throughout the day we will find different entertainments like: round table discussions with famous professors and scientists of pokemon, interviews with candidates for the next champion of each league, or even a visit to the museum where you can learn more about pokemon.

The show is divided into three parts:

Each trainer will fight with his/her partner against another couple. The contestants will be presented in pairs and will alternate by generations then sets.  This means that first all previous generation trainers will face off against one another followed by all from current generation and finally future generation trainers, example: (1st Gen vs 1st Gen, 2nd Gen vs 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen vs 3rd gen) After each pair has been matched up together, there’s an announcer who goes on stage to speak briefly before the match begins.  The winner advances to next round and loser is out of competition. This process will continue until there are only 3 trainers left in tournament.

This segment will include 16 battles, 4 in each generation, Trainer Challenge Round . Then the winners move into another stage called: Semi-Finals (endless).

Dewford Town:

A small city near ocean on southern region of Tandor. It is surrounded by rugged hills, mountains and steep cliffs. During summer sea waves hit the beach water is freezing cold even could kill a person. The city is the biggest place for surfing in the region, also there are many free pokemon to catch on those beach areas. In front of city there’s a lighthouse which helps ships that travels nearby sea routes.

Dewford Library:

It’s one of most important libraries on Tandor because the books there were written by brilliant young minds . It offers several nice services like: “Poke-mag” section where magazines about Pokemon are displayed and sold . Also you can reserve books you wish to read but need to return before 4 days pass so you can take another book from library . There’s a magazine type called: Pokedex , that has info about new updates, and images of new creatures found during their research.

Graphics and Battle System:

The Graphics in the pokemon uranium download rom is really amazing and attractive. So far we have seen the basic graphics elements which are no more there in the game. Now you will experience the new 3D elements in the pokemon uranium pokedex.

The UI and menu system is improved a lot from any previous version of Pokemon game. Now you will have a better version of help, support also the browsing throughout the game. The Slider is fixed now, as this was a minor bug in the game. If you face any bug in the game you can simply report us.

While playing the uranium version pokemon game, the battle is one of the main parts to play and compete with your enemies. Remember that your enemies are always ready to fight with you. As you are the main and leading character in the area. Also, you have to find the reason behind different events like the nuclear explosion happened in the past. What was the reason behind that? Who did this?

Pokemon Uranium Game Reception:

After the release of the game in the pokemon game industry, there was a big craze in the game market. Some bugs in the start were mentioned and were fixed soon. It has also received so many awards in the Pokemon Game market. It is the best ever pokemon rom hack for Microsoft Windows Version.

uranium pokemon download

How to Download Pokemon Uranium ROM PC For Free:

For downloading the game, please click on the Download Link given below. You will be redirect to the safe Page of this Website. After clicking the download link there you will be given the full working link of the game. Enjoy the game by playing it. If you have any problem in downloading the game, please feel free to contact us.

Amazing Features of Pokemon Uranium Download ROM:

  • The Graphics and UI are amazing.
  • Several Bugs fixed.
  • New Menu System.
  • New Tandor Region.
  • Catch up to 190 Pokemon in the area.
  • Tandor Map is present in a new shape.
  • Moki Town is present.
  • Cinematic Sequence in the Moki Town.
  • Pokemon Trainer Test.
  • Kevlar Region is present in the uranium pokedex.
  • Passage cave in the Map.
  • Nowtoch City is the beautiful place to visit.
  • Burole Town has several missions.
  • Comet Cave is also present on the Map.
  • Rochfale Town is sleepy place to visit.
  • Bealbeach City and Rochfale Tunnel is located in the area.
  • Vinoville town is green in the region.

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