Pokemon Battle Revolution Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Battle Revolution is one of the most played Wii game which is developed by Genius Sonority and Published by Nintendo. Pokemon Battle Revolution download from Pokemonlog.com from 100% working download link given at the end of this review. The Gameplay of the game is enhanced from all the previous versions, having a different storyline which will certainly inspire you to play the game. The interesting thing in Pokemon Battle Revolution walkthrough is that it features all the eleven different colosseums in Poketopia.

Basic Info About Pokemon Battle Revolution Game Download:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Battle Revolution Version
  • Release Year: 2006
  • Developers: Genius Sonority
  • Publishers: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
  • Game Size: 1.16 GB

Snapshots of Pokemon Battle Revolution Game Wii:

pokemon battle revolution wii game download

pokemon battle revolution game free

pokemon battle revolution game downloadpokemon battle revolution game download


Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Battle Revolution Game Download:

One of the best Single player as well as multiplayer, turn-based fighting game will inspire you to play the game. Having a lot of new features in the Pokemon Characters as well as the lighting effects. Some of the effects are so classic that you will become a fan of this game. This is the first ever Genius Sonority game for Pokemon Series for the Wii Devices.

You will be amazed to see the different kinds of colosseums are available in the game to experience. About a survey by over Gamer Developers and Artist, there are about 11 different colosseums available in the game for demonstration purposes. The Colosseums Leaders are playing the lead roles in the gameplay to complete some tough missions ahead in the game.

About the Crystal Colosseum:

If we took the Crystal Colosseum, it can hold up to 16 people single elimination tournament mode. It means that in a team there can be 16 person possibility to play the tournament’s fixtures. Certain other tournaments features and updates are included in the game for enhancing the gameplay more than ever. Also, download Pokemon Sweet Version OR Dark Cry Pokemon Game 

About the Gateway Colosseum:

Talking about the Gateway Colosseum, this is one of the interesting features of the Pokemon Battle Revolution game. With the capability of only allowing the rental pass holders. If your character has the rental pass, then you can easily get access there. Also, try Pokemon Ranger NDS

About the Neon Colosseum:

In the Neon Colosseum, you can only choose the main character and the opponent character to play different fights and fixtures. For doing the battling between different members then you can choose your main character as well the opponent character who is ready for a big fight.


It is the most interesting feature of the Pokemon Battle Revolution download game. You can earn Poke-Coupon, which is the currency in the game. The more coupons you have the richer you will be. You can spend these coupons on buying different kinds of stuff like customizing your main character and items for appearance purposes.

About the Battle System and Graphics:

Talking about the battle section of the game, you will see some amazing 3D and 2D effects. The enemies are ready to fight with you having a different kind of explosive tools and weapons. Also, the battle features are updated with the addition of some new items and tools.

The Graphics of the game are really handy and cool. Like the background effects and lighting effects are really awesome to watch and experience.  The environment of the game is changing now, with the addition of some new graphical elements and items.

Some Best features of Pokemon Battle Revolution game:

  • Neon Colosseum
  • PokeCoupons are present.
  • PokeCoupons is the currency.
  • Crystal Colosseum and Gateway Colosseum.
  • Enhance battle revolution.
  • Different customization styles are present.
  • Single player as well multiplayer fighting game.
  • Pokemon attacks are diverse.
  • Two Online modes.
  • Exchange trainer passes.

Download Pokemon Battle Revolution Game For Free:

Download Here

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