Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Game Download is one of the best hacks of Pokemon Fire Red Version which is being created by the DarkRiningGirl. Several new things and Pokemon characters have to explore in the new area of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version Download Free. The Storyline of the game makes it more interesting to play the game until the last stage. You are playing the game as the main role in the Dark Rising 2 Pokemon Game as main Pokemon Trainer and Adventurer. You can find info about the basics of this game below.

Basic Info About Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version GBA Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Dark Rising 2
  • Creator: DarkRisingGirl
  • Available in Langauge: English
  • A remake of Fire Red Version

Snapshots of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version GBA Gameplay:

pokemon dark rising 2 rom gameplay

pokemon dark rising 2 rom free download

pokemon dark rising 2 fight gameplay

pokemon dark rising 2 download game

Gameplay and Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Free Download:

Perhaps you may have already played the Pokemon Dark Rising game which was one of the amazing hit game. Having an interesting storyline made the game more attractive and awesome to play. Get the Latest version of Dark Rising Game which is now 2 in the series. As you know that the main player is playing the role of the main trainer who has to train different pokemon characters in the game.  Several new elements and characters are being added in the game which makes it more complex and interesting to play. You can get Pokemon Insurgence Game  OR Fusion Generation Game RPG.

As the main player responsibility is to make the pokemon characters more trained from the previous version.  The player has been a wake up from a sudden dream in his local house. The main thing to notice is that the player is living in the Core region of the town. In the dream, you have seen that a certain type of Dark Force is coming on the way in the name of Darguis. You the main player have to do some adventure in the region which can be really iconic. By finding the different reason behind the Dark Force.

About the Region:

The region has been assigned in the Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version Free GBA is completely new. Discover several elements in the game which are quite unique and were not available in the region before like in Pokemon Dark Rising ROM.  There are about 12 new Gym leaders who are ready for your help. Some of the gym leaders will be against you and will give you some challenging tasks. Being an Adventurer in the region, you have to discover several new elements and shapes. New Creature which are now part of the new Dark Rising game version.

Mission assigned:

As you are the main player and you already know that a certain type of creature is behind you and your region as well. Being a trainer you have to visit the Professor Lab as well your friend house in order to go out for the mission. The main mission is to find the reason behind the Dark Force coming name as Dargis. As these dark force can make your region more destroy than the other forces.

On the way of the mission, you will find some people, some of them will be your enemies while some of them will become the Rivals and Even good friends. They are ready to go out with you for your mission to find and kill the Force coming onto the region.

List of Some Amazing features available in the Pokemon Dark Rising 2 game Download:

  • Having 12 Gym leaders.
  • Excellent graphics and layout.
  • A New music system.
  • Dragon-type Pokemon are part of the game.
  • Pokemon from Gen 1 to 6 are available.
  • Having an Interesting and thrilling storyline.
  • Being an Adventurer and Trainer.
  • Some Rivals and Enemies are everywhere.

Download Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Game For Free Now:

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