Pokemon Nova ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Nova Version is one of the latest edition of pokemon rom hack for all the RPGXP Game Lovers since there are various kind of features which makes the game a hit for the RPG XP Platform. Pokemon Nova Download version can be downloaded from our site as we provide the working download links and we update the links as well.

The main player have a trainer role and you have to catch a different kind of Pokemon characters in the area. After catching them you have to trained them on time, so lot’s of features are available for you to explore. Graphics and motions are awesome and looks awesome than other pokemon rom hacks. Let’s dive into the detail section where we will deeply discuss about the storyline of the game which is inspired from the previous pokemon rom hacks.

Full Game File Info:

  • Name: Pokemon Nova Version
  • Platform: RPG XP
  • Create by: Charizardthree
  • Area: Mahalo Region

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon nova download

player is in the town
in the city center
start your jouney
player moves in nova region

Complete Walkthrough and Overview of Pokemon Nova Download Version:

Talking about the storyline, which can be challenging for you because this game has several kind of challenging tasks. Complete them on time, in order to make sure that you have some good HP Points. As the player moves to the new region which named as Mahalo Region, you will soon discover some amazing kind of events and pokemon characters available in this area. As these pokemon characters are imported from other hacks. Soon in the game, you will experience that some characters are deployed because of their no usage. Upon arival the player meets of the lab assistants who invites you to the lab. In the lab you discover some amazing kind of mysterious things and you will also be aware of the old stories.

The game starts with the travelling part of the main player, as you are the leading role in the game. Professor directs you to travel and catch some different kind of pokemon in the area like in Pokemon Thunder Emblem ROM. Being a trainer in the area, it all depends upon that how good you are going to train them. As good as you train them, you will see the effects during their usage. You can use them in different places and in different missions as well, missions may be challenging for these kind of characters. The time interval of the missions are also depending upon the missions complexity.

About the Area:

The area in the game is totally different which includes different towns and tress. You can walk and jump from the buildings which is one of the new features in the game. Similarly, talk with every gym leaders, so you can judge them correctly before moving in the battlefield with them. Challenging gym leaders also needs courage, because after challenging you will have to defeat them and show your power as well. After that Testing their battling skills against the 8 Gym Leaders of the region to one day challenge the Mahalo Elite 4. Elite 4 is one of the famous league which can be completed once you have some good numbers of pokemon characters. Also, try Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians Download ROM

Traveling in the Game:

Once you starts the traveling, you will soon meet different types of characters, some of them will be your friends and some of them are foes as well. They will challenge you for several kind of battles and events as well. After defeating the Elite 4 members you will have some good amount of experience and courage as well. “In true Pokemon fashion, be the kid who may have to save the world from an evil team”. That’s the only quote from the developers of this game. Now it all depends upon you how you manage to battle and challenge someone. As the Professor will always be with you, get some suggestion from him how to judge your enemies and friends as well. Some new kind of movesets are also available which can be used during the traveling.

List of Some Amazing kind of Features in Pokemon Nova Download Version:

  • New Regions and characters.
  • Pokemon from Generations 1 to 6.
  • There are 8 Gym Leaders and Elite 4.
  • Evil team is also present.
  • No HMs and TMs
  • Mega Evolutions.
  • Moves and movesets are new.
  • Different kind of routes.
  • Graphics of the game is extraordinary.

Download Pokemon Nova ROM For Free:

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