Pokemon Arcoiris Download GBA ROM (Working 100%)

Pokemon Arcoiris Game is a Spanish Rom hack which is made by Numus and Ra by using the Pokemon Ruby Game Engine. One of the coolest GBA Pokemon ROM hack which has numerous new features which makes it more unique from other games. Download Pokemon Arcoiris GBA Game for free from Pokemonlog, experience the best gameplay of adventures and strategy.

The main character has numerous pending missions to complete on time before it is too late to be out of the game. New Pokemon and battle strategies are part of the game in which all the opponents have some extra quality powers and much more. This is a gift for all the Spanish people who are waiting for a best GBA Pokemon game to release and finally it is available to download. Let’s move on and find what are some of the craziest features available in the game so far, remember that the game is not yet completed.

Complete File Info:

  • Game File Name: Pokemon Arcoiris Version
  • Language: Spanish
  • Platform: GBA
  • Size: Not more than 5 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

player in the main area near the pokecenter main screen display rugido and hirdo pulso main screen

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Arcoiris Game GBA Download:

Are you a Spanish speaker and looking for a best GBA Based Pokemon game in which there are more than enough adventures. Then, you are at the right place to select and download the Arcoiris game for free. In this game, the main lead role has so much pending missions and tasks which should be completed in the limited amount of time. Pokemon Ruby is the main base game on which the whole gameplay and storyline is set. Actually, the storyline is completely different from the older versions, but there are some similarities in the gameplay of this game. Some really interesting gyms and gyms leaders are present in the area which makes the gameplay more difficult this time because they will challenge you at different spots. Stay tuned for awesome adventures in the area as the Professor will contact you soon.

Professor is present in the local area and first, you have to contact him while meeting at his lab. After going there you will realize that there are 3 starters to select from. Selecting the starter pokemon is one of the crucial steps of the game which includes, selecting the best abilities pokemon and the pokemon which will for sure help in your different places. All of your rivals will select the pokemon, but they don’t need any kind of advice, so they don’t have to meet with the professor. For making sure that you succeed in each and every mission, you have to keep one thing in mind that it can be possible only if you take suggestions from the professor. Professor will for sure help you as you are the newbie here.

New Characters:

There are more than 200 new pokemon characters are present in the area which makes the game complex a little bit because all of them have their own abilities and duties. Remember that you have to catch different kinds of pokemon from the bushes as well from the jungles like in Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed. Jungles contain most of the wild pokemon, and catching wild pokemon need some special skills, so make sure that you have access to the special access.

All the rivals have access to their starter pokemon in the area, and they can challenge you at any time. You need to make sure that you have enough power and abilities that you can defeat all of your opponents easily by training all the starters and pokemon that you have in the pokedex. The pokedex of the game is not completed yet, and you have to complete them on time while traveling here and there in the region which is allocated to you.

Gameplay experience:

The overall gameplay experience is made a lot better than any previous pokemon ruby hack. There are different kinds of gameplay scenes like Gameplay 2 and 3. All of these can be accessed from the main menu. Some nice collections of graphics are part of the game which makes the overall look more different from any other game in the industry. Each and everything has their own graphics and display and for sure they are totally different from the previous look. You can also try out Pokemon Jeff ROM

Meet two of the world’s most powerful Pokemons Mew and Mewtwo. You have to make sure that you catch both of these two. They are the most unique characters among the available 200 types and kinds of pokemon in the game. The mew character has its own abilities while the mewtwo is far ahead from the mew character.

List of Some Craziest Features in Pokemon Arcoiris Game GBA Zip Download:

  • New area and characters.
  • The map is updated.
  • Graphics are extraordinary.
  • Level system is introduced.
  • Available in Spanish.
  • The strategic battle system with the opponents.
  • The gameplay experience is enhanced a lot.
  • Meet two of the world’s most powerful Pokemons Mew and Mewtwo.
  • Nice collections of musics.

Download Pokemon Arcoiris GBA ROM For Free:

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