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Pokemon Godra is one of the fan-made Pokemon ROM Hack which has many new features and characters that will inspire you to play and download the game. The Developers of this game made it available for the PC version as well, as there was a high demand for PC Version. Pokemon Godra Download Version is an RPG Based game in which the main character has to switch-in different places and have to discover some hidden areas as well. Most of the game lovers are constantly demanding for a Pokemon Game which is entirely built upon the personality development. Certain new Pokemon are available for you to play and choose them as your starter Pokemon. Let’s dive in and explore whats special features are available in the game.

Full File info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Godra
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Indie and Adventure
  • Release Date: 2015

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

rocket game corner in pokemon godra pokemon lottery corner in godra game coin case problem

Pokemon Godra Walkthrough and Complete Overview:

All you need to know about Pokemon Godra Version is that it is a famous Indie game which have some amazing kind of functions which makes the game more interesting and unique from other Pokemon Fan Games. This is a truely fangame which entirely focuses upon the personality development of the main character. As you are the main leading role in the area and you are going to experience some new power abilities as well in the areas. Move on to different places in this area and you will soon realize that there are some mysterious things happening around with this area. All you have to do is to discover these secrets.

As a Pokemon Trainer, your dream is to become a good quality master trainer, then you have to complete some challenges in your life as well. Be careful with your decisions as you know all of your enemies and rival teams are present in this area. The rival teams may be sometime more powerful than you as well. Perhaps you are aware that other supporters who have created some pokemon fan games as well. Then you will like to prefer to create their particular fan-made types of the activities if you should be a lover of the Pokemon video games.

In the game you can customize almost every pokemon character that you wish to customize. These customization may be different from the other versions of pokemon games series. Make sure that you are using some really amazing kind of skills and powers while customizing them on its way. The Pokedex in the game is also updated with the addition of some new pokemon characters in it. Many new adventures are also pending for you to be completed because they may contains some new areas discovery as well.

About the Graphics and Battle System:

When the game was released and its first beta version the graphics were not that much mature. Now if you download this complete version you will soon came to know the amazing kind of graphics in the game. Many new 3D elements has been introduced in the game which makes the environment of the game more unique.  If you ever want to experience the battle system which I am sure you will do, you will soon experience the new kind of battle system having amazing kind of graphics in it.

Many new enemies teams are present in the area where you are currently located. They are constantly checking up you for your powers and they will soon be challenging you for some new kind of battles. You can also try Pokemon Light Platinum DS Version

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Godra Download Free Version PC:


  • Having a new storyline.
  • New Graphics and animations.
  • The battles are enhanced with some new enimations.
  • Pokeballs.
  • Some more pokemon included in the pokedex.
  • Amazing kind of new maps.
  • Soundtracks and music system is awesome.
  • Discover your enemies.
  • Available for PC.

Download Pokemon Godra Version for PC Free:

Download Here

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