Pokemon Godra Game Download (v2.0 Fixed)

Pokemon Godra is one of the fan-made Pokemon ROM Hack which has many new features and characters that will inspire you to play and download the game. The Developers of this game made it available for the PC version as well, as there was a high demand for PC Version. Pokemon Godra Download Version is an RPG Based game in which the main character has to switch-in different places and have to discover some hidden areas as well. Most of the game lovers are constantly demanding for a Pokemon Game which is entirely built upon the personality development. Certain new Pokemon are available for you to play and choose them as your starter Pokemon. Let’s dive in and explore whats special features are available in the game.

Full Game File info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Godra
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Indie and Adventure
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Size: 691 MB

Pokemon Godra Walkthrough and Complete Overview:

All you need to know about Pokemon Godra Version is that it is a famous Indie game which have some amazing kind of functions which makes the game more interesting and unique from other Pokemon Fan Games. Move on to different places in this area and you will soon realize that there are some mysterious things happening around with this area. All you have to do is to discover these secrets.

As a Pokemon Trainer, your dream is to become a good quality master trainer, then you have to complete some challenges in your life as well. Be careful with your decisions as you know all of your enemies and rival teams are present in this area. The rival teams may be sometime more powerful than you as well. Perhaps you are aware that other supporters who have created some pokemon fan games as well. Then you will like to prefer to create their particular fan-made types of the activities if you should be a lover of the Pokemon video games.

In the game you can customize almost every pokemon character that you wish to customize. These customization may be different from the other versions of pokemon games series. Make sure that you are using some really amazing kind of skills and powers while customizing them on its way. Many new adventures are also pending for you to be completed because they may contains some new areas discovery as well.

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New Graphic Design Style:

This style is characterized by an increased use of gradients and light effects, as well as more vibrant colors. His body is composed of radiant gold and silver gradients, and his eyes are surrounded by a bright blue glow. The overall effect is one of majesty and power, which perfectly suits the legendary pokemon’s character. Other elements of this new design style can be seen in various fan-made works, such as videos, fanart, and even cosplays.

This new style is characterized by heavy use of gradients and simple shapes, with a focus on color and vibrancy. While some may consider it to be juvenile or simplistic, many players find it to be refreshing and eye-catching. One of the most prominent examples of this new style is the character designs for the starter Pokemon. These designs are simple but eye-catching, and they really pop against the static backgrounds of the game. Another example of this trend can be seen in the menus and battle interfaces.

Mega Tower without Fly or Teleport:

It is a Pokemon world that contains Pokemon from all generations. Pokemon you’ve never seen before will also appear in the game. Pokemon of height greater than 6’8″ will not be able to enter buildings, including Pokemon Centers and Gyms, as they are too big for the doors to open. Pokemon shops are also inaccessible to Pokemon that are too large. Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Marts will be accessible, but you’ll need to stand in front of the door (for Pokemon Center) or on top of a high counter (for Pokemon Mart), so keep this in mind when choosing your Pokemon team!

rocket game corner in pokemon godra

Distortion World without Fly or Teleport:

As we have mentioned before, Pokemon Godra contains Pokemon from Generation 1 – 6. Distortion World was introduced in Pokemon Platinum, which means that it can’t exist here unless you use certain cheat devices such as Gameshark. The current locations for the Distortion World in the game include Victory Road and Buried Relic. Even if you choose one of your Pokemon to become a Mega-Evolved Pokemon, it cannot enter Distortion World.

Over 100 Pokemon to find:

We’ve said this before as well, but Pokemon Godra is both Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green combined into one game! Each Pokemon has been hand-picked from the original games. Pokemon that have evolved from other Pokemon will still have the same moves they can learn in either Pokemon Fire or Leaf (as opposed to having those moved replaced by evolved form’s moves). There are a few new overworld sprites introduced in Pokemon God as well, which Pokemon fans will love!

Those Pokemon that have had their type changed from Generation 5 Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are as follows:

Old Type New Type

– Castform Normal/Flying

– Kecleon Normal/Psychic

– Bronzor Steel/Psychic

As you can see, there have been quite a lot of changes made to the Pokemon in Pokemon Godra. Both of these Pokemon types were introduced after Generation 2, so it’s very likely that they will be encountering Pokemon that come from later generations than them. These Pokemon changes are not permanent; the current moves on these Pokemon remain the same as well. The developers may add new moves for these Pokemon at a later date.

Lugia is the Pokemon that we released a screenshot of on April 1st, 2013. It can be found in Pokemon Island. Pokemon Island will only be available to players who have completed Pokemon Godra’s main storyline and received the Master Ball from Professor Oak. When you enter Pokemon Island, Lugia will appear out of nowhere and challenge you to a battle!

The Pokemon lineup for Pokemon Godra has been changed slightly since our last announcement:

Old Pokemon New Pokemon

– Weedle Beedrill

– Seel Dewgong

– Tauros Raikou/Entei/Suicune (random)

As you can see, all of the new additions are Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. This doesn’t mean that Pokemon such as Eevee, Charmander, and Squirtle will not appear in Pokemon Godra. Pokemon Godra is meant to immerse players into a Pokemon world containing Pokemon from all generations, so it’s likely that you will be able to catch Pokemon from earlier generations if they are not obtained via specific means.

pokemon lottery corner in godra game

Animations and Graphics:

Animations of the game Pokemon Godra are very well done with Pokemon doing various things. There is a Pokemon following you around and when it wants to evolve, its sprite switches to Pokemon’s evolution form. Pokemon Sprites are changed every few days or so when the Pokemon Godra team updates the game with new features, Pokemon sprites are also edited from time to time due to shadow glitches in Pokemon Godra.

Pokemon Godra has many features added in each update as stated above, all of them have been explained in detail further down this article but the main feature being that of playing online battles against other players or NPCs on your server for money which can be spent on buying items and Pokemon in an online shop. Other features include an island challenge, a PVP arena and a Pokemon mart where you can buy Pokemon for your party.

Battle Adventure:

Pokemon that you have caught in the battle adventure can be used as party members when you enter random encounters or other players online but not for other trainers from Pokemon Godra . This feature was also previously known as arena mode where it allowed to fight Pokemon from other people who were on your server using your own Pokemon only, however this meant that people could get free Pokemons without even having encountered them before via trading. Pokemon that you win are deemed as claimed Pokemons and cannot be used in Battle Adventures unless they are traded over WiFi or local wireless.

This feature is currently not yet released but when it will be; Pokemon Godra players will be able to create their own gym and set up rules for challengers. Gym Leaders can also challenge one another’s gyms with Pokemon of their choice if there are available slots on either side (5 slots per gym).

About the Graphics and Battle System:

When the game was released and its first beta version the graphics were not that much mature. Now if you download this complete version you will soon came to know the amazing kind of graphics in the game. Many new 3D elements has been introduced in the game which makes the environment of the game more unique.  If you ever want to experience the battle system which I am sure you will do, you will soon experience the new kind of battle system having amazing kind of graphics in it.

Many new enemies teams are present in the area where you are currently located. They are constantly checking up you for your powers and they will soon be challenging you for some new kind of battles. You can also try Pokemon Light Platinum DS Version

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Godra Free Version PC:

  • Having a new storyline.
  • New Graphics and animations.
  • The battles are enhanced with some new enimations.
  • Pokeballs.
  • Some more pokemon included in the pokedex.
  • Amazing kind of new maps.
  • Soundtracks and music system is awesome.
  • Discover your enemies.
  • Available for PC.

Download Pokemon Godra Version for PC Free:

Download Here

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