Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Download (Updated)

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition are one of the newest edition of the game name as Emerald. As the game name itself replicates that this is an advanced form of the Emerald Game which is a super hit in all of the pokemon games. Certain new types of characters and Pokemon are part of the game as well the new storyline will make you more exciting to play the game. As this is in completed status format, so you don’t need to worry at all about the game completion and its update. You have the opportunity to play the game in its full features and updates and complete all the pending missions. With that being said, let’s move on to the next stage and discuss a little bit more about the game.

Basic Info about the Game:

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Game Download:

Perhaps you might have played the main games of this version, by the main game I mean the Emerald, Pokemon X ROM and Y ROMs. If yes, then you are lucky, because you are going to test and experience the full features of all these three games as well as some amazing kind of new features that will make your gameplay experience a lot different from other games that you have played. The new cast and crew in the game is awesome and you will notice some changes in the pokedex of the game as well. As you know that sometimes the pokedex is not in the completed status and you have to complete it at any way.

The main player has to reside in the current area and find some different kind of pokemon which may be really challenging for you. Because some of the old pokemons are really rare and wild in the behaviour. As the main trainer, you have to learn the skills of learning that how to train specific pokemon in shorter period of time and then you have to implement it. Implementation phase may vary from time to time and according to the situations. Many rival teams are present in this area and you have to keep in mind that these rivals are always ready for certain challenges. You have to make yourself so stronger and skillful so that you can fight and make challenges with them. Also, try Pokemon Grape Free Download (v1.5 Latest)

The Mega Evolutions in the game are being edited and present in different formats. You will notice that every single pokemon have the mega evolutions which can change all of you game mode. Amazingly, these evolutions are different than the older ones. If you are a fan of legendary pokemon you will notice that all of the legendary pokemon are present from Gen 1 to 6. These are some of the special features in the game which makes this Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Download Version so much unique than the normal versions of Emerald.

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Achieve Mega Evolution:

This game features all 721 Pokemon, including the new Mythical Pokemon Diancie. Mega Evolution can be achieved through the use of Mega Stones. To get a Mega Stone, you must first defeat the Elite Four and become the Champion. After becoming Champion, you will receive a message from Professor Sycamore. He will ask you to come meet him at his lab in Lumiose City. When you meet him, he will give you a Key Stone. The Key Stone can be used to mega evolve any Pokemon that has a mega evolution form.

In the world of Pokemon, Mega Evolution is a powerful tool that can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor. With the release of Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y, Trainers now have the ability to achieve Mega Evolution in the comfort of their own home. This guide will teach you how to Mega Evolve your Pokemon and give you an edge in battle. First, you will need to obtain a Mega Stone for your chosen Pokemon. To do this, you will need to defeat the Elite Four and Champion at the end of the game. Once you have done this, travel to Kiloude City and speak to Professor Sycamore. He will give you a Mega Ring, which will allow you to use Mega Stones. Next, select a Pokemon that can achieve Mega Evolution and equip it with a Mega Stone.

About the Sound/Music System:

One of the special thing in this game is the music, huh! If you are thinking of old class music then you are probably wrong and you must have to note that the Music is entirely fresh and unique. New sort of music formats which makes the player feels fresh and energized.  One special feature is that the music changes according to the events and weather as well. If you are playing the game in day mode you will notice that the music is different from the one which is played at the night or evening time. Similarly, it also changes according to the weather conditions, like you will feel and listen to different type of music in the snow while it will be different in the rain mode. 

This time, the soundtrack is more orchestrated and intense, providing an updated feel to the classic tunes. The sound system itself has also been improved. Now, different sounds can be heard when Pokemon move around in the environment and when they battle. For example, you will be able to hear the crunch of grass as a Grotle moves through it or the hiss of water as a Gyarados swims by. The Sound/Music System is much better than the original games. You can now listen to the music while you’re walking around, which makes the game feel more immersive. The sound effects have also been improved, making it easier to determine when you’re being attacked from behind. Get also Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Download

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New Events and Pokemons:

The Events of the game are I think 40% new, as there are some events which have been replicated from the older version such as some from X and some from Y roms. But if you remember the Events of Pokemon X ROM were also awesome and more enjoyable. The new mechanics has been introduced in the game. Also, there are some special features and things which can be accessible in these events. These are more awesome kind of changes in the events happened so far in my life. Also check Pokemon Liquid Crystal  ROM OR Pokemon Advanced Adventure Rom

Also, some new pokemons are part of the pokedex which hopefully makes the game more perfect and in completed format to play it. Some nice kind of wild and water type pokemon are part of the pokedex as well. As some of the places are still empty for them to be completed.

Battle System:

A new spin on the classic battle system in Pokemon games is introduced in Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y. The player has the ability to battle other trainers in the game using Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is a temporary form that a pokemon can take during battle, which increases its stats and allows it to use a powerful move. This new feature adds an extra layer of strategy to battles and makes them more exciting. In the game, there are four different battle styles that can be used in which are Single, Double, Triple, and Rotation. In Single Battles, trainers use one Pokémon at a time and the opponent uses one as well. Double Battles are fought with two Pokémon each on the battlefield at the same time. Triple Battles have three Pokémon on the field with each Trainer using one Pokémon at a time. Finally, in Rotation Battles, each Trainer uses three Pokémon; however, only one Pokémon is actively battling at any given time while the other two rest on the sidelines. The order of switching rotates after every turn.

The battle system in it is based on the one used in the original games, Ruby and Sapphire. However, it has been enhanced with new features. One of these is the ability to see how many PP each of your moves has left, as well as the amount of damage they will do. This makes it much easier to plan your battles. Another addition is the ability to chain attacks together. This means that you can keep attacking an opponent even after they have fainted, until all of your moves have been used up.

Tilesets and Movesets:

The new games come with a lot of updated features, including tilesets and movesets. The tilesets in Mega Emerald X and Y are much more detailed than in any previous game. This makes for a much more immersive experience when playing the game. The movesets have also been updated in Mega Emerald X and Y. Each Pokémon now has its own unique set of moves, making for a more varied and strategic battle experience. This update is sure to please fans of the Pokémon series who enjoy battling their friends and foes alike.

Tile-sets are the graphics that make up the levels in a Pokémon game. Mega Emerald X and Y have more tile-sets than any other game in the series. This gives players more variety when exploring Hoenn. The new tile-sets also look amazing! It also include new movesets for all 386 Pokémon. These movesets were specifically designed for Mega Emerald X and Y, so they won’t be found in any other game. They’ve been balanced to make the game more challenging and fun to play.

mege emerald x and y basic characters

Mega Evolution:

The mega evolution for Pokemon in Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y are now more common than before and it has also been made it so that the player can obtain mega stones in other ways other than in random battles like before. Unlike Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire which require you to have both the Pokemon and its hold item to mega evolve the Pokemon will no longer need their item since they can mega evolve without them with the use Mega Evolution Mode, which can be activated by pressing the R button. Pokemon who are currently in Mega Evolution Mode will also have their move set changed and a new ability when it is mega evolved, Pokemon with low happiness may not be able to mega evolve at all.

All Pokemon have received a visual update from Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer.

The player now has an option of choosing between Pokemon Mega Emerald X or Pokemon Mega Emerald Y before being taken into the game after the title screen depending on whether you choose this game or your Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire games saves more. The reason for this is because Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Y are set in different regions than Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire which takes place in Hoenn but the story remains unchanged no matter what Pokemon Mega Emerald X or Pokemon Mega Emerald Y you choose.

The Pokemon Center has been replaced by Pokemon Centers in Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Pokemon Mega Emerald Y, the Pokemon Center in Pokemon Mega Emerald X have a blue roof and is based off of Pokemon FireRed while Pokemon Centers in Pokemon Mega Emerald Y have a red roof and is based off of Pokemon LeafGreen. The move Cut has also been incorporated into both ORAS & PMEGAX/Y to allow players to be able to go through tall grass more easily like in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Download:

  • Nice Weather and Sound System.
  • Many Evolutions and Mega Evolutions.
  • Different kind of spritesets.
  • More new Pokemon.
  • All the legendary pokemon from Gen 1 to 6.
  • Having more than 2 regions.
  • New Tilesets and Movesets.
  • You will now have access to the birthplace.
  • Amazing maps and new gadgets.

Download Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y GBA Free Now:

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