Pokemon Naranja Game Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Naranja Version is one of the best hacks of Pokemon Ruby Verison which is created by Sergio and GraN. Lot’s of features and updates are part of the game which makes the game more complex. Download Naranja GBA English version for free from Pokemonlog.com which is the best site for downloading completed and pending roms. The area assigned in this game is completely new and have nice graphical elements. Name of the region is Orange Islands where you have to discover many internal regions. Many adventures are on the way to you to discover some real places.

Basic Info about Pokemon Naranja Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Naranja GBA
  • Creators: Sergio and GraN
  • Region: Orange Islands.

Snapshots of the gameplay:

pokemon naranja gameplay full

pokemon naranja game guide

pokemon naranja game full for pc

pokemon naranja download for android

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Naranja Download Version:

Perhaps you may have played the Ruby version which has many features, still, there are many new features in this game as well. One of the most awaiting pokemon game rom we have seen so far, which have lot’s of changes in the storyline as well in the Pokedex. You are playing the game as the main leader and have to do the adventures. Like you have to meet the Professor Oak who will guide you for further adventures and tasks.

Meeting with Brock, Tracey, Misty and Ash will make some sense in this version. Many meetings of anime series are also pending for you on your way. You are playing the game as the main trainer and you have to train different characters in the game. While discovering the different characters in the area, you have to come across different enemies.

Many trainers are still using the Shiny pokemons to battle with you. But you have to keep in mind that you are going to tackle them on time to completely defeat them. Many battles are on the way to face and complete as well. You can catch almost all type of pokemons. After catching them you have to train them for next fight like in Pokemon Thunder Yellow Game.

Battle and Catching of Pokemon:

In the Naranja Pokemon GBA version download, you will come across certain challenges to make them complete. Some of them are the battles which are coming on your way. As you are doing the adventures in the orange islands, you will face certain challenges from the rival teams as well from the enemies. Enemies are involved in the battle against you, keep in mind that they are stronger like you and have many shiny pokemons.

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You have to catch different kinds of pokemons, like the Wild-type. After catching of wild pokemons you will notice their behavior. You have to train them properly so that you can complete the pokedex on time. For Completing pokedex you have to catch different kinds of pokemon characters present in the area. So for this purpose, you have to travel hard from one place to another and meet with different characters to get some new type of pokemons.

Graphics and Sound:

One of the amazing things to notice is that you will enjoy the amazing graphics and new moves of the player main characters. Many new sounds are present and the whole sound system is updated. You will see some big environmental changes has been done in the latest version. Some new trees and graphical elements are part of the game.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Naranja Download Version GBA:

  • Having an interesting storyline.
  • A new type of characters and maps.
  • Discover new places and catch almost all types of pokemons.
  • TMs and HMs
  • Some trainers have shiny pokemons.
  • Many Legendaries are present.
  • Legendaries like Mew, Celebi, Lugia, and Mewtwo are present.
  • Meet with different characters.
  • English language support.
  • New Trees and plains.

Download Pokemon Naranja Game For Free Now:

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