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Pokemon Thunder Yellow is the most awaiting an awesome pokemon game which is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red Version. Several changes in the gameplay have been done as well in the Storyline of the game. Pokemon Thunder Yellow Download Zip from our website which has the completed and latest version. This is a successful remake by Feather who have to make the storyline in a way which is completely faithful to the Pokemon Yellow.

It will be a remake of the original Pokémon Yellow game, which was released for the Game Boy in 1998. The new game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and will include updated graphics and gameplay. It is a hack of the original Pokemon Yellow game that was released in 1998 for the Gameboy. The game was created by a fan of the series who goes by the name “Nitsuja”. The hack changes the color palette of the original game to give it a more “thunderous” feel, as well as adding new features and enhancements to the game.

Basic Info about Pokemon Thunder Yellow Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Thunder Yellow
  • Creator: Feather
  • A remake of Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Thunder Version Yellow ROM Complete Walkthrough:

Perhaps you may have played the Pokemon Yellow ROM which was one of the awesome and most trending games in the market. This game has the same storyline as the yellow version. Because in this game the main character is doing the kind of adventures in the area. These adventures may be of many types, some of them include the searching of different Pokemon characters while some of them are just from the random environment.

The player has the GB player which is a music player for Gameboy. While moving in the area for different characters and missions you will notice that the Pikachu is constantly following you. Huh! Great,  this is quite an awesome feature of the game in which the Pikachu is following you on the whole way. There are many things just modeled and imported from the Pokemon yellow version, as it is one of the remakes.

Several new battle and moves elements are just imported and re-modeled from the Yellow version. Although they look really awesome, now you will feel new and fresh. Like the Sprites which are present in the area which is assigned to you and you are currently living. Other than that you will see the bunch of new elements which are unique in this game.

pokemon thunder yellow

The first generation of Pokémon games was the video game series’ most important and still one of its best to date. Among the games making up the first generation of the video game series included Pokémon Red, Blue, and most notably Yellow. Nintendo kicked up a flare of nostalgia among pokefans when it released new versions of all the first generation Pokémon games, leaving players with no choice but to revisit their Pokémon classics. Pokémon Yellow particularly brings back the fun of the now simple Pokémon video games. It combines the classic feel of the first two classics while also adding new concepts that boost the fun and action.

Battle System:

Pokemon Thunder Yellow offers a unique and exciting battle system that is sure to please fans of the series. The battle system is turn-based, meaning that players take turns attacking and defending. There are three different types of attacks: normal, special, and physical. Normal attacks are weaker but more accurate, special attacks are stronger but less accurate, and physical attacks are the strongest and most accurate. Players can also use items in battle to help them defeat their opponent. There are many different items available, each with its own unique effect. For example, the potion restores HP while the paralysis cure cures paralysis. The battle system is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

One is that you can now see the health of your opponent’s Pokemon. This was not possible in earlier versions of the game. Another change is that you can now choose which move to use, rather than being restricted to the moves your Pokemon knows. This can be helpful if you have a Pokemon with a powerful move but it does not know many other moves. This is done by making the battling mechanics more fluid and adding new features to the game. One of the most notable changes in the battle system is how Mega Evolutions are handled. When Mega Evolving, your Pokemon will have a new type, stats, and abilities. This makes the battle even more intense as you must account for these changes when fighting your opponent.

In addition to Mega Evolution, there are also Z-Moves that can be used in battle. These moves are incredibly powerful and can turn the tide of a battle in an instant. They can only be used once per match, but they are well worth it when used correctly. Updating and remodeling different elements in the game is the core part of the game. Now you will see and experience the complete battle system changed from the previous version. New effects are now part of the basic battle which is happening between two or more characters. You can go for Pokemon Mega Moemon Game  OR Download Pokemon Metal Game

Things Re-Modeled:

One of the special and noticeable facts about this game is that most of the materials and things are re-model versions. Like the Sprites and Tiles has been changed from the previous yellow version to the new and different style. There are some new sprites present for the trainers as well as for the gym leaders in the area.  One more thing to notice is that the coaches and wild pokemon are now changing in the latest version. Download Reborn Game

pokemon thunder yellow game review

Graphics and other Features:

Many changes in the graphics section of the game have been done. Like change background, environment and styles of the characters are some of the noticeable things to notice in the most recent version. Also, not that the game is anti-Jessie and anti-James, also have a proper system for Pikachu happiness etc. Music and Background effects of the game is so awesome and interesting that you will be the fan of this thunder yellow pokemon game.

The graphics in Pokemon Thunder Yellow are very good. The colors are bright and the backgrounds are detailed. The characters look like they do in the anime, and the battle scenes are very well done. Overall, the graphics in this game are excellent and really add to the overall experience. Graphics play a big role in video games. They can make or break the experience. This is especially true for older games that rely on graphics to convey the story and environment. Thankfully, the graphics in Pokemon Thunder Yellow are excellent. The characters are well-drawn and expressive, and the environments are colorful and varied. Even small details, like the way water droplets form on a character’s skin on a rainy day, are well executed.

One more thing to note that you can get the Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur as you starter pokemons. Getting any of them will be your good luck to move forward in the game and do the research work. Graphics have come a long way since the first Pokemon game was released for the Gameboy. With each new installment, the graphics become more and more realistic. For example, in Pokemon Thunder Yellow, you can see every individual hair on Pikachu’s fur. The colors are also much more vibrant than in older games. This attention to detail is what makes the Pokemon games so immersive and enjoyable to play.

Multiplayer capability:

Back in the days, two players had to connect by a cable to play against each other or trade. This, coupled with the poor quality of connectivity back then, made Pokémon classics largely single-player games. However, Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition could not have come at a better time.

Perhaps the best thing about the new version of the Pokémon Thunder Super Yellow is that players can connect wirelessly. This has opened up numerous new opportunities for fun in the form of new human opponents to battle against or trade with. The opportunities are irresistible considering how huge the Pokémon online community is, and the games are flawless compared to their original versions as long as you have strong internet connectivity.

Additionally, there is a new battle mode in Colosseum 2 which adds more detail to the multiplayer mode. In this battle mode, two human players can face off in a fair fight regulated by several rules. For instance, each player is limited to three Pokémon only. Additionally, the Pokémon are regulated in terms of physical aspects such as weight and height, and each species can be used only once per team. For ardent fans, this makes the game fun to play and also facilitates the online community’s growth.

A game of wits:

One of the best things about Pokémon is that it has always been about more than brawns. It is a game that requires careful planning every step of the way. Pokémon Yellow was revolutionary in this case as it introduced personality and mood in the Pokémon. In addition to collecting the wild Pokémon, you are also obliged to keep them happy and responsive to your commands.

The starting Pokémon, Pikachu, is angry from the word go and it takes some persuasion to get it to warm up to you. You have to level up often and avoid fainting easily to keep its moods up. In return, your Pikachu will be happy and always ready to go, allowing you to tame even more Pokémon. Pikachu also has a unique personality that develops as it learns, and it is interesting to see how your moves affect your Pikachu’s development. To some degree, players get to form some sort of relationship with their Pokémon, which is one of the addictive elements of the game.

pokemon thunder yellow complete rom game

A long and captivating mission:

Pokémon has always stood out from many other video games for its sophistication. It is based on the original Pokémon anime series, and the developers went a long way to recreate it back in the 90s and early 2000s. As mentioned earlier, the landscape was vast and detailed. Coupled with over 100 wild Pokémon up for grabs, the mission is long and exciting.

To start with, the wild Pokémon are not as easy to tame as it would seem. They vary by personalities and strengths, and the challenges seem to increase as you level up. What’s more, there are 151 Pokémon to collect, which guarantees players will always be busy hunting. Considering that each Pokémon only serves to boost your character’s power, you cannot help but move on to the next one after each successful hunt.

List of some amazing features and updates in Pokemon Thunder Yellow GBA Download:

  • Having a different battle system.
  • Pikachu can follow you easily.
  • Having GB Player.
  • All the Sprites and Tiles are re-model version of Yellow ROM.
  • You can get Charmander and Squirtle even Bulbasaur as a Starter.
  • Fully Anti-Jessie and James.
  • Gym Leaders are present and have new sprites.
  • Graphics and sound system is awesome.
  • The storyline is interesting.
  • Different moves.

Download Pokemon Thunder Yellow Version Complete Zip:

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