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Pokemon Melanite is one of the most downloaded and played Pokemon Fan made game. An RPG Maker XP based game which has some extra quality graphics and many amazing characters in the pokedex. In Pokemon Melanite Download RPG Game you will explore many things which were not available in any fan made a game. All the Copyrights have been given to the Pokemon Company and Nintendo who are producing Pokemon games in the vast majority. A new area to explore in the Melanite version makes the game more unique and complex to play.

Basic Info about Pokemon Melanite Version Download RPG Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Melanite Version
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Type: Fan Made
  • Engine: RPG Maker XP.

Snapshots of Pokemon Melanite Version Gameplay and Actions:

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Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Melanite Version Download:

Perhaps you may have played several different fan made pokemon games, having different storylines and gameplays. Some of them are completely based on the action based and some of them are adventure based. You are playing the game in the main character role who are responsible for training different pokemon characters and rivals. Explore the region while doing the adventure process fast and slow.

While being the part of the Pokemon Melanite game, you will come across to know that the region is completely new and many new characters are part of the game. Some of these characters are electric type while some of them are wild type. Remember that the region name as Zela Region which is quite wide in the length. You have to explore the region fully while roaming in the region. While exploring the region, you will come to know that there certain creatures and people. Some of them become your rivals while many of them are enemies. Get the Pokemon Omega Ruby Game OR Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Game

The region to Explore:

Adventure is being the major part of the game while lining in this area. Some of the elements and characters are present in the Zela Region which is quite unique and new. These characters are now available in the pokedex of the Pokemon Melanite download rpg version as well. You can explore them in the pokedex and choose them whenever you are going to choose them. Get Pokemon Insurgence Game

The region is quite vast and consists of some amazing graphics and elements. Some of the elements are 2D and 3D in shape while some of them are invisible. There are about 8 Gyms in the city which you have to visit now. All the gym leaders are present in the area which is quite a unique thing. They will assign some different kind of tasks and missions which you have to complete on time. If you complete that tasks and missions, you’re going to rock someday and became pokemon champion.

New Characters and Graphics:

Graphics of the Pokemon Melanite Download version is quite awesome and unique. You will explore some new items which looks quite well when they are lay down on the earth. Pokeballs are present in the game which can be really awesome to discover. Pokeballs can be used during the battle time while the pokecenter is always available for you to communicate with other gamers.

Some new characters are being a part of the game, which are now included in the pokedex as well. Being a Pokemon trainer, it’s your responsibility to train them on time and make them ready for next fight coming on your way.

List of Some amazing Feature in Pokemon Melanite Game Download Version:

  • Having an Interesting Storyline.
  • About 8 New Gyms.
  • Gym leaders are present.
  • About 285 new Pokemon are present in the game.
  • Ready to catch different pokemon.
  • The game has been made using Pokemon Essentials.
  • Nonprofit game.

Download Pokemon Melanite Version for Free Now:

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