Pokemon Perfect Platinum Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Perfect Platinum Game can be downloaded from the Pokemonlog.com website which offers many pokemon games to download. Pokemon Perfect Platinum Download Game is the remake of Pokemon Platinum version which has a different kind of graphics and 3D elements. The main player in the game will be doing some adventure in the are where he is currently moving. The Childhood friend will be ready for the next adventure to explore in the city.

Basic Info about Pokemon Perfect Platinum Version Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Perfect Platinum
  • A remake of Pokemon Platinum
  • Game Size: Above 10MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Perfect Platinum version GBA Download:
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pokemon perfect platinum game download

pokemon perfect platinum complete edition

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Perfect Platinum Game:

As the games start the main player is playing the role of a Child where he grew up in an adventurous area. Where there are multiple places to explore and discover. The Childhood friend will be with you playing and exploring the area. There are several evil people living in the area who are actually responsible for all the bad environment of the area.

The Evil Team name as Galactic who are in the power and they are trying to make the area under their power. They are trying to make the great Giratina once again with their power. About 493 New Pokemon Characters are in the game, which makes the game more interesting and exploring to play.

There are some events which are accessible. Remember that you can get the access to events only if you have some experience points in the game. You can gain a different kind of EXP in the game while competing with the opponent team members.  The D/P Legendaries are now accessible under some rules and laws. I think you should have to achieve some points in order to unlock the D/P. You can get Pokemon Titan Game OR Pokemon Light Platinum Game

About The Battle System:

The Battle system of the game is really awesome by the addition of several battle effects and challenges. Your opponent teams will be ready to fight several battles with you, as they will challenge you to play many battles with them like in Pokemon Vega Game. Sinnoh Region is full of some Rival teams who are ready to fight with you. So be ready and prepare your teams to fight with them.

Best Features of Pokemon Perfect Platinum ROM Game:

  • Great Graphics.
  • The UI and Physics are improved.
  • Sinnoh Region contains different scattered pokemon.
  • Evolve holding the trade item.
  • 7 Gym Badges.
  • About 493 new Pokemon are present in the game.
  • The Difficulty level is increased.
  • New Levels and missions are present.

Download Pokemon Perfect Platinum Game For Free Now:

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