Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game Download (Working 100%)

Get the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for GBC from Pokemonlog.com, which have lots of new features and updates. Now face a different kind of Puzzle Challenges in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge game download for free having a very interesting gameplay as well storyline. The game has been developed by the Intelligent Systems and published by the Nintendo Company.  Face different puzzle shapes making challenges which have been given by the compitetors.

Basic Info of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge GBC Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Puzzle Challenge GBC Version
  • Developers: Intelligent Systems
  • Publishers: Nintendo
  • Game Release Year: 2000
  • Game Size: Above 10MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game Full Version:

pokemon puzzle challenge gbc game

pokemon puzzle challenge game

pokemon puzzle challenge game download


Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game:

As you the main character have to play a very sensitive and most enjoyable role in the game. While Completely different kind puzzle shapes in the game make you more perfect. As soon you start the game, you will see the Panel de Pon, which provides a platform for you to complete with your opponent team by complete the different kind of shapes challenges. You can get Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM OR Pokemon Apollo Game

Once you win the challenge, you will be transferred to the other level, where you can find a few high-class puzzle shapes. All the Gyms leaders are present in the game for challenging them too in the pokemon puzzle challenge game full version. There are some Pokemon characters from the previous games as well.

Battle System:

You have to prepare yourself, as well your team to be ready for battles. These battles are the little bit changed from the previous games which is quite a unique thing in this game. Some 3D Effects are also present in the game which also increases the interest of the Puzzle Challenge pokemon game.

About the Music:

Talking and reviewing the music of this game, you will be amazed to hear some realistic and cool music present in different stages of the game. Whenever you unlock a certain block of the game, suddenly the interesting music plays and continues for sometimes. However, if you don’t like it then you can deactivate it from the main menu. Get the Pokemon Sweet Version

There are several kinds of sub modes available to play the game and make it complete. Like the mode of TimeZone, LineClear and Garbage are present which increases the productivity of the game. Also, gamers have the choice to play the game in several kinds of modes. Also while the game starts you will have certain heroes characters available to play the game. Like Pichu, Pikachu and Totodile are available to play the game with them and move forward in the game. As soon as you move forward in the game you will face certain challenges and games.

Some Best Feature of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game GBC:

  • New Graphics and UI of the game.
  • Realistic 3D Effects.
  • Music for certain gameplay events.
  • A Single player puzzle based game.
  • Having several sub-modes.
  • LineClear and TimeZone modes are present.
  • New Heroes in the shape of Pichu and Cyndaquill etc.
  • Entirely new Storyline and UI of the game.

Download Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game For Free:

Download Here


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