Pokemon Reborn ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Reborn is one of the most popular and most played fangame which is created by Amethyst. The creator has used the RPG Maker XP engine for this game to be played and Pokemon Essentials while making the Pokemon Re-Born version. In the start the game was not that much popular as it was an online league where different users used to play the game among themselves. Download now the Pokemon Reborn Complete Version RPG game having lots of new features and updates.  The Pokedex completion is one of the fun part of the game for all the game lovers who play this game.

Basic Info about Pokemon Reborn Download Zip Free:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Reborn
  • Creator: Amethyst
  • Engine: RPG Maker XP
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon reborn rom complete

pokemon reborn pokedex

pokemon reborn gameplay

pokemon reborn rom special version

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Reborn Version RPG Game:

After downloading and installing the latest version of Reborn ROM Game, you will come to know that there are a bunch of some new features and updates available in the game. These features and makes the game experience of the players more than the previous versions of pokemon game series. The terrain which is included as the main area of the game is far away from the Hoenn Region and several other regions.

While moving in the main area, you will discover some really handsome characters which are always present in the area like in Pokemon Snakewood Game. These characters are somewhat catchable in a sense like you can catch some of them to train them on time before the war starts. There are some rivals present in the main area, while some of them are your real enemies and they are against you always wherever you visit.

Different Storyline:

The complete storyline is somewhat more unique than the previous fan-made games in the pokemon series. Like in this version you will come to know that several topics can be expanded to some extent like the death and life of different characters. The main character is sometimes in great danger from the enemies and rival members.  Different characters are treated as they deserve in the field.

Some Amazing Field Effects:

While playing the game, you will come to know that there’re some special effects and pledge moves available in the main area. Like the battle effects and moves are included in the game which makes the game more complex ever had. Some fun elements and effects are also part of the game which can entertain the main player as well his/her companions.

Finding Pokemon:

As we know that the area which is in the game is not that much grassy and fertile. So there are not that many places available for hiding. The Pokemon cannot hide easily in these areas because of less grass in the area. But overall these facts does not mean that you will not encounter or catch different pokemon in the area. Also, one of the fun parts is that you can find Pokemon in the secret locations as well.

Better Shinies Look:

Are you searching for a Starter pokemon that have a completely shiny look and shape, then you are at right place. In the Pokemon Reborn Version Download, you will find less impressive shinies and some Easter Eggs as well. You can download Pokemon Volt Version OR Sacred Gold Version 

List of Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Reborn RPG Game Download:

  • Having a different Storyline and Area.
  • The Pokemon Encounter is different.
  • Better Shinies.
  • Few Easter Eggs.
  • 1/94 Chance of any pokemon to be shiny.
  • Receive special gifts for Pokemon.
  • Less Grassy area.
  • Amazing battle effects and storyline.
  • Discover different pokemon and encounter them.
  • Having Great Sound and visual effects.

Download Pokemon Reborn ROM For Free Now:

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