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Get the Pokemon Spectrum Rom which is one of the best game in the Pokemon Games series, having some new characters and features included this time. The Storyline of Pokemon Spectrum ROM Hack is changed this time, now having some missions and tasks are added. The game is made more complex than the previous versions of any pokemon fire rom. You can get the full and final version of spectrum rom version for free from pokemonlog.com which is one of the best site providing the direct download link.

pokemon spectrum

Some Basic Information of Pokemon Spectrum ROM:

  • Developed In: 2015
  • Developer Name: TheKojo
  • Approx File Size of Setup: Above 120MB
  • ROM Hack: RMXP

Some Snapshots of Pokemon Spectrum ROM Version:

spectrum rom hack

pokemon spectrum rom

pokemon spectrum rom download


The game has a bunch of new features and cast and this is one of the fan made the game so it’s actually the Fakemon.  Now the area which is assigned to you having lot’s of new pokemon and you have to discover some new ones also like we saw in Pokemon Ethereal Gates. The Overall storyline of Pokemon Spectrum ROM Hack is really interesting, by making the game a little complex from the previous version. Actually, the area name is Lildune, which is full of adventurous places.

While in the game starts you will be playing the role of a Trainer, actually a Young Trainer in the area. After some passage of time, you will be evolved to different states as well. Now you have been in the area so far and your core task is to train different characters and to go out for some research in the area. You have to move in the area assigned to you for different research purposes only. After the training is completed you can move around freely and discover the land in your own way.

Amazing Places and Awesome Features in Pokemon Spectrum Download:

The is contains some amazing places, which you have to discover as the role-playing model of the game. There are some new Gyms installed in the nearby area, which are really awesome and having a bunch of new features that can be experienced. While moving in the area, you will experience and come across different characters which are playing some good roles. Some of them have bad habits as well, some of them will be against you and your planning, they are actually your enemies. Now some of them are completely different characters like some will be the fighters; gyms owners and other are some special Pokemons.  The Halls are also present in this area. Halls can be used for different functions like event management and all that’s stuff of Pokemon Chaos.

One of the big updates in the game is that the Gyms are now the official part of the game. The Gyms master are always there for assigning some new tasks to you to complete in a specific amount of time. Explore the new gyms added in the game by using the map feature of pokemon spectrum rom free download. They are located in different places, some of them will be near your place and some are far away from you. One of the major update of the game (Pokemon Omicron ROM ]) is that there is no need of HM Slaves, which is by default part in the games in previous versions of Pokemon games series. Now you can play without them.

After Becoming Master Trainer:

Once you become the master trainer, then you will have a bunch of new features available in the game. Some new pokemons and fakemons will be assigned to you playing the game. Now use them for your own purposes, play some new missions and task in the area to progress more. Actually, you have to focus on your task of Training the characters, after then you can be a good Training master. While completing the training with more characters you are going to win the trophy and title as well. You can also be awarded as Champion in the game, depends on your skills and performance in the gameplay. Get ready for new bonuses and awards.

While you are in the area there are some people which are against your missions and task and will always try to harm you in any way. They are actually your enemy, you have to protect yourself from them by using special techniques. Now the Battle System is also updated to Generation 6. That’s Really an amazing feature. Some new Pokemons are also added in the game for increasing the complexity of the game to the next level. Now there are some Pokemons from Shiny Gold ROM and light platinum as well.

About Pokedex and Gameplay of Spectrum GBA ROM:

The Pokedex of spectrum rom is changed from the previous version and some new characters are added, you can discover them by moving forward in the game area. Now there are more than 30 Fakemons are added which is one of the amazing features of this pokemon spectrum rom free version. Play the game in your own way by using the pokedex new updates and characters. The area which is assigned to you is too vast, now explore it by using different pokemons help. You can also take help from the map hidden areas. Now explore the hidden areas from the map and get some new characters out there.

You can run the game on your android devices as well, by installing the latest and working emulator for it and make sure that your device is going to support that emulator as well before loading the game to run.

Some Great Features of Pokemon Spectrum ROM:

  • Amazing and new graphics are added.
  • New Region this time.
  • The region is vast from the previous one.
  • Region name is Lildune.
  • Entirely new Pokedex.
  • The PokeCenter is updated.
  • Fakemons are also added up to 50.
  • Use Fakemons also for your tasks.
  • Catch the Official Pokemons.
  • Entirely new environment.
  • No Need of HM Slaves and slaving.
  • The area is Town Shaped.
  • New Characters are added.
  • Battle System is updated.
  • Enemies are made strong than enough this time.
  • You are a trainer in the area.
  • The Pokedex can be used in different places.
  • Maps are updated.

Download Pokemon Spectrum ROM For Free Now

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