Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed is one of the amazing rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red Version which comes up with an interesting storyline and gameplay. The gameplay of this game is enhanced alot and it is still in the beta version. Download Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed can be downloaded from Pokemonlog, which is the best blog for providing the pokemon rom hacks.

The main features such as Accuracy in existing moves, Base power and special effects make the game special and unique from other pokemon rom hacks of fire red version. Several new missions and areas are part of the game which makes the plot of this game vast than. Searching and hunting for new pokemon creatures is part of the game. Let’s move on and discover what are some of the amazing features available there in the game which makes it so popular.

Basis File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed Version
  • Status: Not Complete
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: Maddy Styles and Arvin Torrente

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

mr sock switched shoes with the running shoes welcome to the hall of fame you are off to the pokemon league

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Ultimate Mega Fire Red GBA:

The storyline and the main gameplay of this game is similar to the original fire red but there are some changes in the graphics as well as in the characters sets. It is one of the best remake by Maddy Styles and Arvin Torrente, who has included so many new features and updates that you will never think of it, as it is a remake of fire red like Pokemon Origin Fire Red 3D.

Still, the legendary pokemon are not catchable at all and you can try on them for testing purposes and at the end you will come to the conclusion that they are unable to catch. There are about 131 new types of pokemon available from different generations, but most of them are from Genaration 4 and 5. As they are from generations 4 and 5, similarly, their moves are also imported from Gen 4 and 5. Even the move effects are being changed and transformed into some new shapes and styles that you will for sure like it.

Talking about the movesets of the pokemon and for all the basic and main characters of the game, which are changed and transformed into a new shape. You will for sure like the new way they walk and discover the area like in Pokemon Jeff ROM. Discovering the area and catching different kinds of pokemon is one of the crucial things that we must have to clear first. Basically, in discovering you need to look and search for some amazing new pokemon, not just looking and searching, but you have to catch them at the time. Now All Legendary Pokemons From Gen 1 To 6 Catchable Through Wild Encounter ONLY by using cheats for now. These types of features make the game more advanced and unique from any pokemon rom hack of firered. Wild pokemon encounter is one of the craziest feature which the game offers to you.

Upgrade the Pokedex:

Always, keep in mind that your pokedex is out of date, as you are transformed from the previous version of fire red. Now what you have to do is to make sure that you meet the Scientist at Pewter City. After meeting him, you will be able to upgrade your pokedex at that spot and kindly do that. Because if your pokedex is out of date then your Pokemon Will Not Evolve Into Mega And Primal. These are some of the special tips and tricks which can be applied while playing the game. Most people download the game and after playing for a while, they came to know that their pokemon does’nt evolve at all in any stage whether it is Mega or Primal. Also, download Pokemon Emerald 2 ROM

Different new Routes and other features:

There are enormous kinds of new short and long routes available and you have to explore them one by one. Even you cannot deny them for exploring, because you have to do this for catching different kinds of new pokemon. The legendary pokemon from Gen 1 to 6 are also part of the game and they can be easily catchable. All these legendary pokemon are available for catching on different routes. Try to explore each and every route if you can. Below are some of the routes which are available are listed. Do check it out.

Some Pokemon Locations that is part of the game:

  • Riolu-Route 6
  • Gible-Route 10
  • Buneary-Route 8
  • Snover-Route 11
  • Diancie-Route 25
  • Larvitar-Route 9
  • Pinsir-route 8
  • Kirilia-route 1
  • Metang-route 11
  • Carvanha-route 12
  • Numel-route 3
  • Bagon-route 5
  • Snorunt-route route 25
  • Swablue-route 25
  • Sableye-route 24
  • Mareep-route 10
  • Houndour-route 9
  • Torchic-route 2
  • Treecko-route 3
  • Mudkip-route 6
  • aron-mt moon 1.1
  • Meditite-route 22
  • Electrike-route 17
  • Shuppet-route 15
  • Absol-route 11

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed GBA Download:

  • Having a new set of graphics and music.
  • New pokemon of about 131 from different generations.
  • Full De-Capitalizations.
  • Buy Evolution Stone At Celadon City Pokemart
  • Upgrade Pokedex from Scientist at Pewter City.
  • Move Effects are awesome.
  • There are some new movesets, abilities, base power and moves.
  • Legendary Pokemon Gen 1 to 6 are catchable.

Download Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed Version for Free:

Download Here

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