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Moemon Fire Red Revival is a famous FireRed remake and hack by Moetal. The Moe is a special character in the game and plays the main role. The Pokemon is this game are all little girls, such an interesting game which makes the game more amazing among all the FireRed hacks. An Interesting to note about the game is that some of the characters are Male Pokemon and they are named as Moemon. About 386 new Pokemon are part of the game which makes the game more interesting for you. Even the pokedex is made more vast. Moves and special sprites are part of the game. This way this game stand among the famous pokemon fire red hacks. Let’s explore some amazing features in the game before downloading it.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Moemon FireRed Revival
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: Moetal
  • Remake from: FireRed.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon MoeMon FireRed Revival GBA:

Storylines remains the same, but there are changes in the characteristics of pokemon available in this game. The male pokemon are limited in number and are few. The female characaters are high in numbers and they are little girls. The male pokemon are named as MoeMon and they have special capabilities in the game. Overall Pokedex of the game is made awesome and vast by looking at the total number of pokemon. There are about 386 new pokemon part of the game which makes the complexity of the game more than the usual pokemon rom hacks we have played so far. The developer has worked on the graphics as well, as there are some new sprites in the game which makes it more amazing this time. Also, try Pokemon Sea Temple Download (Working 100%)

Sprites of the game are little bit different this time. Just to explore the Sprites you will note that this game have several changes in the tiles and sprites, which is one of the main thing about the game. A pretty standard start and intro should be given to you as you start the game. Professor will introduce himself and will assisgn you the starter pokemon. Note that the Starters in this game are different as well. In the start you will choose the gender and will put your name. After that it will ask you to put a name for your rivals as well. This way you will have a rival of your custom name.

Choosing a Pokemon:

This is a decision that no one ever wants to make. Do we pick Bulbasaur that looks like that? Do we fix welcome from nature we’re picking swell we are picking squall in the raincoat right now let’s choose someone. Now you have to choose a best pokemon you want to start your journey with. These are extra ordinary features that the game offers you. Also, try Pokemon Mega Moemon Download (Working 100%)

After selecting the starters and other pokemon in the region. You will be praised for that. You made the right choice. We’re just gonna tackle because honestly, we week yeah that go when Bam Bam, get destroyed. The squalus like amazingly strong, what the hell let’s, have a look. You have some really good defense, some nice special attack.

For choosing a pokemon with speial attack features, you have to keep in mind that these pokemon can be found in near by areas. And for that you have to travel from one place to another. Searching for perfect pokemon is one of the hectic job that you will do one day. Some of your rivals are already doing that. Capturing the right pokemon is one of their main task as well.

Changing Options and Graphics:

There are several changing options available like you can change the text speed and other animations. Even you can change the frame and frame rate as well which will make the FPS more awesome and plays the game smoothly. Hard work has been done on the graphics as well as on animations in the game. Certain pokemon have special pokmon animation as well. You can put a nick name on the pokemon which will look really amazing. Also, download Pokemon Rose Gold ROM Download (Working 100%)

Fight and Battle:

Talking about the Fight and battles of the game, they are being enhanced a lot. Special new features like the battle effects and tactics has been added which makes the game more stable in terms of playing a battle scene with your enemies and rivals as well. All of your rivals are also making sure that they have a proper battle system and have pokemon in the dex as well. Keep in mind that for having a proper list of pokemon in the list, you have to keep the pokedex updated. With so many new features and updates you will be able to fight and challenge all of your rivals as well. Check out Pokemon Enhanced Emerald Download (v7.7 Latest)

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Welcome to the hall of fame what will cilana do Pokemon Info chart

Some Amazing features in Moemon Fire red revival game:

  1. Having some new sprites.
  2. Special new Pokemon are part of the game.
  3. Gameplay is really enhanced.
  4. Pokemon in later generations are not in plans of the developers.
  5. Special war and battle effects.
  6. Sound and Graphics are updated.
  7. About 386 pokemon.
  8. Moves are different.

Download Moemon Fire red revival game For Free:

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