Pokemon Perfect Red Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Perfect Red

Pokemon Perfect Red is a wonderful remake of Pokemon Fire Red, for all the GBA Gamers in the English Language. In Pokemon Perfect Red, the protagonist is a thirteen-year-old boy named Michael. Michael’s goal throughout the game is to become the champion and catch all 150 original Pokemon. In order to toughen up for his … Read more

Pokemon Crystal Advance Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Crystal Advance

Pokemon Crystal Advance is an updated version of Pokémon Crystal. It brings with it many new features that never would have been possible on the Game Boy Color, like animations for special moves. These animations are very helpful for understanding how Pokémon will act during battle without having to look at the text description. They … Read more

Pokemon Touhoumon Tweaked (Latest Version)

Touhoumon Another World

Pokemon Touhoumon Tweaked is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red in English Language for GBA Users. There are many variations to Pokemon, one of which is Touhoumon. The Touhoumon franchise is an RPG game that originated in Japan. The game has over 200 different species to capture and train, the most prevalent being Pikachu. It … Read more

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