Pokemon Alchemist ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Alchemist is one of the Special ROM hacks by Jttyzzle which was finally completed in May, 2018. Having different kind of storyline and interesting gameplay makes you a fan of playing of Pokemon Alchemist Version Download. All Pokemon in the game are totally original and having no Fakemons at all. So the Entire Pokedex of the game has been updated with all the new pokemon in the region. The main player is a young Pokemon Trainer and he/she wishes to be a Master Pokemon Trainer and for this wish, he is traveling from one place to another place. The creator of this game has used the Code Base Engine of RPG Maker XP and released the first version of this game in 2016. Let’s Explore some of the interesting facts and features in the game.

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Full Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Alchemist Version
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Creator: Jttyzzle
  • Platform: RMXP
  • Language: English

Pokemon Alchemist Walkthrough and Complete Overview:

As the game starts you are playing the main lead role of a young Pokemon Trainer who wishes to be a Master Pokemon Trainer one day. For fulfilling this dream you have to come across some different kind of adventures and missions which you have never played off. Prepare yourself for some adventures and battles in the Kamla Regions. As for as Kamla is concerned, it is one of the special region which has been given to you in this game in order that complete your game and wash out all the problems of the people of this region. Being a trainer you will have to train a different kind of pokemon available in this region which can be one of the challenging tasks for you to complete.

near to pokecenter

The creator of this game has used the Pokemon Essentials to make this game, as you will soon come to know that this is entirely a unique game based on real adventures. For being a pokemon trainer you will have to meet several people in the area of Kamla and finally, you will soon came to know about the special pokemon present in the area. Now, this is one of the serious challenges for you to complete and defeat that pokemon. Defeating that pokemon is one of the core tasks and happily, the Gym Leaders are also with you for defeating this pokemon.

wild entei pokemon appearedsnow scene in pokemon alchemist version

These Pokemon have several kinds of ambitions in fulfill in the area and all you to do is to stop this pokemon. The Gym leaders along with the Pokemon League Leaders are always with you for playing a battle with the Special Pokemon. You can also use all of your starter pokemon to take help from them and move forward to defeat this character. Also, note that you can customize almost all the characters available in this ROM Hack. Most of them are included in the pokedex as well which again makes the game more interesting and amazing to complete on time.


Gyms and Pokemon League:

You will soon come to know that there are total 11 Gyms along with the Pokemon League which is one of the special parts of the Pokemon Alchemist ROM Hack Download. Most of the Gyms have several new characters who are ready to have a fight with you like Pokemon Amaryllis Version Free. You will have to use some special skills and powers to defeat them on time. In this way, your Points will increase and you will unlock some different features of the game which was locked in the game.

Graphics and Battles:

Graphics of the game are enhanced a lot having some new UI and UX interfaces. The main menu has been re-designed and having a fresh look now. Many battles have some graphics and animations which will inspire you to play the game and move forward to complete the missions similar to Pokemon Jupiter Download ROM Free. The Difficulty level of the game has been made a little bit increased which makes you harder to achieve your goals easily.

List of Some Amazing features in Pokemon Alchemist ROM Download:

  • New Pokemon are available.
  • Having 11 Gyms in total.
  • The Difficulty Level is increased.
  • Kamla Region is new and having different new missions.
  • The storyline is more interesting.
  • Execute all the side quests.
  • No Fakemons are available.

Download Pokemon Alchemist Version For Free:

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