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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer is an amazing game which is based on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM. Having more than 100+ new pokemon being part of the pokedex and you have to complete it still. It has been improved by adding new features to it such as having newer gameplay, more gym leaders and a better storyline.

It is a modification of the latest Pokémon game “Pokémon Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire” which allows the player to explore a whole new world with many catchable/tradable random pokemon (try saying that 5 times fast). This was made possible thanks to contributions from: – Tlachtli – Koolboyman – Chaobrother – Wichu – Jambo51

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer:

The one thing I have always loved about this game is that you get to capture all kinds of Pokemon in your pokedex so if you ever wanted a Flareon in any Pokemon games. It’s a game I would definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys playing Pokémon games. Currently, there are no plans of an official release because the game was only made by one person and he has other things on his plate making it impossible to create any new content but if you have an actual 3DS or know someone that does, then why not give this a try? The creator said there wont be any updates as “he just doesn’t have enough motivation to do so”.

Zekrom Teravolt

So many new regions and Pokemon to be captured. Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire are fully randomized in this game so you can play the game as one of your favourite Pokemon. Pokemon that are included in Pokemon Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire will be included in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer as well.

Randomized Pokemon:

142 caught or defeated Pokemon (not including Legendary & Mythical) Some of these have been renamed but their types and abilities remain the same. Four new Mega Evolutions have been added to many “new” Pokémon!

There are also pseudo-legendary Pokemon not found within ORAS such as Sliggoo, Type Null, Silvally(?) etc… they boast stats way beyond the usual max stats for any non-event Pokemon and the Type: Null line are able to learn Z-moves naturally.

There are also “new” Pokemon that have been added such as Pokemon from previous generations (such as Delcatty, Absol, Lickylicky) and Pokemon that haven’t been seen in a long, long time (for English players) such as Beedrill, Pidgeot etc… even Pokemon like Surskit and Diggersby! However there are other Pokemon available i.e Caterpie, Metapod etc… which were previously obtainable in Pokemon X & Y though they have their sprites changed.

player converastion

If you’re familiar with Pokemon Online or Pokemon Showdown then you might be surprised to see some of these Pokemon while playing this Pokemon hack. Pokemon like Haxorus have been replaced with Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Dragonite and more! There is a Pokemon called “Anything” which will take the role of Clefairy because it comes before Clefairy in the Pokemon data files making it incompatible for Pokemon X & Y.

There are also Pokemon that were used in Pokemon Stadium 2 such as Rayquaza, Wobbuffet and Deoxys (which can be randomised to its normal forme) and Marill who was only obtainable through an event item (Marill’s Mysterious Water).

Oldale Town:

Oldale Town is one of the Pokemon’s locations which you can visit. Pokemon such as Caterpie, Metapod etc… are available in this Pokemon game hack. Oldale Town has several Pokemon trainers for you to battle. In this town, you can buy Poke Balls for 150 and Potions will cost 100.

Pokemon Professor Sycamore and Nurse Joy will be the same except they’re wearing new clothing. More Pokemon Gyms, it also provides more Pokemon gyms than the original Pokemon X & Y games which include: The Battle Tree is a great place to get some rare Pokemon Super Training allows you to raise your Pokemon’s EVs The Move Reminder allows you to relearn forgotten moves for old Pokemon (which I guess would suck if it failed). Cheaper Balls/Medicine at Poke Marts so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

Zekrom with other character

Evolution & Pokemon Levels:

You’ll see Pokemon around the map that are fairly weak. In order to make them stronger, you must battle with wild Pokemon until they evolve into Pokemon like Butterfree, Beedrill etc… However it won’t be as easy as it sounds because Pokemon levels aren’t set in stone. You may find some Pokemon at a lower level than expected (such as Charmander found at level 6) while some Pokemon might appear at higher levels (like Pidgey found around level 12). This is because of the ‘level curve’ of this game hack which was implemented by its creator: Jambo51 who also made many othe rr Pokemon hacks like Pokemon Shattered Dreams and Pokemon Brown.

Similarly, Pokemon that are found at higher levels (such as Pidgey at level 12) may not evolve into Pokemon such as Pidgeotto or Pidgeot until they reach a later level say… 13+.

When it comes to battling other trainers, you’ll have some trouble finding Pokemon of the same level because wild Pokemon in this game hack won’t always appear using its normal methods. This is because every Pokemon’s level is determined by what type of personality ID they have so even if two Pokemon look exactly the same, their stats will differ. For example: two Charmanders with different personalities will have completely different stat distributions! Another thing about personality IDs is that each has and corresponding Pokemon’s name, Pokemon type and gender which I think is very interesting.

This Pokemon hack also has a Pokemon called “Anything” which was designed to be the replacement of Clefairy. This Pokemon appears at a level of 100 but it won’t always appear in battle so if you want to catch it, make sure that you have Pokemon with False Swipe because its only attack is Struggle (which does damage equal to half of its HP). Currently this Pokemon can not evolve into anything since Charmander itself already fills its role as the first Pokemon used in battles. Also, try Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer Download

Rustboro City and Rustboro Gym:

Rustboro City is an amazing Pokemon game hack because it gives Pokemon trainers a chance to catch Pokemon like Golem, which is one of my favourite Pokemon. This Pokemon is very powerful and if you want to get it in the Pokemon Crystal Randomizer (which I mentioned above), make sure that you have Pokemon with Dig because it’s Ground/Rock type.

Rustboro Gym is an interesting Pokemon game hack as well! The leader Roxanne uses Pokemon such as Nosepass and Geodude which are both Rock/Electric types so make sure to bring some Pokemon with Electric moves like Thundershock or Thunder Wave! It’s important to watch out for its Pokemon’s ability “Magnet Pull” too since any Steel Type Pokemon will be unable to escape from battle when they’re hit by a Pokemon with this ability. Also, try Pokemon Heart Gold Randomizer NDS

Trevor & Pokemon Centers:

When Pokemon trainers are critically injured, they can quickly heal their Pokemon using the Amulet Coin badge. This Pokemon game hack also has Pokemon centers which make it easy for you to buy some Potions and Poke Balls without having to look for a Mart in Rustboro City. You’ll need these items because they’re very useful especially when you have Pokemon that have fainted after battling many wild Pokemon!

The Biker Gangs:

If you want to get into the secret part of Route 110 (where Devon Corporation used to be) then you’ll need to join the biker gangs first which can allow access through the Devon Corp. building in Rusturf Tunnel. Pokemon trainers will also be able to find Pokemon like Magnemite here!

If you want to bring Pokemon back to Cynthia so that she can give them a ribbon, then you’ll need to train Pokemon over level 70 in Pokemon Centers (where the nurse is) and make sure that they have less than three ribbons because Pokemon with more than 3 ribbons can not be awarded any more!

The Pokemon League Trainers:

Special thanks to pokemonelite2000 who provided the sprite sheets for all of these Pokemon game hack sprites! This Pokemon Hack Review article wouldn’t be possible without it 🙂 There’s a total of 16 gym leaders in this Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer game hack which made it hard for me to decide which Pokemon should be used in each Pokemon League battle. I finally decided on Pokemon that have different talent pools (such as defeating Pokemon with moves they’re weak to). For example: Roark uses Pokemon such as Cranidos and Aron, both of which are weak against Pokemon like Salamence so it’s good to have Pokemon that can perform Dragon moves or even Pokemon with Flamethrower!

The Elite Four:

In the game hack, the first four elite Pokemon trainers are the same ones from Pokemon Ruby & Saphire! This means that you’ll need to use Pokemon that can defeat them using their power type weaknesses. It makes things interesting though since I always love the idea of fighting a gym leader with Pokemon that aren’t used for battling. Also, try Pokemon Pyrite GBC

Steven will use Pokemon like Aggron, which is weak against Poison and Fairy Pokemon. It’s also very important to bring Pokemon with Ground moves because Pokemon like Skarmory can be really tough if you don’t bring Pokemon that have powerful attacks that can deal massive damage! I decided to use Pokemon with an X4 advantage over its type (meaning Pokemon like Dragonite who has 4x the attack power as a regular one) but it turned out okay since Steven’s Pokemon had less than 500 HP 🙂

Dewford Town and Dewford Gym:

Dewford Town is an amazing town for Pokemon trainers since there are a lot of Pokemon who live here which means that you can get tons of experience points without even having to battle against wild Pokemon! In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer, the leader Brawly uses Pokemon like Makuhita and Machop both of which are Fighting Punch types so be sure to bring Pokemon with Water or Grass type moves.

As far as Dewford Gym is concern, Pokemon trainers must defeat Pokemon including Nosepass which is a Rock Pokemon with Sturdy ability and Pokemon like Geodude, Graveller and Trapinch all of which are Ground types. Pokemon who don’t have the right type will not be able to harm these Pokemon so it’s important to use Pokemon that has an advantage over its type such as Pokemon with Electric or Steel moves.

The Slateport City Gym:

In this version, Pokemon trainers can find the leader of Slateport City Gym in the Pokemon Center (where the nurse is) standing next to another stranger who appears to tell you about your Pikachu! This other person is actually Bill from Pokemon Red & Blue which makes this game perfect for nostalgic fans since they’ll be able to revisit Pokemon Centers from Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue!

The Pokemon League Trainers:

In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer, the leader of Pokemon League is not Lance but Steven instead! In order to challenge him, Pokemon trainers must Headbutt trees like Oldale Forest and Verdanturf Town in order to find Celebi. It might seem hard since you can’t use Repels yet (since it’s only on Route 102) but trust me; it’s possible! This Pokemon game hack will give you a lot of battles so you’ll have experience points for your Pokemon by the time that you return back to Littleroot Town 🙂 Be sure to bring Pokemon with Ghost moves because when I was battling against Steven.

Cliff Cave:

If you want to encounter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region (which I highly recommend), then you have to travel through Cliff Cave first. It’s not too hard but it can get tough if your Pokemon has low health. This is probably because Carr uses Double Team using Mime Jr., this means that its attack power will double as well so watch it before you go for it.

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