Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer Download

Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer is a new amazing game which storyline based on Original Omega Ruby Game. Having so many new features and updates makes the game perfect for you to play. Some new pokemon are part of the game and the player is playing a lead role. One of the important thing to note about this game is it has Randomized wild encounters and all the Pokemon up to Generation 6 are available in the game.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer ROM:

The Storyline is same as the original omega ruby but there are some randomized things to note in the game. Let’s see how it plays.It is a Pokemon game which made by Boopmeow, Sanky and randomizers team. Having amazing features in the game makes it worth playing for Pokemon lovers all around the world. Being a Pokemon fan you will find this game very interesting to play.

pokemon character in the game

The storyline is almost same as that of Original Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM (Game). But with randomized stuffs like randomized wild encounters, all Gen 6 Pokemon available, new pokemon, Pokemon with hidden abilities, Pokemon catchable at higher levels than the original game and much more. It is one of the best Pokemon ROM hack games for Pokemon fans. The new features make it really interesting to play and enjoy for all Pokemon lovers.

Remove Trade Evolution:

All the Trade Evolutions has been removed from Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer ROM, which means Pokemon like Chansey and Rhydon are available in the game. You need to train your Pokemon for evolution basing on Pokemon level up requirements instead of trading it with other Pokemon.

It is a nice feature to play and enjoy because you get both versions of Pokemon (249 Pokemon) ready in your hand with no special requirement needed. A total of 133 new Pokemon has been added within the game. Some New Pokémon includes Giratina, Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Mewtwo etc.

Slateport Harbor:

Slateport Harbor is the Pokemon Center where you can heal your Pokemon and also revive Pokemon from Pokemon grave yard. Right after entering the Slaeport Harbor there will be a Pokemon with Black Apron, who will give you access to Pokemon Grave Yard. From there you can revive your pokemon and also check how many wild Pokemon are available in the area. The Game play includes all of Gen 1-6 Pokemon in Omega Ruby Randomizer ROM without any restrictions or need for trade evolution.

it is super effective

Play as Redhair:

You get to play as red hair instead of blue hair (normal Pokemon game). You need to look at every details while playing this new game because even hidden or secret places has something important for you to see and pick up. It includes all the Pokemon up to Gen 6 and there are 1349 Pokemon available in this game.

Randomized wild Pokemon encounter – All Pokemon available in One game (Gen 1-6) No Evolutions or trades required New Pokemon added from different generations Level 100 Pokemon Max Happiness achievable through Depositing Pokemon in PC Hidden evolutions for some Pokémon Maximum level cap at 255 You can play as Redhair Main story complete, without skipping any part Added Extra storyline NPC’s having their own side quest/missions which will give you an extra storyline to play with. Also, try Pokemon Legends of the Arena Download (v1.4.1)

Lilycove City:

Lilycove City is one of the beautiful city Pokemon has ever made. It is a little similar to Pokemon Ruby but with addition of new features and randomized stuffs makes it more interesting to play Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer ROM.

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You can buy Pokemon, Pokeballs, Medicine Balls from Lilycove City only . You need to visit Pokemon Center here for healing your Pokemon and reviving them from Pokemon grave yard. There are many hidden places in the city which includes secret items that will help you during game play.

Special things to do in Lilycove City are given below:

The Pokemon Center where it is located and how to get there – Location of Pokemon center is near the Pokemon Gym. You can go to Pokemon Center by starting from Pokemon gym directly.

Visit the Pokemon mart for various items like Pokeball, medicine balls etc. you need them in your mission.

Pokemon grave yard at Slateport Harbor: This is a very important place during game play because all your lost Pokemon will come back here after death or fainting on the battle field before being revived at Pokemon Center. Reviving Pokemon in this place will cost you money (100 Money) per revive attempt but it is worth as compared with reviving them at original Game Play locations. After getting into the Safari Zone, if you go to Pokemon Center, you will be able to see Pokemon grave yard in Pokemon center.

Pokemon mart at Lilycove City: You can buy Pokeballs and Medicine balls from Pokemon mart(located near Pokemon Gym).

Pokemon gym: In this ROM you need to complete this Gym for fulfilling the main story mission. When you enter the Pokemon gym you will notice that there is no Leader for this Gym. If you talk to the old man (Teacher) he would ask to find his pokedex which has been stolen by Team Magma/Aqua . Find their base and get your Pokedex back from their hands.

The Pokemon Gym Battle:

One of the main part of every Pokemon Game is Pokemon Gym battle and this game include all gym regions within one game –

Indigo league- Lvl 25 (Sabrina) Pewter gym-Lvl 30 (Bruno) Cerulean gym-Lvl 40 (Morty) Vermillion gym- Lvl 50 (Lt Surge) Cerise Island Pokemon mart- Lvl 60 (Koga) Cinnabar Pokemon mart – Lvl 70 (Blaine) Johto League 1st Pokemon Center – Lvl 80 (Guy at the front of Pokemon center building will ask you to revive pokemon which are stored in Pokemon grave yard. When he is done talking click on him and he will say that you have to find a secret place in Pokemon grave yard. You can go back to Pokemon grave yard after completing Pokemon league 2nd gym or just before going to Pokemon League 3rd Gym and talk with guy standing at the entrance of Pokemon grave yard.

Randomized pickup items:

Pickup items are those items which are available in Pokemon game and you can pick them up by simply moving towards them. Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer includes all pickup items as a part of randomized Pokemon features like Pokemon, Pokemons etc. You can find the following items at different locations throughout the game – Pickup Tablets-They will cure your Pokemon from poisoning or paralysis status effects but will not heal any other HP damage if it is caused due to other reasons than inflicting Poisoning or Paralysis on your Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Lifeless Download (v1.1 Updated)

Cherish Balls- They are used during Event Pokemon capture only.( Not for regular catch)

Pokeballs: This value is equal to 1000 normal balls and you cannot buy these anywhere in the game except Pokemon mart at Lilyove city. Pokemon mart is located not far away from Pokemon Center and you can buy Pokeballs as well Pokemon Medicine balls from Pokemon mart.

Fossils: There are some fossil items which you can find in this Pokemon ROM but they cannot be used for anything at the time of game play. They will act only as a secret item during your game play to complete list of already found Pokemon items on your bag screen (Key Item Pocket).

Get out of town Pokemon encounters: There are several different ways by which you can get out of town Pokemon encounter while playing this randomized Pokemon Game.

Fortree City:

Fortree City is the beautiful city which is located in the north-west region of Pokemon Omega Ruby. Pokemon that you can encounter in this city are Pokemon from Johto Region Pokemon list including Legendary Pokemon Raikou, Entei etc. Pokemon that you can find Pokemon while going to Pokemon center from Pokemon Mart area as well as Pokemon Center. Pokemon List of Fortree City includes-

Water Pokemon: Azumarill, Crawdaunt, Floatzel, Lotad (not fully confirmed), Lombre, Ludicolo and Pelipper . Plumeria Miltank Breloom Bug Pokemon: Beautifly , Dustox and Swellow Fire Pokemon : Combusken, Flareon and Rapidash Ghost Pokemon : Sableye Ground Pokemon : Groudon Flying Pokemon : Crobat Electric Pokemon : Pikachu Pike Queen Candy Magnemite Psychic Pokemon : Chimecho Rock/Ground Pokemon Tyranitar ,Onix Legendary Pokemon Raikou Ice/Flying Pokemon Articuno etc.

Special things to do in Fortree City are given below:

As I said before Pokemon game becomes more interesting when Pokemon are generated at random so I am not going to discuss much about Pokemon that you can encounter in this city as they are generated at Random. But there is something special which Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer have added with 2 Pokemon which are always available in Fortree City and you will not have any problem catching them without facing any difficulty on the battlefield. Also, try Pokemon Heart Gold Randomizer NDS Download

Lugia would be roaming around Dragon’s Den after completing Pokemon League 3rd Gym, near Water Stone location of Pokemon Center and entrance to Pokemon Mart. There won’t be a higher chance for encountering Lugia but Keep moving forward because it also depends on several other factors like time of day, weather condition etc. (Only

Lavaridge Town:

Lavaridge town is best for catching fire Pokemon and some of them available here in their two different forms so try getting out of town encounter more than once when you visit this beautiful city. Pokemon that you can encounter Pokemon in here are Pokemon from Hoenn region Pokemon list including Legendary Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre etc. Pokemon with two different forms (Ex: Giratina) will have only one form while appearing on the battle field but it is up to you which Pokemon would you like to catch because there won’t be any problem if they both appear on floor together.

Features of Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer ROM:

Some other amazing features and updates of this game are as follows:

  • The Abilities were increased for some Pokemon like Drapion has got Sniper Ability while all Gen 6 Pokemon will have their Hidden Abilities enabled in game.
  • Pokemon in 6th generation: All Pokemon from Generation 6 (XY/ORAS) are available including Mega Stones(MIlotic can be found swimming by a waterfall near Slateport City).
  • Pokemon in 4th generation: Moreover, many Pokemon from fourth Generation (DPP) were added like Dratini, Lickitung, Bidoof etc..
  • Pokemon encounters in it: Pokemon are placed randomly at different areas so it makes Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer much more interesting to play.
  • Pokemon with Hidden Abilities: Pokemon will be available with hidden abilities like Fletchling from Route 118, Noibat in Meteor Falls and many others.
  • Pokemon Level: Pokemon level is also increased on most of the Pokemon which means you can catch a Lvl 50 Pokemon in just early stages of the game. By doing this Pokemon hack, Sanky and Boopmeow want the players to feel that they are starting a new adventure not playing an old one..
  • New Movesets Added: Many great movesets were added for Pokemon like Solrock can learn Psychic, Altaria can learn as Hyper Beam.
  • Pokemon with hidden abilities and movesets: Pokemon like Electabuzz is available in Pokemon Village with the moveset of Thunder Punch, Superpower and Shock Wave. For Pokemon like Fletchling it learns Steel Wing at level 9 instead of 10 or 11. Sawk learns Stomp and Stone Edge at level 35 which is great to have a powerful Pokemon early on.

Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer For Free:

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