Pokemon Jeff ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Jeff is an RPG Maker XP Based English Language game which is developed by Hukon, who is a participant of the Relic Castle Community game event. Being a Pokemon Game lover he made this awesome rom hack with a new and unique storyline.
The last update in the game happened in May 2018. Download Pokemon Jeff RPGXP Version for free having an adventurous story and area. Suddenly all the men disappeared in the region and strangely they have the same name “Jeff”. All the people are astonished that happened suddenly and where they are gone.
Being playing the main role, certain challenges are ahead which can lead the game in a specific direction. Moving forward and taking a look at some of the best features available in this game.

 Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Jeff Version
  •  Platform: RPG Maker XP
  •  Developer: Hukon
  •  Last Updat: May, 2018

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

main player near the ship in conversation with shady guy i live for climbing the mountains

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Jeff RPG Maker XP Download:

The developer of this game was a participant of the event happened in Relic Castle Community. For being eligible in the community you have to make a nice rom hack so that you can enter the tournament like in Pokemon 3D 2019 Version. For this purpose, developer Hukon created a game name as Pokemon Jeff, which have a nice and unique storyline. Some of the hidden features like the stable moves and war effects are golden points in the game.
Being a protagonist in the area, you have to defeat the enemy of this region by first knowing is behind this evil game. Why they have kidnapped all the men name as Jeff? What are their intentions in this area? From where they belong? All of these questions have answers if you move forward and intend to help the people of this region. Also, try Pokemon Dusk ROM Download
 Being the main character you have to the power of defeating all those evil organizations, who are responsible for these evil deeds. Also, your mom called you that your father names as jeff disappeared from the region and she doesn’t know who is responsible for this.
Now the game is more interesting to play and complete all the missions because you are playing for your father to save him on time. You can gain some pokemon in the area and train them for being partners in war and different small missions. All of these kinds of tactics can be useful if you are willing to save your father as well as the people of region from this curse.

Getting the Pokemon:

Getting pokemon can be challenging for you because you have to perform different tasks to the strangers so that you can get some new pokemon. All of these tasks can be challenging for you because there difficulty level is different.
As far as the difficulty level is concerned, you will experience that the difficulty is increased from the normal pokemon rom hacks. Having high difficulty means that you have to struggle hard for almost all kinds of deeds and tasks like in Pokemon Charcoal Version. These features and rules must be followed for having success in getting the people back who have disappeared from the scene.

Graphics and Gameplay:

As far as the graphics of the game is concerned, they are simply amazing, because the war and move effects make everyone crazy about this game to play it. There are so many interactable objects for you to get the necessary information.
These objects may have a different look from any previous rom hack because each and everything has a nice color and transitions effects. The gameplay is enhanced a lot by adding some breaks and slow-motion effects. All the bugs in the moves as well as in the attack actions are being removed. Now you can enjoy the endless gameplay of this game which makes it more unique from other rom hacks.

Battle and Wars:

For defeating all of your opponent’s teams such as Evil organizations who have disappeared all the men name as Jeff, you have to do battles with them. First, find them in there place by traveling here and there.
After finding them and collecting the best possible pokemon in this region, there are several tactics that you can defeat all of your opponents. Remember that all of your rivals have the best possible pokemon, and all of your opponents are strong enough to compete you on time. So you have to prepare yourself for hard gameplay.

 List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Jeff Download for RPGXP:

  •  The plot of this game is different.
  •  All the men named as Jeff being disappeared from the scene.
  •  Get the pokemon by performing for the strangers.
  •  HMs and TMs are available.
  •  Many bad jokes are there.
  •  Adventurous gameplay as well the gameplay is enhanced.
  • Your mom calls you for help.
  • Evil Organization has mysterious powers.

Download Pokemon Jeff Game for Free Now:

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