Pokemon Wally Version Download (Updated)

Pokemon Wally Version is a remake of Pokemon Emerald Version. Its a GBA Rom hack by Bladecraft, that is containing many new pokemon and characters. Pokemon Wally Version is a complete Pokemon Emerald Remake, which includes the Pokemon not in Pokemon Emerald. There are 922 Pokemon and 46 Trainers with Pokemon. It also has many new locations, characters and areas to explore and discover. The game is currently being developed by Bladecraft, she is developing this game on her own free time.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Wally
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake: Pokemon Emerald
  • Author: Bladecraft

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Wally Version:

The story of Pokemon Wally Version revolves around your character, who protagonist to the game is a young boy named Wally. Wally Pokemon adventures begin when he receives Pokemon from Professor Birch. Pokemon that he receieves are Pokemon, which we all know as Pokemon that you could catch in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald called Treecko. After Wally got the Pokemon, later on in the game, Professor Birch’s assistant delivers to Wally another Pokemon. It is Pokemon Mudkip.

As a result of this action taken by professor, it causes him to lose his interest of Pokemon for some time and decides not to become a Pokémon trainer like his father Norman did before him. On the other hand, Wally’s older brother named Barry now takes care of Torchic (his first Pokemon) and Treeko (received from Prof.Birch). Wally realizes at one point that Pokemon are special creatures. Pokemon may cause some harm and hurt you, but Pokemon have feelings too. Pokemon should be treated with kindness and understanding, or Pokemon might end up hurting you instead of being your friend. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red 721 Free Download

As this Version story develops, it contains a long storyline that will take you to many familiar places in the Hoenn region (as Pokemon Emerald did), including the caves and routes as well as other areas and cities that were featured in Pokemon Emerald Version only.

Main Objective:

The main objective in Pokemon Wally is to become a Pokemon master and beat all 8 Gym Leaders which are located around the Hoenn region; after defeating each gym leader you will be awarded the right to use each gym’s special badge, which each differ from their Pokemon Pokemon type. It is very similar to Pokemon Emerald in that regard, because Pokemon Gym Challenge was one of the main objectives in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Exploration has been made easier in Pokemon Wally through features such as the use of a bicycle for characters to quickly travel around Hoenn. Bicycles are found almost immediately after beginning your Pokemon adventure and have unlimited uses within routes only. On top of that feature, you can also ride on a boat from Slateport City or Lilycove City (both ports) to explore different islands which contain wild Pokemon and trainers who wish to battle you. The main objective in Pokemon Wally is to become a Pokemon master by exploring places where nobody ever explored before and catching each and every Pokemon there is to catch in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald! Also, try Pokemon Digimon Fire Red Download (Working 100%)

Better Battle Engine:

It uses a Pokemon battle engine based on Pokemon Emerald’s. Pokemon have weaknesses towards certain movesets while strong against other movesets. The main goal of any Pokemon battle is to reduce your opponent’s Pokemon HP to zero. If you are able to successfully do that, then the other player will automatically use a “white out” and lose against you (in case there are no limits of lives between the two players). Some examples of Pokemon are: Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Piplup , Shroomish, Starly, Machop, Bulbasaur (Pokemon starter), Squirtle (Pokemon starter) etc.

Stronger Pokemon:

Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald, which are also included in Pokemon Fire Red (and other versions) have been added to Pokemon Wally Versions Pokedex! Unlike the original Pokémon games which limited players to only 151 Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar or just 100 Electrode, Eevee and Snorlax for example, here each player is able to capture at least 300 or more unique Pokemon characters from the Hoenn region by the time he beats all 8 gym leaders for example.

So many places where battles occur throughout the regions are completely randomized. For example if a wild pokemon appears in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green in the grass, this Pokemon might be found on a tree or water and so on. Pokemon Wally version also has more trees with berries where wild pokemon can be encountered.

This Pokemon game is available both as Pokemon Fire Red (U) and Pokemon Leaf Green (U) when you get the right patch for it from gbatemp.net . It allows players to encounter pokemon anywhere they want, in order to catch the strongest pokemon ever!

Entire Hoenn Dex is obtainable:

A Different Kind of Pokemon Fan Game is a Pokemon fan game in which the main character will start his journey with Pokemon Ruby when Pokemon Sapphire was just released. Yes, you read that correctly; Pokemon Wally Version has 807 Pokemon available for capture and trainable (or 940 if you get a Pokemon from an event).

The only thing that should not work is battle animations, but that’s because we don’t have time to finish them. There are plenty of trainers around Kanto and Johto so it won’t feel like something is missing. Of course other regions will follow soon after their release as well!

Here’s a list of Pokemon available in Pokemon Wally Version:

– Pokemon Ruby (Slateport, Mauville, Lilycove, Mossdeep)

– Pokemon Sapphire (Littleroot Town, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town)

– Pokemon Emerald (Petalburg City, Slateport City, Mauville City)

– Pokemon FireRed (Viridian City, Pewter City)

– Pokemon LeafGreen (Pallet Town?) [The player will start his journey with the Pokemon and Pokedex number that match the game he used for starting. All these Pokemon come after the Johto #151.] You can check their availability in your region at this spreadsheet. It also includes new moves Pokemon Wally Version Pokemon will have.

There are plenty of Easter Eggs in it that Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald players will certainly appreciate! For Pokemon fans it’s a really good thing to see the Pokemon they love make a comeback. It is also worth mentioning that It has some Pokemon from other generations such as Rowlet and Popplio from Sun & Moon, for example.

This game might not be what you would expect from the first glance at screenshots but there is definitely a lot more to discover! We hope players can enjoy their time regardless of gameplay changes or absence of battle animations. Also, try Pokemon Wilting Y Download (v2.67 Latest)

Gym Leaders:

Gym Leaders are Pokemon given by Pokemon Professor Shigeki Morimoto in Pokemon Wally Version. Pokemon Registeel are the ones that you get at the beginning of the game. The other four can be obtained once you receive a certain amount of Gym Badges. Pokemon Groudon is the Pokemon you fight at Pokemon Mountain (Groudon is a Pokemon like Pokemon Eevee, as Pokemon Eevee can be transformed into Pokemon Flareon and Jolteon). Pokemon Kyogre is found in Pokemon Lake.

The Elite Four are four Pokemon that give challenges against trainers who have managed to defeat all eight Gym Leaders. Pokemon Ho-oh will be given by Professor Shigeki Morimoto once you receive the final Gym Badge. The other three Pokemon members of the Elite Four cannot be obtained until after beating the game for the first time. Then, go back to your house, which has been left behind and take on all four members of the Elite Four.

The Champion:

The Champion is the final trainer that gives a challenge to trainers who have managed to defeat all the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. The Champion is one of the four gym leaders in Pokemon Wally Version, but you can’t get it until you beat the game for the first time in any quest (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). Then go back to your house which has been left behind and take on Lance with let’s say Pokemon Pokemon! Also, try Pokemon Sako GBA.

In this game there are Pokémon Trainers everywhere! When you find them they will give challenges no matter what level their Pokémon are at. You can fight three different types of Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon Wally Version. You can fight a Pokemon Trainer who has an over leveled Pokemon, a Pokemon Trainer with let’s say three level 100 Pokemon (you can use Pokemon that are over level 100 at this point), and a Pokemon trainer with all different kinds of Pokemon.

As the strongest trainer here Good Morning wally Magma Runt Please tell me your name

The Pokedex:

The pokedex is very similar to other Pokemon games where you have to collect 150 different species of Pokemon. In the game it lists everything about a Pokemon including what level it evolves into or if it can evolve into more than one Pokémon!

The player must battle them to win a Gym Badge or collect a Pokemon from them when they become accessible. This is an example of how each Gym Leader’s party is set up.

Download Pokemon Wally Version For Free:

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