Pokemon Alabaster Download RPG (Latest 0.6.4)

Pokemon Alabaster is RPG Maker XP game which is created by Alababal using the English language. The story of a 10-year-old trainer is captured through this adventure game. Several changes in the storyline has been done while adding some new pokemon from different generations. Let’s dive in and explore some amazing features of pokemon alabaster download rpg.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Alabaster RPG:

The Nyejo region is a new area in the game where you and your friends roam around as international Pokémon trainers, scientists, and breeders. Despite being professional Pokemon trainers, Ash Ketchum and his mom Delia go to school too so they can learn everything their children need to know about the Pokemon world. Adults under the age of 18 will have a chance to earn their Trainer status and gain opportunities. Also, try Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer Download

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You’ve always enjoyed Pokemon. On your 10th birthday, your mom presents you with two starters and you know just what to do– Become a Pokemon Trainer. You soon enroll in Nyejo Academy and start officially training the Pokemon that will be by your side for the duration of their journey together.

Pokemon Alabaster begins with your character being tasked by Professor Willow to save the world from destruction at the hands of Team Rocket who plans on using nuclear energy in order to reach their goal. You start off in Pallet Town where there are few options available other than battling wild Pokemon or exploring because it’s fairly linear. This changes later on though when you can explore more of what Pokemon Alabaster has to offer like Route 12 which contains challenging trainers and new Pokemon encounters including Tangela! Also, try Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer

Being a Pokemon Trainer:

Players control either male or female characters who start out as children in the small town of Aspertia City with their first Pokemon – Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip – before setting off to explore vast regions as they journey across various environments while completing quests from non-player characters (NPCs). There are also side quests that can be undertaken during gameplay such as capturing Landor’s Latios/Latias at Southern Island which has been disabled due to its remoteness.

The player is a trainer in the area of Pokemon Alabaster, who sets off on an adventure with the town’s assistant professor Professor Juniper and her grandmother to explore this new region.

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The game is set upon a great journey across various regions that are rich in natural beauty and many Pokemon species. Each of these areas represent parts of its own regional map from Pokemon Ruby such as Routes 101-102 (which was based on Route 102), Routes 120-121 (based on Route 119) or even routes like 151-152 which we will have access to for the first time in Pokemon Alabaster.

There are wild Pokemon battles where players can fight against other trainers’ Pokemon; however it’s not just about challenging battle after battle but also exploring your surroundings at different points. Also, try Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer

Battling System:

Pokemon Alabaster is a Pokemon game at its core. The Pokemon are the main focus of this video game and battling them is really your only major gameplay mechanic.

Pokemon’s traditional turn based system has been replaced with “poker-style” combat where you attack first then wait for the opponent to respond, playing rock paper scissors in real time as opposed to using HP meters that deplete over turns or randomized dice rolls

There isn’t much strategy here: it just boils down to knowing which Pokemon would be strong against other Pokemon types, picking movesets with high DPS on low cooldowns, and spamming those until one wins.

Mega Evolutions:

This Pokemon game introduces a new mechanic called Mega Evolution, where Pokemon have the ability to transform into an alternate version of themselves that’s much more powerful and has access to different movesets. This is done by collecting items called “Mega Stones”, which upgrade their abilities in battle and change their appearance

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However, this can only be performed once per battle so it takes some strategy on when you use them: do you save them for later or use them now? It really depends on what your opponent’s doing as well because if they’re trying to heal up then using these would likely just waste your turn. The selection process itself becomes all about who has the stronger Pokemon at any given time. Also, try Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer

Mega Stones:

There are a total of eight Pokemon games that have been released so far, and each game has its own set of Mega Stones. There’s the Fire Stone for Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald; Thunderstone from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum; Leaf Stone in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Mega Evolutions can only be done once per battle but they’re still very powerful weapons to use against your opponent. If you save them until later in the battle then it’ll take some careful planning on which Pokemon should get them first, since there’s no guarantee that anic will make more than one appearance during any given fight


Pokemon Alabaster game features these items that are essential for catching Pokemon and making sure they don’t escape. They can be bought at Poke Marts in the city or collected as rewards after completing a quest.

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There are over 700 Pokemon to collect, each with their own special abilities and combat strategies (e.g., fire-type Pokemon deal more damage when attacking grass-type Pokemon). Players will need to use strategy by selecting which types of Pokemon team up well together on certain quests.

Catch Pokemon:

You can try your luck at catching Pokemon by exploring the world and finding them with a Poke Ball. But you’ll need strategy, skill, and quick reflexes if you want to capture these wild creatures. When you encounter a Pokemon out in the wild, there are two primary ways of capturing it:

Using an item from your bag like a Potion or luring them into one of your three available Pokedex Holders using either Berries or throwing Balls for some chance-based success. Either way, once they’re caught, that’s not all – Pokemon may also come disguised as other common Pokémon types such as Rattata or Spearow.

Rewards for filling out pokédex:

The Alabaster Pokemon Pokedex is a list of all the Pokemon you have seen in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. To fill out one row, catch or receive an egg from another player with that Pokemon species (or trade with other players). If you are playing on DS games, it will be easy to find them because they can only appear in certain areas of Sinnoh. My favorite place to hunt for new Pokémon is Route 203. There’s so many different types and some rare ones too! I’ve managed to complete my pokedex over 100% just by walking around this route.

To get started:

– Catch your first Pokemon–a Rattata near Viridian City

– Get a Bulbasaur at the pokecenter in Pokemon Center in Pallet Town

– Get an egg from Professor Oak at Pokemon Lab on Route 29

– Catch a Nidoran♀ while walking around Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.


– Trade with other players to get the last Pokemon you need for your pokedex! (You can trade eggs, too!)

– Find out how many types of Pokemon there are by going into Settings and looking under ‘Pokedex’ options. There’s more than 150 different species!

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Alabaster RPG:

  • Stunning graphics that make it feel like you’re playing in the Pokemon world.
  • Two strong rivals (story will continue, win or lose)
  • You can explore new regions and discover incredible Pokemon from all over the region, including many never before seen!
  • 7th gen mechanics
  • Trainers will have to work together as one of three teams – Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue) or Team Valor (red)
  • An all-new storyline which varies slightly based on decisions
  • Exp level cap
  • Rewards for filling out pokédex
  • To defeat enemy trainers and defend their territory.
  • Join up for intense team battles against other players around the world! Communicate using different emotes.
  • A very large region with tons to explore
  • You’ll need them too when your opponent starts yelling about how they just knocked out two of your Pokemon!
  • A dynamic modified weather system

Download Pokemon Alabaster ROM For Free:

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