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Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer is an amazing new game which is based on Pokemon Leaf Green Game with everything randomized in it. Playing in the Pallet Town, completing all the pending missions. This game is Pokemon Leaf Green with everything different, Pokemon species, Pokemon moves, Pokemon stats, Pokemon items.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Leaf Green Randomized Version:

Player playing as the lead role Pokemon Trainer, with the Pokemon who has the ability to learn any Pokemon’s move. Because of this, player needs to be smarter in choosing Pokemon and choose wisely based on Pokemon moveset and Pokemon flexibility.

This game is not entirely random because there are rules that must be followed in order for Pokemon species, Pokemon moves, Pokemon items to follow in line. So you can’t get Snorlax with Fly or Pikachu with Water Gun. The difficulty still lies in the gym leaders who always randomly picks from a set of moves which you need to know as well as its most effective type. Also, try Pokemon Axis Download (v3.1 Updated)

player conversation

The Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer features an Auto-Battle Function where you only need to click 1 time then your Pokemon will fight automatically that way it’ll save your time and effort. Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer uses Pokemon Fire Red’s engine, so the Pokemon sprites are Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon moves were also based from Pokemon Fire Red.

This game is in beta version, with Pokemon types being randomized on each play through. There are only few bugs left to fix which was fixed in Beta 1 (Fixed the Fresh Water not re-filling at the Moomoo Farm after Typing), Beta 2 (Lavender Town music plays normally now) , and I don’t know if they’re still working for another one since I deleted my Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer disc before updating it one more time.

The difficulty of this game lies mostly in the Gym Leaders where all of their Pokemon types are randomized in Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer. Pokemon moveset is also randomized as well, Pokemon stats are not that much of a problem because Pokemon level up through Exp Points that you have collected from Pokemon Battles and Pokemon caught using PokeBalls.

main player roaming around

Pallet Town:

Pallet town is one of the most important Pokemon Towns in the Pokemon World. You start here as your Pokemon Trainer, learn how to use Pokemon and PokeBalls from Professor Oak, then you’re on a mission to complete all the pending missions. After that you’re free to challenge the Pokemon League (or not if you want).

Pallet Town is also home of Gary Oak who always challenges you in every new game but now he’s gone! Instead, there are old ladies scattered around Pallet Town or more accurately in each Pokemon Center. These Old Ladies are actually Gym Leaders from other Pokemon towns so they can challenge you anytime they want and anywhere they want.

To get through Pallet town smoothly without trouble with these Old Ladies; you need do 2 things: 1. After picking your Pokemon, go to Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon until they are in Great Pokemon condition. 2. Buy PokeBalls (preferably the Master Ball) to catch these Old Ladies before they can come out of their Gyms.


You start Pallet Town with only few Pokemon choices from Professor Oak’s Lab but you’ll see that he has tons of Pokemon left behind in his lab so you need to visit him again after getting Pokemon Badge in Viridian City Gym then he’ll give you additional 3 Pokemon Pokemon for each badge you have plus some extras depending on how many badges you got from Gym Leaders.

conversation with professor oak

You need to release old Pokemon into Oak’s Lab if there’s more than 6 Pokemon inside because Pokemon can’t stay inside Pokemon Center forever. Pokemon Center also offers healing services for Pokemon that are injured during a Pokemon Battle. Pokemon Center is the best place to store Pokemon because it stocks on Fresh Water that you can refill and use it at any of your Pokemon Centers around Kanto Region.

Also, Pokemon Centers in other towns offer free heal service to Pokemon unless there’s Gym Leader challenge going on which means you need to battle them first before getting their badge and they’ll disappear from the Gym with their Pokemon back into the Pokemon Center afterward.

Viridian Forest:

Viridian Forest is one of the most dangerous Pokemon areas in Pokemon World. It’s full of Pokemon Trainers that want to steal your Pokemon for their Pokemon collection. If you don’t take care of them fast enough then they’ll run away with your Pokemon.

Rival Noobie sent out Treecko

There are many Pokemon Trainers scattered around Viridian Forest and they’re not easy to beat since you just started out as a Pokemon Trainer so be careful when encountering them by yourself or with few Pokemon using items such as PokeDolls, Repels, Escape Orb and if all else fails then use Master Ball and hope for the best. These are just some tips I can give you about how to get through Viridian Forest safely inside Pallet Town but once you leave Pallet Town then I’ll have no more control over what Pokemon you catch or Pokemon that’ll be stolen from you.


PokeDoll is one of the items you can use to protect yourself from Pokemon Trainers because they don’t always attack first when they find a trainer so make sure your Pokemon are in Great Pokemon condition before entering and if by any chance these Pokemon Trainers do attack you then equip PokeDolls on both or your active and backup Pokemon because it takes two steps for them to steal one of your Pokemon.

Also, there’s a trick that lets you get through Viridian Forest without fighting with any of those Shady Old Ladies or Mysterious Psychic Guys at all but I won’t list it here since this article will be updated soon due to new updates from Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer.

Take advantage of Pokemon Abilities such as Pokemon with the Ability Healer Pokemon to Heal Pokemon quicker or Pokemon with Run Away Ability to get away from Pokemon Trainers faster. TIP: Always heal your Pokemon so they can avoid attacks that’ll lead up to a One Hit KO which is critical if you want to keep most of your Pokemon.

Safari Zone Gate:

You need access code for this gate otherwise, you won’t be able to enter Safari Zone so make sure you have it when heading out there because it’s going to take some time finding the correct code out on other websites.

Safari Zone Gate contains Pokemon such that Pokemon Trainers who visit Pokemon Safari Zone in Fuchsia City won’t have a chance of getting Pokemon they can find here so you’ll get Pokemon from all across the Johto Region.

It’s important to enter with only few Pokemon because Pokemon Center is not allowed inside Safari Zone and if by any chance one of your Pokemon gets injured then it must be released into Oak’s Lab or else, all Pokemon will stay in Pokemon Center until their status heals back to full health which takes a long time.

This is actually how you catch Pokemon on Trainer-less Wild Pokemon areas which are otherwise hard to capture so come prepared with PokeDolls, Repels and HMs like Strength, Cut or Rock Smash depending on what kind of Pokemon you’re going for in there. Also, try Pokemon Eternal X Download (v2.67 Updated)

I highly do not recommend Pokemon with Good Pokemon condition in there because Pokemon inside Safari Zone have high chance of inflicting status ailments like Poison or Burn and Pokemon with Good Pokemon condition will not be able to heal it quickly so make sure your Pokemon are at least Great Pokemon condition before entering.

To speed up catching process, try using Pokemon that know Fly out of Pokemon you’re planning to catch and then use them as your backup Pokemon in Pokemon Center. FACT: This method works well on capturing Wild Pokemon where they stay still but NOT on Trainer-less areas such as Safari Zone Gate otherwise, you’ll just disturb the wild ones while trying to catch a trainer’s Pokemon but please note that this trick is perfect.

Pewter City:

Pewter City is one of the most Pokemon dense city in Kanto Region and Pokemon here are very strong for Pokemon Trainers newbie or experts but Pokemon are weak to Psychic type Pokemon so they should have some Pokemon with Psychic Pokemon moves.

After getting rock smash HMs from Bill at his house, go back to city then go find and defeat Brock at the gym using Rock Smash that you just learned about from him. The same Pokemon that you used inside Pokemon Center should be able to defeat Brock’s Pokemon with ease.

Pokemon Trainers can collect PokeDoll in Pewter City or buy them in Pokemon Centers for $10 each, unfortunately, there are only 5 PokeDolls per bag so it will run out quickly but good thing is that this game has unlimited free PokeBalls. It doesn’t matter which level Pokemon Trainer uses a PokeBall against Wild Pokemon as long as it’s strong

I highly recommend to avoid trainers here if you’re not a Pokemon Trainer that started recently because I don’t want you to lose your level 100 Pokemon so go on ahead after getting Surf Move from Bill’s House. After that, go find and defeat Brock inside Pewter City Gym so he can teach you how to use Rock Smash which is perfect for breaking rocks blocking the path to Viridian City Pokemon Center. Also, try Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer

TIP: Water Pokemon will be helpful in avoiding damage from potential encounter against Youngster Joey who uses Electric Pokemon at Cinnabar Mansion Pokemon Gym.

Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center:

This Pokemon Center is not much different from other Pokemon Centers in Pokemon games but you can revive your Pokemon here by paying up to $2000 for a Pokemon that faints and if you have more than one Pokemon, you will only pay the cost of reviving ONE Pokemon so make sure you deposit all your Pokemon up to the limit before going on ahead unless you’re willing to spend all your money.

Cinnabar Islands Gym has no real Pokemon Trainer inside it so get ready to do some weird activities like pushing a boulder out of the way even though it’s unnecessary because there are two paths where this rock is blocking. Anyway, go further by defeating the trainer who stands in your way and you’ll get Pokemon that knows Surf which makes Pokemon Trainer’s life a lot easier on this island.

Viridian City Pokemon Center:

This Pokemon Center has free beds available for Pokemon Trainers so make sure to use them if your Pokemon are injured because Pokemon Centers heal Pokemon by 1/2 or completely depending on how much Pokemon needed to be healed. This is also the last chance to deposit Pokemon before going into Viridian Forest where wild Pokemon are very dangerous. Also, try Pokemon Lifeless Download (v1.1 Updated)

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer:

1) Pokemon species have been randomized.

2) Pokemon moves have been randomized.

3) Items in the game are randomized and more than 150 new items added to the game.

4) Pokemon level up moves are changed every time they level up. Newly added move has a dark color background in it’s name.

5) Trainer Pokemon levels are higher than player’s levels at the start of the game . For example Lvl 57 Rival battle starts at Lvl 60 so that you can challenge his higher leveled team or even catch his high level team Pokemon.

6) Pokemon stats are randomized, Pokemon base strength, Pokemon base defence, Pokemon base stamina and Pokemon base speed are different for every Pokemon. Individual values remain same as original Pokemon Leaf Green.

7) New moves added to the game like Psychic Terrain that blocks entry of Ghost type Pokemon in it’s ground , also changes Psychic terrain’s move effects on Pokemon inside it. As they get bonus damage against Dark-type Pokemon so you can challenge them by using method similar to Macho Brace trick . They can be caught even without encountering them before . It is a great thing about this randomizer which no other randomizer has done or thought about doing before. 8) Features mentioned above makes this game.

Download Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer For Free:

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