Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer Download

Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer is a new Game which is based on Pokemon Emerald Version. With over several hundreds of new pokemon added, special abilities and powers have been given. Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer has been praised and named to be one of the greatest Pokemon games in history by Pokemon fans. It is a Pokemon Rom Hack which requires an emulator such as Pokemon VBA or Visual Boy Advance.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer:

The player is playing the main role of a trainer who wish to become a champion of the region. It explores the island of Hoenn and its 3 main islands: Small Island, Large Island, and Fiery Island. The role of Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer is to catch Pokemon from Hoenn region by completing tasks given by Pokemon League’s Elite 4 or Pokemon Gym Leaders. As always, Pokemon are everywhere in wild – battling them will be fun especially with Pokemon having special abilities and powers.

What will Glide do

Several new pokemon has been added in it. Pokemon such as Pokemon Fairy, Pokemon Snowling, Pokemon Arceus are available in Pokemon game to be caught and few more Pokemon have been given powers too. This randomized Pokemon game will not disappoint you! Also, try Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer Download

The updates of this version are kept regular with new content added through time. Pokemon fans can stay connected with the game to update their achievements in completing their Pokedex. More secrets will be revealed as you explore!

Dewford Town:

Dewford Town is one of the most beautiful Pokemon Towns in it. It is located on a sandy beach and has a Pokemon Gym that trains Pokemon for free! The Pokemon Mt. Pyre is not quite easy to explore. There are many challenges awaiting you as you go deeper into the mines of Pokemon Mt. Pyre, including fighting with wild Pokemon in their habitat on different levels of Pokemon Mt. Pyre. Also, try Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer Download

Articune and Seviper

Pokemon trainers will get special rewards if they complete the first 5 puzzles of Pokemon Mt. Pyre – The player will receive special items such as Rare Candies . Pokemon trainers who manage to reach at least Level 25 will be rewarded with an interactive object which can be put into their PC box and when Pokemon trainers interact with Pokemon NPC at Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Centers will be more fun and full of life!

Things to do in Dewford Town:

Pokemon trainers can interact with Pokemon Professor Pokemon who will give Pokemon Trainer the latest news and information about Pokemon if any. Pokemon trainers can also engage in Pokemon Contest or Pokemon Gym Battle! Also, try Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer

Lavaridge Town:

Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer will keep Pokemon players on their toes as they explore different towns throughout their adventure. They could encounter new pokemon while searching for items/ rare candies, battle gym leaders in the town or fight strong wild pokemon like Blaze Black 2 and White 2 – stronger version of a legendary Pokemon Volcarona. Pokemon trainers can either choose to go up to Mt Chimney or down into the cave instead of exploring Lavaridge Town.

do you choose this pokemon

The Lavaridge town has a hot spring that gives benefits such as healing Pokemon’ status changes or curing Pokemon from bad poisoning effects. Pokemon trainers who are interested in Pokemon contest could challenge Pokemon Gym Leader Flannery to a Pokemon contest battle!

Pokemon trainers can explore the dangerous Pokemon Fiery Field and go up Mt Chimney . The volcano is considered as one of the hardest challenges for Pokemon players in Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer. As they go deeper into Mt Chimney , Pokemon trainers will be rewarded with valuable items and rare candies such as Rare Candies.

Other things to do : Battle new pokemon, get more experience and level up their team before going on another adventure !

Team Aqua Hideout: Team Aqua has created a base next to New Mauville City where they have a Pokemon Gym. Pokemon trainers who wish to challenge Pokemon leader Matt and his Pokemon team, should prepare themselves with Pokemon that are strong against Water Pokemon because Team Aqua’s Pokemon Leader are using Pokemon from Hoenn Region such as Pokemon Wailord.

Foe Cloyster Used Flamethrower

The player must travel through Rusturf Tunnel and arrive at New Mauville City before they could access the “Team Aqua Hideout”. Once inside the hideout, Pokemon Trainers will need Mach Bike to get around. There are many levels in Team Aqua Hideout. Each level has a different task assigned for Pokemon trainer to complete it – some tasks require players to battle wild pokemon or use special abilities of their own Pokemon ! And rewards await them after completing each level!

Sootopolis city:

Sootopolis city is the Pokemon Paradise for Pokemon trainers. Pokemon trainers who manage to complete Pokemon Mt. Pyre will be rewarded with a special map that shows Pokemon trainers how many Pokemon are currently living in Sootopolis city, what kind of Pokemon and also WHERE each Pokemon currently lives! Pokemon trainers can go around Sootopolis city and challenge 4 gym leaders – Winona, Tate & Liza (Double Battle), Wallace (Double Battle) – there are 2 pokemon gyms in Sootopolis Gym : Water Pokemon Gym and Psychic Type Gym. Also, try Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer

Pokemon League:

The Pokemon Pokemon League is the last place for Pokemon trainers to explore – it is located on the top floor of Pokemon Pokemon Center. After completing Elite 4’s task, you can challenge them in a competition and become a champion of The Pokemon Pokemon League . Only then are you able to save your progress, but there is always an option for ‘New Game +’ where you can start all over again with your old Pokedexes.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer:

  • Some new pokemon.
  • Graphics are updated and changed.
  • You can find Pokemon in new places.
  • New Pokemon moves (Attack and defense.)
  • New Pokemon Types
  • Special Abilities such as Speed Boost and Slow Start, which changes the gameplay.
  • More Pokemon are obtainable. More Pokemon Evolution Methods. New Features: Extra Pokemon Type Changes The dragon type is now a steel-type, not an ice-type anymore. Old pokemon evolution methods have been deleted, and replaced with new ones to allow more pokemon evolutions.
  • Some Pokemon got new power levels while some got lower power levels.
  • It’s up you decide who to train!
  • All Gen1 – 3 Pokemon Are Obtainable It’s up you decide which one to get!
  • You can catch every single legendary Pokemon including Mewtwo Evolved Pokemon.
  • It include over 550+ new wild pokemon for you to catch based on Hoenn Region, with unique abilities and powers;
  • Trainers from 8 gyms to defeat all over again along with their elite 4 members;
  • A lot of secret bases and areas for your trainer to explore after defeating the Elite Four Members;
  • New Island Groups which is Fiery Island (4 islands), Snowy Island Group (8 islands), Pokemon Island (6 islands) and Small Pokemon Island;
  • New Pokemon which includes Pokemon Type Fairy, Pokemon Type Ghost, Pokemon Arceus, Pokemon Poliwhirls, Pokemon Wigglytuff, Pokemon Golduck;
  • New Items including Cure Seed Item.

Download Pokemon Extreme Emerald Randomizer For Free:

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