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Get the Working and the full version of Pokemon Chaos Black ROM Hack from pokemonlog.com which is one of the most stable and best websites for providing pokemon rom hacks. As Pokemon Chaos ROM is developed and produced by the Mewthree INC having some amazing additions to the storyline. This is one of the demanding and amazing hacks of Pokemon Fire Red, as we know that pokemon fire rom have a bunch of interesting pokemon games. Some new features and updates are embedded in the latest version of this rom game.

Screenshots of Pokemon Chaos Free Gameplay:

Pokemon Chaos Black

Download Chaos Black rom

Pokemon Chaos Black download

free Pokemon Chaos Black ROM

Pokemon Chaos Black version

Some Basic File Info about Pokemon Chaos Black ROM:

  •  Hack of: Fire Red Version
  • Name: Pokemon Chaos Black Complete ROM Edition
  • Developed by: Mewthree Inc
  • File Size: Above 40MB

Brief Review of the Gameplay of Chaos ROM

Some new Pokemon characters are explicitly added to the game, having some new amazing roles in the game to play. Overall gameplay is enhanced by the previous versions. Now the whole storyline in the Pokemon Chaos Black is changed and made really interesting and based on some amazing adventures in the area assigned to you and will be discovered by you as well like in Pokemon Omicron. Some new adventures places are added which can be easily discovered in the game while roaming in the area. The area assigned in this game is also big and vast in size wise. The game has some Pokemon which are Fake and that’s why this ROM Hack is famous for. Also, they are called as Fakemons.

Changes made in the Chaos Free ROM Hack:

Some new and old Pokemons are also introduced, some of them are from Generation 1 and Generation 7 as well. Now for making the game more complex and interesting the storyline of the game is changed from the previous pokemon games. Now the leading characters are also changed which can be the main roles to play some great missions. For completing the advanced class missions obviously, you have to train them before you use them for your service to complete in your own way. While playing the game on PC you have to install a perfect emulator for PC version, similarly, for playing the game on an android device, you need to install the specific emulator for that. So this Game cannot be played without an Emulator, and for completing the missions you may need to install new plugins as well.

While starting the game your character will be in the form of a starting character and you have to change in 3 basic roles as well. Your character will transform into a new character, as you move forward and complete some complex missions in the area. Now Professor Oak assign you some tasks and missions in that area. Some new characters will also be assigned to the new missions as well. While he assigns the tasks you will be then confirmed by alerting. Now you have to choose an option to be in Pokemon among these three name as Flaon, Magid and Bliqu. Now you have complete some new missions and tasks assigned by the professor as well. Time management is one of the advanced tools in this game to move forward in the game.

Some amazing Features of Pokemon Chaos Black ROM:

  • Some new Fakemons and Pokemons are added.
  • A lot of greenery in the area.
  • There are mysterious and amazing things in the area.
  • Some great characters are added.
  • You have to keep patient.
  • The Pokedex of the game is updated.
  • A new Pokeball is added in this game.
  • Now the Professor Oak is leading character.
  • You play as a starting and new character.
  • New enemies are added.
  • Three options to be a starter pokemon.
  • Entirely new and amazing storyline.

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