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Get the Pokemon Dark Rising ROM from Pokemonlog.com which is the best site for downloading any pokemon rom hack. Pokemon Dark Rising have the best story, having lots of new characters and missions. This is also one of the best rom hack of Pokemon FireRed. The main chraceter is the starter pokemon who have to complete different tasks. Dark rising ROM Hack is created by DarkRisingGirl.

pokemon dark rising

Information of Pokemon Dark Rising ROM:

  • File Name: Dark Rising ROM of Pokemon
  • File Size: Below 10MB
  • Creator: DarkRisingGirl
  • Date of Creation: 2012

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Snapshots:

pokemon dark rising download

pokemon dark rising rom

pokemon dark rising version download

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Walkthrough

Below is the overall walkthrough of dark rising rom, please have a look.


The storyline of Dark Rising Version:

It’s really just a kid who is thrown into a really messed-up situation. Where he has to pick up where his father left off. Or pick up where his mother and father left off and defeat this ultimate evil you know. And that’s essentially like that’s like an anime plot. It’s a plot and it’s one of those plots that it works you gotta fight this evil called arooga. He has the power to you know take over anyone’s mind and use their negative feelings to influence them to do bad things.

He takes over a few like he takes over a few characters in the story and you have to beat them to snap them out of it. You will have your friends, you got your rival who’s your friend. You have like three other rivals that are your friends. All of the guys form a group. As a group go and take on the rouga so it’s not just you alone well technically it is you alone. You have a group of people helping you out as well.

New Changes in Pokemon:

Also, another good thing about the game is that they included generation four and five, along with a few fakemon and one Pokemon. Shadow lugia would be considered a fakemon. Shadow lugia is in the actual Pokemon series Pokemon XD but they had it they included generation four or five like in Pokemon Brown.

They include a fakemon which is also amazing the unfortunate thing. Though is that the Pokemon were subjected to generation 3 mechanics. There was no physical special split so Pokemon that got imported like Weavile. Any dark move any ice type move will do special damage.

Battle Attack System:

Weavile doesn’t really have the best special attack. So Pokemon, like we’ve all, aren’t really all that great. But then you have pokemons like Hi dragon, who has a massive Special Attack state. So you know Hi dragon will benefit greatly from these state the lack of physical special split. The Pokemon likes crafty who get bulk up and whose weaknesses what fighting and flying. Fighting a flying are both physical so all you gotta do is just broke up with scrap. Basically, no one can touch you at all they have to hit you on the special side with something that’s not super effective like Pokemon Clover ROM Free.

Big Changes in the game:

The player got their own fakemon. But in the in the context that they introduced a fake come on the fakemon was you know a product of creature creation which was evil. You having a fakemon would be kind of bad because that would imply that we used evil forces to create that like Pokemon Y ROM.

Unfortunately, mew and Deoxys don’t obey you. Because they weren’t caught at their respective places you get access to drop. You get access to a lot of Legendary’s places

Difficulty increased in the Pokemon Eclipse ROM:

You have to battle like a level 28 gym leader. Her ace is level 20 okay and then the trainers on the route. On the next route, they have like level 15 16 17. But then you go and you battle like a single trainer in front of a cave. Their ace is level 30 it’s like how do you jump ten levels. How do you jump ten levels between like a total of what nine trainers? How do you do that that’s ridiculous and it kept doing that for the entire game?

Some Great Features of Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Free:

  • Get Access to Legendary places.
  • Mew doesn’t obey you.
  • New Missions.
  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • 300 Pokemon are present.
  • New Trees and Environment.
  • The Gameplay is smooth.
  • Few new Fakemons.
  • Now You can move indoor and in buildings.
  • Some new Regions.
  • Day and Night System to play the game.
  • Having a messed-up situation.

Download Pokemon Dark Rising Version for Free:

Download Here

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