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Pokemon Emerald Kaizo is a remake of Pokemon Emerald by SinisterHoodedFigure. The goal is to make the game more difficult than it originally was. This includes making a few changes such as trainers having two Pokemon, giving you less money in-game and increasing your chance of receiving wild Pokemon from 12% to 25%.

Several changes have been made in the gameplay. Now have more than 380+ pokemon in the region. You can now collect items while running which is a big change. Changes to the TMs are extraordinary.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Emerald Kaizo:

The original Pokemon Emerald had 13 gyms and the remake has 18, making it more difficult to complete because of having to beat two trainers in every gym battle rather than one. The Elite Four also have higher levels than before with Red using his team from Gold or Silver when he was at an appropriate level for you since this game remakes those as well.

A few new features include: events that take place throughout your journey, such as Team Magma’s invasion into Mt. Chimney, and Steven Stone (the champion) asking you if you want him to use any TM item on your Pokemon after defeating him. There are many other things changed about the pokemon world including pokecenter. Also, try Mega Moemon Emerald Download

New Moves:

If you’re not a fan of the new moves, you can reset them back to their original state. Simply head over to Viridian City and talk with Mr. Pokemon (the guy who gives out starter Pokemon). He will give you a special one-time only offer that allows players to have up to 16 different moves per battle instead of four! This is very useful for all those trainers using HMs like Fly or Surf as their main attack strategy. Also, try Pokemon Blue Star 2 Download (Working 100%)

TMs Changes:

There are changes to some TMs in Kaizo. In addition, many of the new move tutors offer moves that TM’s do not offer such as Growl and Tackle, which can make it much easier to raise a Pokemon on this difficulty level. The following is a list of all changed TMs:

– TM 01 – Focus Punch replaced with Fake Tears;

– TM 02 – Dragon Claw replaces Razor Wind;

– TM 06 – Toxic replaces Aerial Ace;

– TM 09 – Bullet Seed replace Sweet Scent;

– TM 12 – Acid Armor replaced by Stockpile (learned at Level 43);

– TM 15 – Hyper Beam replaced with Take Down (obtained at Level 10).

Wild Held Items:

Wild Held items in pokemon game means that pokemon can hold items in the wild.

The following are some of the held items:

  • Berrys (berries) which recovers hp and status conditions
  • Choice item like pokeball or master ball, usually needed for capturing a Pokemon’s first forme/formes
  • TMs that teach moves to your Pokemon
  • Rare candies that raise stats by one stage when used on a certain level Pokemon
  • Wild Held Items Listing – berries,TMs,choice item,rare candy.

Pokemon Legendaries:

There are only three Pokemon Legendaries in the game and they can’t be captured. They exist to make you feel accomplished for facing them, and also to provide a chance of capturing their power on your side. Also, try Pokemon Enhanced Emerald Download (v7.7 Latest)

The first legendary is at the front gate when you start playing as it guards against intruders entering the forest for some unknown reason. You have no choice but to battle him, because he won’t move out of your way until you win or lose (and even if you leave without finishing).

It’s not terribly tough so don’t worry about that too much, though it has high physical defense which could pose an issue with low level Pokémon. The second Legendary comes after beating Dragon Tamer Drake and getting his badge.

Catch Pokemon in the area:

In Pokemon Emerald Kaizo, you can catch wild pokemon in the area. This is done by pressing ‘A’ to interact with objects or people and then selecting “Catch”. The other option for catching a Pokemon is using a Pokeball on it. Also, try Pokemon Blue Kaizo

Mt Moon:

– Zubat – Golbat – Parasect (Night)

Route 11:

– Oddish (Morning/Day) – Bellsprout (Morning/Day)

Safari Zone Area One:

– Exeggutor [After Catching] – Pidgey [Surfing Around]

Ability Changes:

– Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam now learn Teleport at level 16.

– Machop learns Karate Chop at level 25 (previously 39).

– Geodude evolves into Graveler at level 25 (instead of 38) and Golem when traded.

– Slowpoke learns Amnesia instead of Growl starting from level 37.

– Exeggcute gets Leech Seed as an egg move since it doesn’t get any other new moves except for Reflect which is its hidden ability. It can only be obtained by breeding the male Pokemon with Ditto or using one in a trade while holding an Everstone to keep that Pokémon’s nature if applicable;

Evolution Changes:

Charmander and Charmeleon can now evolve into the new Pokémon, Mega Charizard X.

Squirtle evolves at level 16 instead of 18.

Wartortle evolution is two levels later than in other Pokemon games.

Ampharos has a higher starting base stat total but less potential as it cannot be taught agility or electric type moves from TMs outside of breeding; this change gives Golbat more utility early on by filling the large gap between its HP growth and Special Attack growth rates.

The move ‘Seismic Toss’ does not exist in this game so there are no items that provide an equivalent effect to catch Pokemon with such high defense stats like Blissey.

Elite Four in Emerald Kaizo:

After beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Emerald Kaizo, I finally had my chance to become champion. But there was still one more challenge left: Red! I challenged him and he proudly accepted. We battled each other for hours upon end, with both of us taking turns at dominating the match-up.

It came down to a final game where we were only two moves away from victory before it all went wrong. One moment when his Blastoise’s Hydro Pump missed me (which allowed me to get SR up) and then another time when he Earthquake did not connect well enough against my Venusaur (both times allowing me to survive), caused his Pokémon’s health bar to dip below zero HP on the verge of defeat as mine remained.

Pokemon League:

Defeat the four trainers in the Pokemon League to become Champion. The Elite Four members are Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and Lance.

Once they have been defeated you can battle them again but with more difficult teams of Pokémon. Defeating all of these makes it possible for Mega Evolution to be used outside battles within this game only!

Gym leaders:

The gym leaders are tough, but their levels don’t scale with your team. You can easily win the first few fights by grinding a little and then coming back to beat them all in one go.

Note that you will need quick reflexes if you want to catch any Pokemon because of Emerald’s new double battles system! Be mindful not only of the status effects on your own Pokemon, but also those from opponents’ teams as well–especially paralysis which is really devastating at these lower levels where every step counts.

Remember: some moves like Thunder Wave paralyze both foes simultaneously while others such as Body Slam just hit one target at random; so it pays off to avoid using Double Team when paralyzed or fighting an Electrode carrying.

Altered movepools for majority of the Pokemon:

All Pokemon now have Hidden Power type appropriate to their species. Pikachu gets Volt Tackle, Iron Tail and Rock Smash instead of Thunder Wave, Double Team and Mimic respectively. Light Ball Pikachu has been replaced with the standard one due to this change.

Rhyhorn gains Earthquake:

Electrode’s Explosion is also replaced by Counter as it becomes part Ground Type. The moves Crunch and Dragon Breath are removed in favor of Horn Drill (to give it a physical attacking move) and Fury Attack for more coverage options while still retaining its original role as an Electric/Ground Pokemon. It also learns Hyper Beam so that there is another possible way for players from other generations familiar with that attack to KO opponents faster.

Evolution stones:

In the early game, you can find a variety of stones that will affect your Pokemon’s evolution. Some of these are rarer than others; for example, I only found one Moon Stone in my playthrough. In order to evolve certain Pokemon with stones like Sun and Moon Stones you have to trade them from another player or track down their locations where they spawn randomly.

With other types of stones like Fire Stones, it doesn’t matter how many you get as long as there is at least one on hand when trying to evolve specific Pokemon into Heatran (as opposed to Magmortar). You might want to keep an eye out for shiny versions too – those do not count towards your inventory limit!

Hoenn starters:

In Pokemon Emerald Kaizo, you start with Torchic as your starter instead of Treecko. The game is balanced for this change in the beginning.

Before level 40 or so, it’s possible to beat some opponents where their levels are higher than yours and get rare candies from them by fighting carefully and using potions strategically when necessary.

Hoenn Starters is available in Evergrande city.

– Torchic is the fire type starter.

– Treecko is the grass type starter.

– Mudkip is the water type starter.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Wild celebi appeared Wild Treecko appeared explore the new area main gamearea

Some Amazing Changes and Features in Pokemon Emerald Kaizo:

  • Catch all 386 Pokemon in the game.
  • Complete the game in one go without saving.
  • Gen IV and V Pokemon are available from the start, including Mega Evolutions.
  • Revamped graphics to look more like Gen VI’s style
  • A new soundtrack by composer Alex Pfeffer with over 48 tracks!
  • Extra dungeons – No longer just a single cave for Team Aqua/Magma…there are now multiple caves throughout the world of Hoenn that you can explore. Some even have puzzles to solve and items hidden within them, as well as being related to specific events found in-game such as Archie taking on Maxie at Mt.
  • Chimney or Wally catching Kyogre after it has been caught by either team .
  • The final dungeon also includes an exclusive puzzle.
  • Altered movepools for majority of the Pokemon
  • Event tickets for legendary pokemon.

Download Pokemon Emerald Kaizo For Free:

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