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Pokemon Eruption is a pokemon fire red rom hack by cooley, using the codebase engine of English. The last update happened in Jan 2018, including several new features and updates in the game. As far as the Story is concerned, it is re-wrote from the main story of Fire Red Which makes the game a little bit changed. Download Pokemon Eruption ROM For Free from pokemonlog, which always gives the 100% working download links for any pokemon rom hack.

The story is about the Pokemon Silver who is a boy of 14 years of age, which have several missions to complete in order to make the game process complete. All the graphics of the game is kept the same as the original fire red version while the story is changed this time. Now let’s move into the detail section of this article to discover what are some special features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Eruption
  • Remake from: Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake By: Cooley
  • Language: English

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

That is a strange stone heard stories of a pokemon that came from space you cannot leave without a pokemon

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Eruption ROM GBA Download:

The young boy name as Pokemon silver is a normal guy and not trained that much who can do wonders. Actually the whole storyline is re-wrote from the original fire red, as you will find some similarities with respect to the Fire Red Version. This is great news for all the GBA Pokemon Games lovers, who are looking for a fresh and new storyline game. The overall title screen is changed with the addition of some new graphics and introducing some new fonts styles as well. As compared to the original version, you will feel a lot more excitement here because there are a lot of new missions and tasks are available which makes the game more complex and vast as compared to other pokemon ROM hacks.

The main character is a boy of 14 years of age, who came as the main character in the pokemon gold, silver and crystal games. In this game, the main character have several pending missions and character tests which should be passed while making sure that you move forward in the game. New Missions and tasks are part of the game which makes the gameplay more excitement full and energy full as well like in Pokemon Spork ROM.

In the previous games, like gold, silver and crystal the silver character used to be a bad boy and having a really bad image in the eyes of people and pokemon masters. But after that you have changed yourself, now you are considered as Good and honest boy who do any work completely and manage time properly. You can only change yourself while travelling from one place to another place, which can make be really challenging for you because all of your rivals are present in different places.

Evil Team:

While travelling from one place to another place, eventually you will come across with an evil team who’s name is Team Knox. They are really bad character people and always destroys the peace process in this region like in Pokemon Wonder Guard. Now by knowing all these facts about the Team Knox, the main mission of yours will be to catch different kinds of pokemon and train them on time having a fight with them. They are ready for any kind of challenges but you have to try to defeat them on time and make sure that their power remains zero and you remain the hero of this area.


Talking about the animations and graphics of the game which is changed a lot while including some nice and new graphic elements. The battle animations and several other animations makes the gameplay a lot more interesting to play all the game to the end. Some new graphics and music to the background effects are also added which makes the overall sound and look of the game menu a lot more unique and awesome. Also, try Pokemon Moon Black 2

As far as the battle system is concerned it is changed a lot while introducing some new battle animations and tactics. Now defeat all of your rivals and enemies by using these tactics. These tactics can be learned when you challenge more and more people in the area. Get training from the Pokemon masters available in your area and catch as much pokemon as you can because this way you will have a huge list of pokemon that can be used at the time of battles and challenges.

List of Some Amazing and New Features in Pokemon Eruption GBA Download ROM:

  • Nice and new gameplay.
  • SéNJO Region.
  • There are some new screens and scripts.
  • The engine of the battle is updated.
  • New moves and movesets.
  • Playing the main role as Silver Character.
  • Having some new missions, world and having unique events
  • Music and graphics are awesome.
  • Moves for HMs and TMs are new.
  • Evil team name as Team Knox is present.

Download Pokemon Eruption ROM For free:

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