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Pokemon Genesis ROM is one of the best-FireRed hack which is based upon interesting storyline. The Gameplay is enhanced a lot with the addition of some new features. Pokemon Genesis Download from Pokemonlog which have some new pokemon from different Generations. The Gameplay have some new twists and missions which makes it more unique than any other hack. You are playing the game as the leading role and the son of a scientist who is new promoted to a new area. The company is facing many corruption cases and have different tasks ahead. Let’s have a look to the awesome features of the game.

Basic Info About Pokemon Genesis GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Genesis GBA Version
  • Remake of Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Creator: Thrace

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

playing the pokemon genesis rom in ice mode


players movements in pokemon genesis game

discover different places

background effect during the gameplay

Complete Walkthrough and Overview of Pokemon Genesis GBA Download:

The main character is the leading role in the area while doing various kind of adventures. Many New pokemon from Gen IV are included in the game which makes the pokedex more updated and huge. However like in Pokemon Unbound ROM Game, there are certain characters who are not in the pokedex and you have to complete the pokedex. The boy is the son of the renowned scientist and they are being shifted from one region to the other one.

As the game starts you will find numerous kind of amazing creatures in the area. The area named as Serao, which have the most amazing elements. New tiles have been added and now part of the game. If you are confused about the storyline yet, it is entirely based upon decision. You have freedom to choose any side you want. If you want to go for the evil side you can go for it. Similarly, there are some good groups as well.

While travelling in the area to bring gifts for your father, you have to visit from one region to another one. Hence you will find that the strange woman of mysterious behaviour is present in the area who have some mysterious kind of skills. You can explore the area for some good characters as well, who are really helpful in finding the gifts for your father. You should also try Crystal Clear Pokemon Game  OR Pokemon Altered Emerald Game

Below are some of the questions that you have to find answers for:

  • In the Seron area who is this mysterious woman?
  • Why is your father dealing with the corrupt people and corrupt company?
  • What does the future hold for the young protagonist?
  • When the border between good and evil becomes blurred?
  • Which side will you choose Good or Bad?


While in the main area, you have to visit a different kind of new regions present in the map. You will explore that the map is so much complex and will find numerous kind of hidden places in the map. All you have to do is to control the map and events. Many new events are now part of the game and you to visit and attend almost all of them.

New Pokemon and Elements:

There are some new pokemon being part of the pokedex and you will find that most of them are from Gen IV. You will find some of them are from other Generations. Some new tiles and sprites are now part of the game and glorify the graphics effects of the game. The Battle and Background effects are so much interesting and astonishing that you will Yell WOW!

List of Some Amazing and Interesting Features in Pokemon Genesis ROM:

  • Having a new area and new maps.
  • Tiles and Sprites.
  • Pokemons from Gen IV.
  • Having Berry Trees and New Repel System.
  • Explore and travel to different regions.
  • The storyline is interesting and decision based.
  • No HMs
  • The Sound and Graphics are mind-blowing.

Download Pokemon Genesis Game Free Now:

Download Here

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