Pokemon Nightmare Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Nightmare is one of the interesting kind of pokemon rom hack which is made with the help of RPG Maker XP, for all the PC game lovers. The storyline of Pokemon Nightmare Version Download is little bit different from the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Version, where you will some new pokemon as additional feature.

The Moves and movesets of the main player have been enhanced a lot. The game is created by Mark_Awesome who have included almost 721 Pokemon upto Generation 6. The main character has to train a different kind of pokemon and travel from one place to another place in search of some new kind of pokemon. Let’s dive into the detail section of this review to explore what are some of the awesome features available in the game.

Full Game Info:

  • Name: Pokemon Nightmare Version
  • Platform: RPGXP
  • Created By: Mark_Awesome

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

players conversation in nightmare game

player in the water

borrowing the lantern

using different routes in pokemon nightmare version

Complete Overview and Walkthrough Pokemon Nightmare Download:

As the game starts, the main player is in the main region where different kind of pokemon characters is living here. The main player has to discover many places and find some new pokemon. Most of the pokemon are wild type and all of them need to be trained correctly because you will see the after effects as well. These trained characters can help you out in different missions and tasks. There is another dimension added that transferred your character automatically and changes in the dialogues although some of them are the same except I’ve changed the creation of the sentences.

Different types of Pokemon Characters are available to test them for several kind of projects. As soon as you start the game you have to use one starter pokemon from the four available pokemon. Red, Leaf, Brendan, and May are the starters available for you, you can choose any one of them. As soon as you choose a starter pokemon, different missions will be allocated to you to choose which one you want to play. There are 2 rivals available and you have to choose one of them. Either choose Girl as Rival or Boy. Wonder Trade is one of the best features of the game, in which you can trade different kind of pokemon that you have captured.

Becoming Trade Expert:

For Becoming a trade expert you have to trade a lot because there are some difficult trades available which makes the trading skill a lot better. The shiny rate in this game is 10% which is being increased from the previous version which makes the characters look more different. Now you have Free and Non-free Trade System. The second floor of chosen Pokemon Center. Pokemon Center is one of the best places where you can get a different kind of experience as well. There are more puzzles and secrets available in the game which makes the game more unique and interesting than ever. Also, try Pokemon Full Moon ROM Download

Battle System:

The Battle system of the game is enhanced alot while ensuring that there are some special moves. The Motion graphics in the game are included which makes the game more different like in Pokemon Aquamarine Download. All of your enemies are ready for having some battle scenes in the game. They also have some pokemon which are expert in winning the battlefield as well. So be careful in challenging someone.

List of Some Amazing kind of Features in Pokemon Nightmare Download Version:

  • New Graphics and motions.
  • Moves and Movesets are different this time.
  • Having 721 new pokemon of different Generations.
  • Some new Gyms are available.
  • Multi Save Files.
  • Mystery Gifts.
  • File Book. Collect some notes for the rewards soon.
  • X/Y and ORAS audio.
  • XY Style Exp Share.
  • Route and City Lights. Still incomplete.

Download Pokemon Nightmare Version For Free:

Download Here

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