Pokemon Flawless Platinum Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS ROM is the first ever rom hack of Pokemon Platinum Version for all the NDS Devices. The game has been remaked and created by Draknir who is one of the famous pokemon rom hack remaker. Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS Download is available for download from our site which has numerous kind of new features and updates which makes the game more advance and unique. If you are searching for a lead role game in which you have been assigned National Dex in the beginning of the game.

Yes! That’s absolutely true, you can enjoy palying with the national dex at the start of the game. There are almost 400+ different kind of pokemon species available to discover in the game, these pokemon are off different types and nature. Some of them are water type while some of them are fire type pokemon as well. Now Let’s Move on! And Explore some of the interesting features and facts available in the game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Flawless Platinum.
  • Platform: NDS
  • Creator: Draknir
  • Size: Above 15 MB

Snapshots of the gameplay:

national dex in flawless platinum download challenged by youngster tristan pokemon skills menu pokemon info in flawless pokemon game

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS ROM:

The game starts with a basic intro of the main player and main characters which are deeply invovled in the game. Lot’s of twists are presnet in the storyline, like adventures and captures of different wild type of pokemon. As we know that this is a hack of Platinum ROM, so the basic storyline structure is the same as the original game. The main player can now move on in different places like in between different buildings and jumping on the wall. Firstly you will be given choice to choose the character genre type, whether you want to play the game in Male or Female Mode. Then you can choose whatever mode you want to choose. Most of the old pokemon have some abilities which are being altered while keeping the same structure of that characters. Wonders are waiting for you to be discovered in the game as the game name suggests that you have to make sure that there are no flaws in the gameplay.

3D Effects in the game are unique than any other pokemon rom hacks for NDS that you have played ever so far. Many pokemon have been edited by changing their abilities and moves as well. As far as moves of the characters are concerned, you will be surprised to see the real moves of the characters are present. You will feel the game moves as realistic because they are being adopted from advance games in the NDS Department. Just relax because not all of them are edited, however, some of them have changes present such as the type change pictured. All trade evolutions have been edited and all happiness evolution have been changed to levels. So you will be allowed to do trade of different kinds and types. In trade you have to use several kind of tactics and skills to apply on the trade tasks.

About Battle System:

Battle system is completely changed with the introduction of several kind of new and old features. Like the moves of main player is enhanced with the addition of some amazing kind of animations effects. All of your enemies teams are present in every area that you are currently travelling, so be aware of the travelling conditions and the dangers ahead in the area. In pokemon flawless platinum rom hack download zip you will have the oppurtunity to fight and challenge all of your enemies with your full energy. Well, except one. Get Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians Download ROM

Other than that, all battles were edited and all non-legendary Pokémon can be seen before the Elite Four without Team Galactic. That is one of the massive updated in the game that we have ever heard in the Platinum Game Version. Talking about the Difficulty level of the game, which is being changed alot and have some really difficult missions are waiting for you. This wouldn’t be a 493 hack without changing wild Pokémon. Yes! Exactly you heard it right, the wild pokemon types are edited alot, now you will feel a new look.

National Dex:

This is the only game in which the National Dex given at the start. Amazing isn’t ! Flawless Platinum is the first publicly available Platinum hack in which the player is given the National Dex at the start. Means that you no longer have to see every Pokémon in Sinnoh to do the post-game. Now you will feel and think how much big opportunities are waiting for your discoveries and missions. Almost all the pokemon has been edited by inserting some new functionalities in them.

List of Some Amazing Kind of Features in Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS Download:

  • Difficulty level is increased.
  • Storyline is same as Platinum Version but have some changes.
  • New moves and movesets.
  • New Sprites and Maps for battles and leagues.
  • Physical and Special Splits.
  • Pokemon have been altered according to its abilities.
  • All trainers have been edited.
  • Certain NPC’s will give you rare or useful items.
  • No more Roaming Pokémon
  • You are able to access Rotom’s forms and the Regis without secret keys.

Download Pokemon Flawless Platinum NDS ROM For Free:

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