Pokemon CAWPS Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon CAWPS is one of the famous Emerald ROM Hack which is developed by the Crizzle. There is a lot of features and ongoing updates going on in the game, as the main player has to play the role of a police officer. Choose a gender character you want, in the start, obviously, the option for choosing the male and female character is one of the essentials of the game that you will experience soon.

Download Pokemon CAWPS which is available on Pokemonlog, the latest version contains all the advanced class missions and graphics which makes the game special so that you can enjoy the pending missions in the game. A young police officer is out in the Hoenn region to save the region from the crimes. Let’s dive in and explore what are some special features that the game contains.

Full Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon CAWPS
  • Remake of: Emerald.
  • Remake by: Crizzle
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the gameplay:

officer i m not engaged in any crime good battle officer this is what we call a pokemon police academy

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon CAWPS GBA Game Download:

As the game starts the player will be given 2 starter pokemon as they are given to each player who wants to play the lead role in the Hoenn region. Obviously, the region is Hoenn and have lots of pokemon available which makes the game more amazing for you so that you have a bigger and vast area to hunt and catch different kinds of pokemon. Hunting pokemon is one of the toughest task and can be done with the use of special skill. Crime is there in the region and can be controlled if you take charge as Police officer. Playing the role of a police officer is not an easy task and cannot be complete overnight. For this you have to take some trainings from the professor as well from the gym leaders. Certain gyms are available in the game in which the gym leaders are present and they have special skills to fight with you.

Meet Gym Leaders:

Every time when you meet with gym leader they have a unique and certain approach for you. Get out from the area and you will have a good opponent in the shape of some rivals and enemies as well. Remember that all of your rivals are present in the Hoenn region and can be challenege for some amazing missions. The catching process is always an ongoing process that can be done with special skills. Remember that these types of skills can be learned from the professor available in the region. You have to consult with him and have to visit the lab soon after another so that he can give you some special tips. These tips can be worth millions because with these techniques you can save hell amount of time and can catch some amazing pokemon available in the game.

Pokemon which are available for catching are different types and can be catch with great care because with these caught and trained pokemon you can complete some serious challeneges. Challenges can be the best source of learning how to become the pokemon master and police officer too. Being a police officer means that you have to control certain types of crimes in the region. Take a look on the enemies and have a nice plan that how you gonna defeat them like in Pokemon Outlaw Download ROM. Defeating them is one of the core task and should be done with great care because with these initial steps you are going to defeat the enemies and win some missions which are assigned to you. Some serious changes has been done to the graphics and animations effects of the gameplay actions and tasks. Now you will enjoy the brand new animations and effects which makes the game special.

Battle System and Controlling the Crime:

Battle system of the game is nice one and have certain new addition has been done which makes it advance such as making the war effects more quicker and accurate. Certain new war and attack effects are made special so that you can play all the battles with great care and make the process easy. Grinding Cave- a cave created for grinding levels are available. What about the gym challenges and pokemon league? The news are accurate and there are no gym challenges and pokemon league available in the game anymore. Perhaps it will be the first game that does not contain these types of challenges and pokemon league.

Talking about the crime, which is enormous and cannot be controlled with ease. For this, you have to play the role of a protector being a police officer in the game. The police officer will punish all the criminals because they have committed some type of crime in the hoenn area. This criminal may from the enemy group or from the rival members. These are some cool features that the game contains, actually this game is more about role-playing and making the peace possible by playing the lead role as a police officer. Also, try Pokemon Vega Minus Download

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon CAWPS GBA Download ROM:

  • Having some amazing graphics.
  • Gameplay scenes are extraordinary.
  • Grinding Cave- a cave created for grinding levels
  • No Gym challenges
  • Get 2 starter pokemon.
  • Nice collection of graphics and music.
  • Play the lead role as Cop.
  • Trade evolution are by moon stones.
  • Different new moves.

Download Pokemon Cawps Version for Free:

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