Pokemon Flux Download RPG (New v1.1 Fixed)

In conclusion, Pokemon Flux RPG is an exciting game with a captivating storyline and unique features that will keep you hooked for hours. Become a Trainer, customize your character, challenge Gym Leaders, solve complex puzzles, and experience the thrill of Mega Evolution. With dynamic lighting for light sources and the ability to view EV/IV stats, this game offers a truly immersive gaming experience. Don’t miss out on the adventure – download Pokemon Flux RPG now and start your journey to become a Pokemon Master!

From becoming a trainer and battling gym leaders to solving unique puzzles and experiencing dynamic lighting effects, Pokemon Flux RPG offers a whole new level of gameplay. We will also provide screenshots of the game so you can get a sneak peek into the stunning visuals. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need before downloading this epic game. Get your Pokeballs ready and let’s dive in!


Experience the excitement of Pokemon Flux RPG, a fan-made game that puts a fresh spin on the beloved Pokemon franchise. Explore the Altera region and encounter an abundance of new Pokemon, each with unique abilities and moves.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Flux

Dive into epic Pokemon battles and harness the power of flux energy to unleash devastating attacks. Immerse yourself in this vibrant and diverse region as you unravel the secrets of alter Pokemons and the rapid economic growth that fuels their power. Embark on a thrilling journey, meet fellow trainers, and compete in the Altera Pokemon League.

Discover the true potential of this potent resource and prove your skills in the ultimate championship match. Pokemon Flux RPG is the only place where you can experience the Altera region and its powered-up Pokemon. Get ready to enter a world of adventure and become a Pokemon master!


Embark on an epic adventure in Pokemon Flux RPG, a fan-made game set in the vibrant region of Flux. Discover new Pokemon species and compete in the Flux League to become a renowned trainer. Uncover the secrets of this diverse region as you solve puzzles and face off against skilled trainers. With updated graphics and a captivating storyline, Pokemon Flux RPG offers an immersive and thrilling experience. Also, try Pokemon Pathways Download (v6.6.1 Latest)


Pokemon Flux RPG offers a unique twist, capturing the essence of the Pokemon world. Journey through diverse regions, uncovering new Pokemon species, and embark on quests. Engage in battles, trade, and socialize with players from around the globe. Customize characters, challenge gym leaders, and solve puzzles. Teach and unteach moves with reusable TMs and forgettable HMs. Manage stats with an EV/IV viewer. Experience Mega Evolution and dynamic lighting. Pokemon Flux RPG is your gateway to a captivating Pokemon adventure.

Become a Trainer

Embark on an exciting journey in Pokemon Flux RPG to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Catch and train a diverse range of Pokemon in the abundant and unique region of Flux. Engage in thrilling turn-based battles with other trainers, earn badges, and prove your skills in the Flux League. Unlock the secrets of Flux as you explore different regions and encounter new Pokemon species. Trade with other players, participate in tournaments, and become the best in the altera pokémon league. Unleash the power of Pokemon Flux and embark on an epic adventure in the altera region.


In Pokemon Flux RPG, the game takes on a dynamic twist with its day/night cycle. This unique feature adds an engaging element to gameplay by influencing the appearance of different Pokemon species. By exploring the diverse regions of the Pokemon world, players can strategically capture and build their teams at specific times of the day or night. The day/night cycle also affects in-game events, such as NPC interactions and item availability, making each gameplay session a fresh experience. Discover the power of time in Pokemon Flux RPG and embark on a captivating journey through the Altera region.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Flux

Customize character

Customize your character in Pokemon Flux RPG to make it truly your own. Choose your character’s appearance, including gender, hairstyle, and clothing, and create a unique avatar that reflects your style. Personalize your journey in this diverse region of Altera and embark on an adventure with your customized character. Also, try Pokémon Outbounds (Completed) Download

Gym Leaders

Gym battles in Pokemon Flux RPG put players up against formidable trainers who guard the game’s gyms. Defeating Gym Leaders not only allows players to progress in the storyline but also earn badges. These encounters require strategy and skill to overcome the unique strategies and powerful Pokemon of each Gym Leader. Get ready to face the challenge and prove your worth in the altera region’s prominent league. (Informative, casual)

Unique and Complex Puzzles

Discover the thrill of Pokemon Flux RPG’s intricate and captivating puzzles that push your problem-solving abilities to the limit. Navigate through a diverse region filled with unique challenges that will test your strategic thinking and unleash your creativity. With each puzzle you conquer, you’ll unlock valuable rewards and uncover new aspects of the gripping storyline. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating gameplay experience of Pokemon Flux RPG, where every puzzle you solve unlocks the door to thrilling adventures.

Reusable TMs

Players in Pokemon Flux RPG have the opportunity to acquire reusable TMs, valuable Technical Machines that can be used repeatedly to teach their Pokemon new moves. These reusable TMs differ from traditional ones, which have a single-use limitation.

With reusable TMs, players can conveniently instruct multiple Pokemon in the same move without having to seek out or purchase additional TMs. This exciting feature enhances team customization and strategic planning, empowering trainers to optimize their Pokemon’s move sets and adapt to different battle scenarios.

Reusable TMs can be obtained through various in-game accomplishments including triumphing over Gym Leaders and accomplishing specific quests. The diverse and dynamic world of Pokemon Flux rewards players with this potent resource, allowing them to explore the vast Altera region and experience thrilling battles with the power of their trained Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Chaos Black GBA Download [*New Release*]

Forgettable HMs

In Pokemon Flux RPG, forgettable HMs have been eliminated, giving players the freedom to build a versatile team. These Hidden Machines, often seen as burdensome, no longer hinder players’ progress. Instead, the game introduces alternative methods of traversal, like new abilities or key items, enabling trainers to explore the vibrant Altera region without restrictions. Pokemon Flux empowers players to create the ultimate team, without the limitations often associated with traditional HMs.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Flux

EV/IV viewer

The EV/IV viewer feature in Pokemon Flux RPG proves invaluable for trainers in Altera. It enables them to effortlessly monitor and analyze the Effort Values (EVs) and Individual Values (IVs) of their Pokemon. EVs, obtained through battles and training, directly influence a Pokemon’s stats and abilities. Meanwhile, IVs serve as innate values that help determine a Pokemon’s full potential in terms of base stats. Thanks to the EV/IV viewer, trainers gain a strategic edge by optimizing the strengths and weaknesses of their team members, enhancing their chances in intense Pokemon battles. (95 words)

Mega Evolution

Unleash the power of Mega Evolution in the Pokemon Flux RPG game. Watch your Pokemon transform into a formidable force, with enhanced abilities and altered appearance. Trigger this unique feature with specific Mega Stones for each Pokemon species. Battle opponents with your powered-up Pokemon and dominate the Altera region. Experience the thrill of Mega Evolution and become a champion in the Altera Pokemon League.

Dynamic lighting for light sources

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pokemon Flux RPG, where dynamic lighting brings the game to life. Experience realistic shadows and an immersive gameplay environment that will keep you hooked. Venture through the diverse and vibrant Altera region, using light sources to your advantage as you navigate dark areas and outsmart your foes. Experience the power of dynamic lighting in Pokemon Flux, and get ready for an adventure like no other.


Get a sneak peek into the captivating world of Pokemon Flux RPG with stunning in-game screenshots. Witness the immersive graphics and visual elements that bring the Pokemon world to life. Explore diverse regions, challenge gym leaders, and power up your Pokemon in epic battles. Unleash the flux energy, navigate the Altera region, and meet formidable trainers along the way. Are you ready to embark on an adventure like no other? Also, try Pokemon Odyssey Download [*New Version*]

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